A wandering thought

Life is to be in the sea
Just my ship and me
On a long distance travel
As the map shall slowly unravel

Must deliver something on land
It's delicate with no demand
Sacred as the holy word
Unknown like a undiscovered bird

The journey has been tiring and long
But me and my men must remain strong
Crossing oceans and rivers
From hot days to the arctic ice that look like they are shaped with scissors

The wind that howls and waves that are a mile high
Still following the stars in the sky
Pain, but so much glory to gain
Keeping a secret and a item hidden is driving the ship insane

Traveling to a place most have never seen before
Not a island anyone is really searching for
For years this trip has caused misery
But to complete the voyage would be making history

Life is longer in our hands
As we cross mountains, forests and pass by desert sands
I had a few men jump ship and leave
Because they didn't believe

I have taken the bait of fate
Before I finished my last homelands prized plate
But to sail has always been my life
Missing out on children and a wife

The crew feels the same
We play the sea's wicked game
In a treasure chest
Is where the object must rest

Only a few miles away
The ship of men been waiting for this day
Yet the trip is only half done
Or we shall settle here under the sun

Me and the crew shall receive a prize
That should relieve and surprise
Our eyes are tired and weak
For rest and peace we wish to seek

for once the sky is clear
As the ship inches closer near
The task will be done before the rise of the sun
A weight that should be lifted, it felt like a ton

The compass seems lost
Like souls that gave up years with a never ending cost
Finally allowed to joyfully breathe
After all the crew and I did believe

The water and land are pristine
With a King and queen
Animals running wild
Like a new born child

So pure and true
A place only a few ever seen or knew
The rain is so clean
No pollution ever to be seen

Time never comes or goes
As the beauty of all the area shows
No clocks at all
Not a war or issues ever to recall

This place is full of magic and delight
A place where all can safely rest at night
The final home to this captain and crew
Where the first plant ever grew
Written by Sir-Writes-A-lot (Michael Granger)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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