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The Story of a Sadist

this is the most disturbing poem I have ever written in my life so read with caution.

here's the story of a sadist
that I met so long ago
in the psychiatric hospital
somehow he was drunk and high
because somebody snuck the shit in
his eyes were full of mist
and I was next
on his hitlist

he knew he couldn't come out
but that didn't stop him from daydreaming
fantasizing, and make believe plotting
when I came in to assess him
he would repeat the same old story
about what he used to do
and what he would do with me
I believed every word he said
because he was a sadist
and there was the proof of the scars
that once bled

he was just born that way
mutilating and cutting at the age of five
believing that the dead would come alive
if he dropped some blood on the ground
obsessed with this belief
he soon thought it pleasurable
and at the age of ten
when his parents got him back
from the hospital
they thought he was right on track
but nope
they were wrong

three years after careful plotting
obsessing over bondage and pain
he took the butcher knife
and used it to end their life

I struggled to remain calm
as he described the scene
a young teen
with such evil plans
now damned
to burn in hell forever

They screamed and begged for mercy
it only drove him on
their blood gave him more energy
and he wanted more blood, more gore
for that pleasurable kick
that he now knows is called orgasm

he tore open his mother's belly
and stabbed his unborn brother
tearing him apart
as if he were made of jelly
his mother died from blood loss
yet he still fucked her
a sadist with an attraction
to the deceased

when his father came home from work
he found his wife's body parts on the table
and he tripped over her intestines
which his son used as trip wire
the young sadist's eyes were on fire
as he brought the knife upon his father

he cut out his father's penis
and shoved it down the man's throat
and after his father died
he took all the money
and ran away across the border

over the years
he learned the ropes of trafficking
raping and murdering girls
robbing graves and fucking the corpses
he was notorious
for never getting caught

finally he came back to America
high on Methamphetamine
and caught doing a felony
instead of sentencing him to death
they threw him in the hospital
where he lived
and now he's dead
because I'm the one
who put the bullet through his head

Written by fieryangelsouljia (Lokigirlofmischief)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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