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Both Sides of the Crack

“Just leave me the fuck alone…” Felicity said in an annoying voice as she disappeared into the bedroom. Her computer sat silent on the kitchen table right outside the bedroom door from where she had just left it, the warm glow from the screen bright in the dimming light of the late afternoon.

“I’ve had enough of this,” Ian said as he walked out the kitchen door to smoke a Camel. It was something he had found himself lately doing more and more often. It almost seemed like Felicity was growing more anxious and irritated by the day with him or something. He felt as if there was something different about her usual manner lately. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but her typical bubbly, always horny self had seemed to become colder and less responsive with him the past few days. He knew deep inside that what they shared emotionally and physically was beyond both of their wildest dreams and yet every time he had questioned her or mentioned it, “just don’t worry about it, ok?” was the sexy redhead’s response. Ian was more than frustrated, he was downright confused.

Ian stood outside the kitchen door smoking his cigarette and then turned back towards the door to see Felicity sit down again at her computer. He thought to himself how lucky he had been to find her and how there had never been a woman in his life that had ever stimulated him emotionally or physically as much as she did. She had a body made for exploration, large breasts tipped with sensitive long nipples that she adored having sucked and played with constantly. Between her legs was the perfect pussy in his mind, long tender sensitive lips that met at her usually stiff and swollen clit that she usually demanded he suck and lick for hours, something Ian loved more than anything else to do.

Ian glanced in the window and saw the screen in front of Felicity change from the article she was writing to another article, and then every once in a while to a screen that looked a lot like a chat page. She rarely kept that page up for long, pausing to type for a minute and then minimizing it and going back to her article. Ian threw his cigarette in the coffee can beside the door and pulled the door open and walked in as Felicity pounded out more text on the article she was writing.

“I’m going to bed,” he announced as he walked by Felicity and through the bedroom door. She glanced in his direction and muttered “whatever…” while she studied the screen in front of her. Ian had hoped she would have said something along the lines of “I’ll be right in…” but inside his heart he knew that wasn’t going to happen. He took off his shorts and shirt and lay down on the bed naked on top of the covers on the hot summer night beneath the swirling ceiling fan.

Ian listened to Felicity typing right outside the bedroom door and the rhythm her fingers played on the keyboard. She would type what seemed enough for several sentences and then pause. Then she would type a few words and then pause again. Then there would be another few sentences worth and then another pause. Ian was almost drifting off to sleep when he heard a different sound from out in the kitchen… Felicity’s muffled chuckle and then another few word’s worth of typing. Ian slowly and carefully rolled over on the bed positioning his head so he could look through the crack of the half opened bedroom door without her being able to see him watching her.

Ian saw Felicity leaning forward close towards the computer screen, her hand inside her sweatpants obviously stroking her pussy lips gently. He heard her chuckle again almost under her breath and then take her hand out from inside her pants to help type another line of words on the keyboard. Her hand returned to between her legs to lightly trace the outline of her pouty lipped pussy beneath them. He saw her begin to lean back in her chair so that her head would be aligned with the crack in the door and he quickly shut his eyes feigning sleep. When he heard her typing again he opened his eyes to see her legs in the chair now more spread as she typed another line of words and then paused, her hand returning to between her legs and her fingers definitely stroking her pussy lips through the fabric of her sweats. Her hips were beginning to sway a bit as she clenched her ass cheeks reacting to her finger on her pussy. She chuckled again softly and then typed another line and then suddenly leaned back in her chair, obviously looking through the crack towards Ian on the bed.

Ian quickly shut his eyes again and even shifted his head a bit so it wasn’t aligned with the crack.
Ian couldn’t get the image of Felicity’s hand between her legs stroking her pussy out of his mind. His cock began to swell as he lay beneath the cool ceiling fan. He reached down to slowly begin stroking the length of it, gently squeezing the head in his big powerful hand, running the tip of his finger around the sensitive rim bringing a copious amount of pre-cum to the tip that he dipped his finger into and rubbed it gently around the swollen rim of his cockhead. He heard her start typing again and slightly shifted his eyes through the crack of the door to see Felicity’s hand now buried inside her sweats and her fingers moving rapidly beneath the cloth as she was flicking her fingers across her clit with a more urgent need. His hand started stroking his cock faster, matching the speed of her hand on her pussy. He was nearly ready to cum when he saw her once again begin to lean back in her chair and he closed his eyes and stopped stroking his throbbing cock, content to just squeeze it firmly instead.

