Happy Father's Day You Scumbag (Collab. With Vision_of_insanity)

Today is the day, let us cheer
Our lives are so much better, that he's not here
Oh father, you never were dependent
Do not forsake us, you were always ascendant

It's been a year
We haven't shed a tear
No angels or demons to guide us
We are free, there's nothing more to discuss

We shut him out
Years of screaming inside the house
Our proclamation, loud and clear
Growing up, with formidable fears

Father please, stop pretending
Negativity was always trending
You were received
Cut and remedied

A timeless and useless scar
In our memories, looking through the dense fog

You forget the time
When you commited a crime
Abusing us throughout our youth
Physically & mentally, that's the truth

Numerous times you raped her just for fun
You fucked her raw, she swallowed your cum
I remember looking on, nothing I can do
Mom was working late, she had no clue

You punched, beat, smacked and abused us
Sodomized, humiliated, too afraid to discuss
Mom was a coward, looked the other way
She never had a pair, all she'd do is pray

As we got older you became more abusive
Even in public, the violence was more obtrusive
One day last year, we had enough
It was Father's day, you thought you were tough

Your incestial, violent ways were all I could stand
Sis and I hate you, I loosely call you a man
That night we plotted a way to destroy you for good
We knew what this entailed, we both understood

Sis lured him in her room, she enticed him with her twat
His focus was on her crotch, he was getting real hot
He pulled out his cock, stroking it a bit
He told his daughter, spit on your clit

As soon as he attempted to climb on top
I came from behind with an axe, I began to chop
He became startled as the axe penetrated his arm
He turned around in disbelief, he knew I meant harm

He tried to grab the axe but to no avail
Sis jumped on him, and started to whale
I told her to jump off as I axed him in the chest
The axe now wedged, right below his breast

Mom came in screaming and yelling at us to stop
Sis bitch slapped her twice, she was hurt, she then dropped
I finished father off with a blow to his head
He fell like a ton of bricks, I believe he was dead

Bits of plasma, brain and skull oozed all over the floor
Sis began to vomit, she ran out the door
I propped him up, told mom to give him a goodbye kiss
She actually did, off with his head, the feeling was pure bliss

Mom called the police, we told them our story
Today's is his one year anniversary
Dad provided pain, now we shine in the glory
Written by AfterSexDilemma
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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