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That Thing...........

I'm a world changer.  
A mover and a shaker.  
Follow the leader sexy lady  
I'm a mean money maker.......  
Wearing Armani Suits, fine linen shirts  
Shoes by Michel Perry  
Doin' it to death, putting it together  
Making it all work.......  
........."see I'm a special kind  
         one that is hard to find  
         I' told you a thousand times  
         Baby hold on to me"
Yet I wonder, what is it about "That Thing"?  
It seems to make your pendulum swing.  
You scope me out from my head to my toes.  
You dig my smile, then in just awhile  
Your line of sight targets the "Love Below"  
See, there you go.......  
What is it about that "bulge" that makes you stop and stare?  
Got your body hot and wet; got you twisting the curls in your sexy, dark hair.  
(.......and doing that thing with your mouth, my lawd have mercy!)  
That Thing.......  
.......does it make you "Think Back And Remember?"  
This morning......  
.......when I stepped into the shower.  
The water was hot, temperate and steamy  
A tall, satisfying drink for your soul  
Deliciously naked, your eyes distant and dreamy  
Is that why you stepped in and approached me from behind  
Pressing your "Soft and Wet" body close to mine  
Your hand firmly grasped my tight, muscular ass?  
A sexy silhouette.....  
.......against the wet, foggy glass.  
Your reached for me and you grabbed "that thing"  
Pulling and feelin' on it with such love and urgency.  
5:30 in the mornin', wet and wanting, I hear Anita start to sing......  
....."You bring me joy"  
Caught up in the throes of an ecstatic  moment  
when your beautiful mind was seriously "gnawing on it"  
how "that thing" starts to feel and grow inside your hands  
and how good it's gonna' feel down there in "no man's land" the morning, when we're making love  
impaled upon "the rock" baby, Oooooooooooooo.......  
.......we fit just like a "hand in glove"  
Perhaps you'd dare remember when my  
"honey dew" began too ooze  
deep inside, between your thighs, my body starts to grind  
stirring the embers of an erotic fire, you feel the earth start to move......  
.........whenever your eyes cast a passing glance  
you know I can't resist the chance as you gaze so longingly at my pants to ask......  
"What is it about that thing?  
Got your heart palpitating, legs shaking  
panties wet, body electric and......  
Tell me what it is  
so that I "do it again"  
I want to bring pleasures to your body that will never end.  
Can I be that feeling that makes your heart wanna' sing?  
Tell me what you love so much about.......  
........."That Thing".  
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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