More juvenile Daily Mail compare and divide!

By Stanley Collymore

Why can't you morons sounding
off most idiotically and noisily
in your simply quite purpose
built Daily Mail echo chamber regularly
saying the same, literally stupid things
and even also employing the identical
illiterate, at best, words crucially from
your multiple accounts, as evidenced
in the usage of, essentially, the same
MO. Really just let William, if you can
manage that, be just simply, William;
instead of you literally vaingloriously
but self-evidently, clearly falaciously
claiming you crucially care so much
about him; instead, as actually from
my logical perspective, distinctively
discernibly, signifantly undoubtedly
making everything decidedly about
his younger brother, Harry; actually
even when obviously, what literally
passes for a Daily Mail story really
is not even remotely, about Harry?

Or is the truth really, all about your
own, the Daily Mail's and, as well,
clearly significantly, the Windsor
famiy's burgeoning insecurity? Otherwise
what other purpose could there possibly
realistically or even remotely be for this
constant and most unwarrantedly also
obsessively, and persistent invocation
unquestionably of Meghan and Harry,
minus all sensible input to what they
are fundamentally effectively doing?

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
22 June 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Amongst the several brilliant teachers I've had at school and most particularly so at the grammar school I attended in Barbados, crucially the Alleyne School, the third oldest such institution within the Caribbean and very obviously also the so-called New World, which rather effectively though quite so to the white Caucasian interlopers that came across what they subsequently and arrogantly renamed the Americas was only really new to their sort - the evidently oldest ones, first Combermere and Harrison College, I warmly suggest you research their origins, history and significantly when they were established, and are still all going academically strong, are equally in Barbados where education is and has always been paramount even during British slavery!  

I've mentioned this as an introit quite simply because there's a distinctively Barbadian saying and I quote verbatim that "Self-praise is no praise!" And that any praise you truly wish to be actually ensconced in should naturally and also spontaneously come from others who have honestly and objectively actually observed you in the context of which they're evidently praising you.

Something that the lowlifes who rather clearly and obviously infest the British tabloids and so called MSM would very well do to ponder over, but won't those that probably may be able to do so but not, alas, the overwhelming majority of them who clearly make hard cement in marked contrast to their rank stupidity, intellectual paucity, an unquestionably ostentatious need for relevance within their barren and unproductive lives, in tandem with their fecklessness, basically evidently attendant with an insatiable idiocy to believe everything they told, quite obviously makes the discernibly aforementioned hardened cement, in contrast to these useless and distinctly sycophantic pillocks, look pliable!

Britain's monarchical family are really in no way removed from this. Clearly, their sense of self- entitlement, totality and birthright which frankly and also honestly meant and still largely does, incestuously shagging their close blood relatives and breeding them, curtailed somewhat in the 1950s because of the killer disease haemophilia became very rampant and thus rather forcibly made the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family look for new blood, albeit minimally so, not to spoil the sense of superiority on their part but likewise ensuring their rather significant desire for survival which is essentially still ongoing.1 Even so they are still unquestionably one of the most dysfunctional families existing.

So attacking Harry and Meghan and as well employing the characteristic racist dog whistle, encouraged by the tabloid rags they pay to similarly do so and too the plethora of delusional racist clearly moronic assholes infesting Britain is in a way a last ditch effort for survival; a state of affairs kept alive by the servile pensioners, evidently hardened, racist Karens, Gammons and likewise inured social climbers like Kate Middleton.

The Windsors aren't going to disappear overnight but they know that the very previously vibrant gravy train is really running out of steam. And to ensure it doesn't come to an abrupt halt on the tracks Harry and his Nigger wife must be the butt of attack even when these pathetic stories have absolutely at all nothing to do with them!
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