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Moon Over Atlanta.......

"Dim all the lights sweet darling  
cause tonight it's all the way  
turn up the music box  
gonna sex the night away  
Love just don't come easy  
no it seldom does  
when you find the perfect lover  
let him fill you up......."
Moon over Atlanta  
Lilting in across a clear night sky  
A chance, first meeting  
To finally see you eye to eye.  
I don't know what to feel  
Don't know what to do  
I'm nervous and trembling  
I just wanna' get next to you......  
First, I just wanna' touch your face  
Baby can this be real?  
A deep warm embrace, I kiss your tasty lips  
Let me give you somethin' you can feel  
I just can't wait no more.  
I grasp your hand and pull you through the open taxi door.  
Let me wrap your body up and feel your flesh  
It's been so long; my mind's in a terrible mess.  
(......heal me doctor, right here-right now)  
"Do what you want you can  
use me all up......  
.........take me bottom to top  
don't leave nothing undone  
Do me tonight you know the  
moment is right  
turn my brown body white baby  
do me tonight......"
(......from your passionate, erotic fire sweet baby, I feel love.)  
No sooner than I "stick" the card  
into the hotel room door  
All caution's thrown to the wind.  
All clothes hastily thrown across the floor.  
"I'm going down..." baby  
I lay your body down upon the expanse of this big bed  
My hands caress your naked body  
My mouth finds it's way there between your shapely, long legs  
and I taste you......  
........right there between your wet, creamy thighs  
Moon Over Atlanta......  
.....I find it no surprise that  
ur pussy taste so damned divine.......  
......better than a vintage wine and  
"It just get's better with time"  
But you've got you're own designs  
and this large hard dick you've dreamt of is  
so heavy on your mind.  
Your time to take a taste  
A lurid stare, eyes all a glare  
Take me to that place you like to go  
when we're on the phone talking low and slow  
about what's happening right now......  
.....damn baby, we've waited so long!  
Lick me down, my heart is pumping so strong.  
"How does it feel? Baby I want to know right now...."  
I feel the heat baby  
Roll me over, baby please don't stop  
Straddle my body sexy mami  
Right now, "I want your love on top"  
Oooooo girl, I like the way you ride  
The unnatural way you move while I'm buried deep inside  
Feeling your flow; feeling your rhythm  
Body rocking, feeling some weird kind of schism......  
.....beyond the corners of my soul.  
"Rolling In The Deep", my body 'bout to loose control.  
My hands cup your supple, soft,round butt  
Make me cum baby, girl "make me nut"  
For a moment, I gaze into your eyes  
Hey that ain't fair  
Head thrown back, mouth wide open  
I'm bout to cum, damn you're all ready there!  
Lights out, we collapse in a warm sensual embrace  
A glow of pleasure is "written all over your face"  
A chance encounter that was just meant to be  
Moon Over Atlanta........  
......just you and me.  
".....hey girl ain't no mystery.  
At least as far as I can see  
I want to keep you here  
Laying next to me........  
.....sharing our love  
between the sheets"
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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