The British monarchical family slimmed down or burgeoning, discernibly produces no difference!

By Stanley Collymore

Clearly the UK's white population
basically attendant with their
non-white Useful Idiots,
and equally the former's basically racist
and generally, globally very genocidally
predisposed kin, in clearly delusionally
Australia, of Terra nullius infamy, New
Zealand; Canada and unquestionably
the USA, so crucially, psychologically
as well as actually significantly need
realistically, to very doubtlessly have
a monarchy, to aptly subconsciously
as well as literally acknowledge that
they're purportedly others, out there,
socially and essentially, distinctively
too, undeniably removed from them.

People deemed far more important
than themselves. Thus, as far as
they're respectively concerned,
they must literally willingly accept that
they themselves are obviously, merely
commoners, subjects, plebeians; call
them what you want, who simply not
only need to but evidently absolutely
must abide by those crucially stated
rules, which these undemocratically,
blatant and pathetically, ridiculously
supposedly birthright, quite divinely
approved and literally installed very
unaccountable and equally feudally
delineated, hereditary elites, are so
clearly and inviolably exempt from!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
20 June 2024.

Author's Remarks:
A visual slim down is not actual reality within the British monarchical family! Purely because the lot of them do and will still live the privileged high life that they've always had and are naturally too accustomed to behind closed doors! So consequently, all this rather speculative garbage is simply fake austerity!

My honest feeling - and has been quite unchangeable - is that one really needs to evidently, distinctly and very honestly work on genuine duties - and actually by this very remark I certainly mean clearly what ordinary Joe and Jane Public, who rather obviously have to effectively earn their own living, in essence, realistically, and routinely, do - if the Windsors quite honestly wish to carry on essentially, as it happens, get the perks they come by.

But to worry about their welfare is quite simply like rather asininely consoling a millionaire for having a miserly lost 5 from his pocket, assuming of course he actually Carrie's cash with him.  As such I therefore don't believe that any simply logical and sensibly intelligent person in actuality worry about the Windsors in a distinctly financial manner, since rather financially they've actually significantly already over the decades and centuries specifically evidently cashed in from all these years, of utilizing their collective abilities to have so much for obviously doing so little!

And what you're unquestionably being disingenuously at best, and out rightly contemptuously and dishonest at its worst is the pretence by the Windsors and their flunkies that they're all really down to earth and very concerned as well by what's happening.

Can't really blame them for their clearly rank audacity, as they know full well and all intelligent folk do from the past and similarly ongoing how undoubtedly daft, sycophantic and evidently gullible significant numbers of the white and as well their Useful Idiots, non-white Brits, discernibly are!
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Published | Edited 21st Jun 2024
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