He heard her chuckle again, this time with a little stifled moan thrown in for good measure. He opened his eyes again and saw Felicity’s hand now frantically rubbing her pussy beneath her sweats, her hips thrusting against the delicious intensity her fingers were applying to the lips Ian knew from experience were now splayed wide open beneath her pants. He began to stroke his cock faster and faster as he mimicked Felicity’s hand movements in her pants. He knew it would only be a minute before he would cum. Suddenly Felicity leaned back and he caught her eyes staring right into his. He closed them quickly wondering what her next reaction would be. He also know from the speed and frantic movements of her hand he had seen, she was very close to cumming herself and would not be able to stop without cumming.

He opened his eyes when he heard her moan, this time almost too loudly to be trying to hide her arousal. He saw her leaning back in the chair, her head thrown back and eyes closed, her hips raised up off the chair as her hand alternated between flicking her clit wildly and then plunging several fingers inside her greedy pussy beneath her pants. He stroked his cock rapidly, his eyes locked on her fingers feverishly attacking her pussy. He could hear her juices as she finger-fucked herself rapidly with her hips now writhing in need up off the seat of the chair, her moans now louder and more pronounced being interrupted by her whispered “fuuuckkk…oh…shit…fuucckkk…”, something she always did right before she came, usually meaning she was going to soak her fingers and legs with her delicious cum in an explosion of juices that would soak both her and him, had his face been between her legs that is.

Ian knew he was going to cum and rolled onto his back, his hand silently pounding his throbbing cock out of sight behind the half opened door. He watched as suddenly Felicity’s free hand covered her mouth as she silently screamed into it and slammed her legs shut on the hand between her legs. He could see her entire lower body spasm from her orgasm and he felt his huge balls tighten and he arched his body up off the bed. His cock exploded in his hand, his thick streams of cum gushing into the dim light to splatter back down upon him. He glanced down to see long strands of white come draped across his legs and stomach and even a few dangling from his fingers that still gently caressed his angry swollen cockhead.

Ian glanced out towards Felicity and saw her legs were now once again spread; only now there was a large wet spot soaking the front of her navy blue sweats between her legs. She leaned forward in her chair and began typing a few words again and then Ian heard a chuckle and then soon after she resumed typing what were obviously sentence after sentence of text for her article. He took the corner of the down comforter and dried himself off from the soaking his frustrated and neglected cock had given him. “She should have swallowed every drop of it…” Ian thought to himself, “It would have saved laundry.” Ian soon faded into sleep listening to Felicity typing out in the kitchen. He never asked her about the night or what she was doing or what she was watching on the screen. He had no idea how long she stayed at the desk that night or if her fairly insatiable sexual appetite was addressed without him again while he slept.

He dreamed of Felicity that night and how they stood hand in hand on a small bridge overlooking a beautiful lake and mountain range in the background. He knew somehow in his dream that one day that same picture would find the bridge empty and silent, and the lake somehow seeming fuller for the tears they’d left behind. He would wonder until the day that he died what was going through Felicity’s mind that night and what and who she had been typing to while he laid there stroking his cock on the bed alone. It was one of those images in your mind that one truly in love never really can forget, no matter how hard one tries. To see a woman desperate in her need give in to her desires without regard to your own and know that you just can’t go back and change history, no matter how hard you try…

This was written solely as a challenge to represent possibly a man’s perspective from his side of the crack. It would be interesting to see it from the other side of the door, as is most everything in life.

Firecrackerxx had mentioned she might be willing to do a collaboration of sorts with me and I thought this could be the perfect opportunity for her to present perhaps a perspective from the other side of the crack. I don't usually write in novella form, but reading her recent "Behind the Bushes" story inspired me to attempt it. I feel that every story has intimate details that explores the depths (or shallowness) of the author's mind. If you've read any of my poetry here you'll see how I don't feel that 30-50 words can possibly "say it all"...and I would hate to see the effort go awry from the reader reading something in that wasn't intended and just not getting it...I hate having to explain poetry...

Dabbling in erotica is always an interestingly introspective endeavor as to how our minds react to what they think and what we read with all of the pictures painted so vividly in our minds that we can almost taste them, smell them, hear them and feel them for ourselves… so how about it firecracker…you up for it? I know I was… lol...well off do do some verbal gardening on my own...
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