A good expose of modern day pomposity!

By Stanley Collymore

Jim Ratcliffe and fellow media
poser John Caudwell both
individually, and jointly
don't give or care a rat's ass about the
UK and simply flip flop like all of their
sort to suit their respective business
interests. Jim Ratcliffe, obviously by
the way, is crucially a non-Dom with
all that it sinisterly, and repugnantly
means for the tax affairs of Britain!
At the actual time of writing, viable
research is being obviously carried
out, on John Caudwell's tax status,
but it won't be that least surprising
if it is not similar, or even identical,
to buddy's, John Ratcliffe. So here
we go again! The party, which one
supports truly isn't responsible for
rising inflation but unquestionably
undoubtedly very instinctively can
and will take credit when inflation
literally goes down. But of course
the actual opposite, is undeniably
true for the parties these fatuous
clowns very conveniently choose
to desist from financially backing
for the most far-fetched reasons!

These two morons seemingly
financially relevant but with
a marked paucity when it
comes to true intellectual acumen aren't
realistically, giving genuine support to a
very gullible, Keir Starmer or the Labour
Party but are patently, and brazenly too
literally amorally, buying influence. And
truly absolutely, as anybody with a half
functional brain can clearly see simply
self-servingly, effectively want to have
the proverbial foot, undoubtedly in the
expectedly, winning camp; as they are
crucially quite worried about Labour's
evidently purportedly keenly intended
clampdown literally on tax avoidance
loopholes while undoubtedly, fittingly,
strengthening workers, crucial rights!
Thus obviously, Messrs Ratcliffe and
Caudwell's rather sudden conversion
from being quite irrefutably, life -long
Tories to effectively adopting Labour
principles while quite incredibly also
distinctly becoming: unquestionably
eager members of the Labour Party,
distinctly rather plausibly, do qualify
for the odium aptly levelled at them.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
24 June 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Seemingly to the intellectually challenged in the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn: one of the most distinctively morally principled, perceptibly conscientiously hardworking, distinctly selfless; a most consummately positive MP and hardworking individual on the behalf of all of his constituents, totally irrespective of whether they voted for him or not, as it distinctively always should be; and, moreover, irrefutably one of the most astute, intellectually commonsensically, as well as evidently enlightening, and rather positively forward thinking brains, very evidently so, in the Labour Party -  who has always very obviously earnestly and assiduously, truly worked for the betterment, clearly of his fellow British citizens and the discernibly wider international community, while aptly in doing so has very unquestionably been a thoroughly ongoingly progressive figure in his undoubtedly, so beloved Labour Party; an organisation to which he had distinctly quite altruistically given so much, yet has been fatuously, contemptuously and most treacherously actually debarred from this simply same, very Labour Party!  

The actions decidedly and principally of a disingenuous, deceitful and a very effectively thoroughly dishonest back stabbing Judas more interested in his own evidently self-serving interests than any actually genuine principle one could effectively possibly or honestly name. But quite specifically in Jeremy Corbyn's case a total derogation literally, of everything that's decent and honourable; and simply so because money, and lots of it, actually matters rather significantly, to these Zionist Yids like Keir Starmer and his ilk; whether it's the actually ongoing Wiedergutmachung Compensation Scheme still very asininely rather handsomely discernibly paid out to the spurious descendants of questionable Yids exclusively, never mind in the actually least bit that there were significantly other victims of Europe's odious holocaust, and actually none of them, specifically the Gypsies that lost considerably far more of their people than the incessantly mentioned figure of allegedly six million "exclusive worthies", and significantly to this day, haven't received a single Euro or Deutschmark between them!

But, of course, this actually disingenuous victim syndrome is very good for business as well as the clear acquisition and exercise of actual corrupt political power, and equally its attendant influence, in every respect. A state of affairs obviously of which Jeremy Corbyn has always perceptibly been really evidently rather cognizant of, and as such has not only vociferously but undoubtedly likewise in every commendable fashion as the decent, honest and altruistic person that he is, assiduously striven to combat. And very obviously why these lovers of money that perceive it as their definitive God have as well, and still are, been clearly diametrically opposed to this honourable man Jeremy.

Someone, who for most of his life has in honest aversion to what has been going on, has publicly and quite unequivocally, been discernibly opposed to the evident, and unquestionably, genocidal practices vilely perpetrated against the Palestinian people, essentially within their own undeniably indigenous homeland; no different from what distinctively was practised against the Aborigines in renamed Australia!

Jeremy Corbyn has crucially campaigned and quite emphatically worked against this. So as such very effectively according to Starmer's  mantra, Jeremy Corbyn once evidently very useful like the Windrush Generation evidently, to a vaingloriously power- hungry wannabe PM of Britain, Jeremy Corbyn is discernibly similarly, and specifically superfluous now to all requirements, and evidently requisitely so as far as Keir Starmer and his odiously toxic ilk are concerned. So literally bring on the appropriately monetarily needed, rather transitory also, Conservative turncoats of Messrs John Caudwell and Jim Ratcliffe!  And with the appropriate closed door deals naturally and quite slimily effected,onwards them for this duo and others like them towards seats discernibly obviously and as well waiting in the House of Lords!
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