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You know
who you are.

Let's pretend
I'm your psychologist,
and we can walk through this
issue together. Go ahead. Pull down your trousers.
Yes, your underwear too. Now, walk over to the couch
and lie down. Unbutton that crisp, cotton Oxford and open it
so, I can see your pudgy little belly.

You're going to thank me later.
Don't go home with stains
that you're aghast to explain.
Put your handsome, little head on
that pillow and look at me. No touching.
At least, not yet.

Let's talk about
your pretty, white wife.

Let's talk about your wife
fucking those hordes of black men. Yes,
I know all about it. Everyone does. It's too late
to panic, so just settle down. Ease yourself back
on the cushions.

There's just something about
watching a big, black cock creaming
inside your wife's unprotected pussy,
isn't there, baby? I'm guessing she has the
same sentiment. I mean, it's so obvious when he
blows that jizz in her cunt, all that sticky white paste
clinging to his massive, black shaft... such a stark contrast
in color and so easy
to quantify his load.

What a difference that is from
your pathetic, little penis. She has to ask
if you've even had an orgasm. And now, sadly,
you realize that you've never made her climax because
you've watched how she comes
when they fuck her.

drilling the shit
out of your wife's fragile pussy.
Black men pummeling
her peach.

I know you couldn't help but ask
yourself as you were watching your wife
get filled to the brim, "Am I witnessing
my spouse conceiving?" It's funny how that thought
made your dick get so hard, but it was too late
to do anything about it. Now, she's all ballooned up
and ready to pop. Her pendulous pale titties keep
dripping their colostrum and
you're oozing in anticipation.

You know
who you are.

I can see your prick
growing all the way from over here,
pitifully white and

I'm sure you wonder too,
did the amount of semen really matter?
Did the fact that she was taking cock after cock,
a series of black men drilling her snatch,
make the chance she got pregnant even greater?

I think it did.
I mean, even if you fucked her before
the party, those studs from the hood were just
diluting your white boy spunk...four guys, five guys,
load after load until it was drooling
out her slit in globs.

How could your cock even compete
with that army of black stallions?
It can't. It doesn't. They kept pumping black sperm
inside her, then came back for more until they emptied
their Mandingo balls all up in that Caucasian crevice,
stretching and splattering her puffy pink labia,
demolishing her smooth,
velvet walls.

You just stood there and watched
while some far away voice reminded you
that your wife was voted the most likely
white girl to have a black baby
out of wedlock.

Thank goodness you saved her
with a ring and a dress. Never mind
the Gynecologist had to excavate that
diamond from the depths of her
cum drenched dick sheath.

Do you seriously think
that the doctor believed you
when you claimed responsibility
for ramming that gemstone up there?
Get real.

It takes a lot more
than what you've got
to jackhammer jewelry that deep
into a woman's soft membrane.

When those boys plant a seed,
they bury it.

It occurs to you, I'm sure, the irony
of how those black babies will stretch
your wife's slot even further when she pushes
them out. How fortunate that she insisted
on a vaginal delivery.

Who could be surprised
with such a sea of thick cum
plastered across her debutante cervix.
Her high school friends will be pleased.
Try not to focus on them staring at you
during the ten-year reunion.
Some will probably have seen
the Pornhub video.

Let's take a look,
shall we?

Just for fun, let me suggest
you have the copulation footage available
for the nurses at the delivery. I'm sure they would all
love to see it. I bet one of them will even stroke your dick
while your wife is lying there in the stirrups...while she's sweating
and huffing and crowning that crinkly afro. It's only right the nurses know
what to expect before Snow White plops out both those beautiful black newborns.
It's only proper they should see
how those babies got drilled
in her cunt.

I expect the nurses might casually
point out how those black boys kept pumping
your wife full and forever, how their sperm curdles up
inside the crease of your lady's snatch. They might snicker
at her gash clamping down on each ebony shaft
and her plump, throbbing clit
pulsating as she climaxes.

As a woman,
I can appreciate how powerless
she must have felt to resist getting blacked
during so many orgasms. She just wanted to
keep it going, cock after cock, load after load of that potent,
black sperm. It's very clear when she gives up the fight. Her legs
become floppy and pliable for spreading. Her eyes roll back
in a black magic spell. Those strong, black hands wrap tightly
around her ankles and split her wide open
like a KFC wishbone.

She's loaded well enough already,
but they just keep pouring in the custard.
How could you think for a moment
that she wouldn't get pregnant?

However long it takes to deliver those babies,
you've got the footage you need
to keep the nurses entertained.
They're going to wonder,
with a dick like yours,
how you could possibly
stand aside
for such a
black man nut-fest.
You wouldn't dare tell them
how hard it all made you.

My prediction?

You're gonna cream in your pants
during delivery. The least the nurses could do
is expose your small cock so you can sprinkle
your impotent sperm on the floor.
Instead, you'll have a giant
wet spot, courtesy of the labor and delivery team.
Maybe you shouldn't let them
rub on your beleaguered bulge.
We both know
you will.
We both know
you can't help it.

So, I can see you're excited
about your dilemma.
You can jerk off
anytime you'd like.
I'll just sit here and watch.
It's obvious that's as big as you get.

You've got two black babies
and a vid of their father,
if you can only figure out
which one did the deed.
That's the trouble with gangbangs;
picking the daddy out of the lineup.

He's out there somewhere,
banging some other white bitch.
He's making her come
and getting her pregnant...
just like he did to your wife.
And you'll never even know
who the fuck he is.

Here's a Kleenex...
Written by DampKitten
Author's Note
Interracial cuck humiliation POV
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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