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Rocky Hills and Flowing Wadies

Rocky Hills and Flowing Wadies  
The rocky plains expand southward  
To the high hills where the mountains rise  
The shortest path i take, is from the east..  
Along the dogs' river, then heading south  
I find the thick forest with its pine perfume  
As i walk along, i see dim shapes moving  
Between the trees skipping, like apes screaming  
the woods have their own ghosts, here, they abide  
And from where the shepherds come home  
I find the tracks winding upward to the airy hills  
whereon i perch, and i cast my eagle sight  
And scan the pastures and the old houses  
Only crimson, in deep distance, spots glimmer  
Under the feeble sun beam, their rays flicker  
Somewhere over there, i spent days of toil  
Like shepherds tending little sheep in school..  
On my weary trek across the wavy hills  
I come across a turtle, at snail's pace  
In faint rustle, among the weeds, prowling  
As silence, is so deafening to my ear  
I follow the slope, winding pathway upward  
Reaching the wolf's fountain on mountain top  
Between glossy pebbles and birds sipping in  
Shining bright are waters, in flowing, silent streams  
But, i miss the jujube tree that no longer lives  
Her prickly flowers and the wild fruit she gives  
A Godsend treat to the tame and to the wild  
Honeyed round brown, edible and delicious grains  
In Summers, a shade and a wild mountain fruit  
For shepherds and herds to have a spell of rest  
And for birds to preen their shiny plumage and sip  
All under heaven's eye and a zen silence deep  
In Winters, the old wadie of dogs, flows, and floods  
Drifting the wreck and all the dirt of many years  
Heaps of rubbish from aeons make stinking layers  
And so the rains shower, through a long waterway  
Wise Nature, knows the mission she is assigned  
A duty to follow her own law, The Whole Harmony  
No need for human help to get the balance right  
Like wise, wild animals that are given to self-healing  
But, i remain watching the book of Supreme Author  
The lines written in green, blue, and yellow  
Through which the human frequencies shuttle  
Between varied duties, and tasks aimlessly wandering  
Seeking truth blindly, passing it by, unknowing  
That Nature is the key answer to all eternal whys
Written by poeticdelight (Hamid)
Author's Note
Wady or wadie, is arabic word for river or valley in North Africa
and Arabian countries
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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