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Mm..  Midnight At The Oasis

Arched rainbows cover the skies  
That spiritual element when he parts these melanin toned thighs    
The abyss lays open before me      
He softly whispers in my ear as he gyrates deeper inside for that beautiful tease    
This Angel Queen, a Yoruba Goddess who has his heart, covets that mind to the powers that be    
Our intellects thrive in union, not upon windows panes, give it sunshine, devoid to ever grow weary      
Oh, my love, a tender caress, spoken words of spiritual incantations, to ease the famine of such a long awaited dreary    
An explosion from the eighth dimension we are beyond the graven lands of chaos    
Wayward steps, unto the winds, divine aspirations, salutations, no bitterness to declare of its loss  
Upon my bosom, he spills his dreams, his wishes, upon my fountain, as he sniffs all up on this sultry coin toss    
He lures my intellect, my emotions felt, resting our magic carpet ride into unknown dimensions.      
Bark arched, oh yes… I know he loves me, already stated, if I never have mentioned    
Shh… close your eyes, my love, inhale me in, the stars, we are the skies, ordained for us within this beautiful life      
Rest my love, no more, misbeliefs from bitter strife, tears of bait from rift rife      
I feel like a sultry marionette in the palms of his hands      
A Creole woman, my French seductive whispers to his ear who feels his vibe, feeding his desires, he understands    
Within the temple of our stardust, the Sun the Moon, we soar as a stratospheric force    
Mental loving, getting satisfied off this butter rum it's the only choice    
Our strings are bound as we walk without ill will    
Lying in my bed, my poetic love, getting addicted off my creamy spills      
My head goes one way, mmm… my legs the other    
Yes... it works for me under the covers  
My climatic peaks  
My soul unto him my essence seeps  
My moans, his mouth cover while in my sweeten peach  
My intellect, the cocoon of my being, I preach  
My love, as he releases unto me, as we both in the height of glory reach  
I've entered sacred grounds    
Yes…deeper my love he consoles, a rare love in him I’ve found      
We've opened Pandora's box without intention  
The beginning, ending we are the Hebrew maze of destines, our own divine extensions    
Adoration sealed, you can smell our ecstasy for eyes glimpsing in    
No apple to bite, I am the light, the dark, my heart captivated from why back when, mm… then again    
I am here loving him from the strands upon his head, way past his muscular knees, inside me what a please    
If only I could go back and correct mankind’s sin    
The irony is to make stronger as rapture for us we begin    
Shh…passion has now been awoken  
Sailing on the bliss as spoken, given unto him as a consecrated token      
He’d lay himself down to be my blanket    
Sure, you would my love, my words, my supple yearns, listening to his groans as love we make it  
The shelter for those cold moments    
Mmm... my loving putting him in asexual coma  
Awakening him with my sweet smelling aroma      
My love screams out, will he hear my call    
He is but a man, made in the will of Yoshua's image, without unity, we fall    
A love that withers the elements of time, yet stands, proud and tall  
Mm.. Midnight At The Oasis
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 10th Jun 2024
Author's Note
This is my finished fireplace that has taken the four gentlemen two weeks to finally build in my living room.

You guys did a great job, and I am proud of your work, truly

Love and Hugs, always,
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