Hidden From Life Chapter 8

Hidden From Life
Chapter 8

“Wait for a second, and don’t get mad at me.”

Suddenly, he looked her in the eye with a puzzled expression.

“Why would I get mad at you, Julie? Tell me what’s up.”

“I’m sorry, Johnny, but it was a long time ago before yesterday that I was… intimate with someone, and I’m sore …down there. Don’t hate me.”

He laughed at her before replying.

“You be silly, Julie. I can’t hate you, and I’m sorry I did that to you. You tell me when it feels better, I can wait. My God, did you think I’d hold that against you? What type of guy do you think I am?”

“I think you’re a great guy, but you seem to like sex a lot, and already I’m not up to the job of pleasing you…”

“Stop that, and besides, it seems you like sex as well, so what does that prove? Hopefully, this will last, and you’ll have years to please me. Besides, once you start doing it more, you’ll get used to it, and your pussy muscles will become as tough as leather.”

“No, they won’t, will they?” she wailed.

“Chill, I’m joking, Julie,” he said with a wink. “Now let me get to work as time’s a-wasting.”

“Don’t even think about it, Johnny. Today is your day to rest, so no work. Go relax, that’s an order.”

“Yes, boss,” he told her before saluting and leaving the room.

Julie found him sitting on the living room couch a few minutes later, with Emily keeping him company. She lifted the startled kitty and plopped her on the floor. He raised an eyebrow in surprise as, for the most part, Emily had carte blanch around the house. When Julie knelt in front of him and began to rub his thighs sensuously, he got the message.

“I thought you were sore…”

“I am, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Sorry, Emily, it's just a figure of speech. Now you get those pants down, mister.”

“Your wish is my command,” he said as he struggled to comply, and she rubbed his leg. Once they were past his knees, Julie reached out and wrapped her fingers around his rapidly swelling cock, making him moan. When she put her mouth on him for the first time, he was transported to paradise as her warm mouth took as much as she could fit inside. It’d been a lot of years since she’d performed fellatio, and she was never very experienced at it, but John didn’t care.

Just watching her lips move up and down his shaft as her eyes stayed locked on his was turning him on more than he could believe. When a hand cupped his balls, he almost lost it, but somehow, he held on. Julie was now making little gurgling sounds as she bobbed her head up and down. He watched some saliva seep out the corner of her mouth and slide down his shaft until it reached the base, where it rolled to and disappeared into his pubic hair. Knowing he wouldn’t last much longer if she continued, John gently pulled her from him and stood.

“What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“No, you were doing it too well, actually, but I want to return the favor,” he said, leaning down, wrapping his arms around her, and wrestling her body onto her back on the couch.

He yanked her skirt up and tugged at her panties until he removed them clear from her body. He kicked his boots off with his pants following. Then John straddled her head and guided his erection to her waiting mouth. Julie grabbed his cock and began to stroke the lower half as her tongue swirled around the head before she took it back in her mouth. He bent his body down and moved his face between her supple thighs.

He started by kissing the flesh of her inner thighs, but he was unable to contain himself, and soon, his tongue was lashing her pink lips rapidly. Unfortunately for Julie, she could not concentrate on her work due to his efforts. As her pleasure grew, she stopped sucking him, although she managed to continue moving her hand along his hardness.

When he switched to sucking her clit she wasn’t even able to do that anymore. She was helpless as her body responded like gangbusters to his attention, and when John’s tongue speared her clit as he continued sucking on it, Julie lost it. Her body thrashed about while her hand squeezed him tightly. John held on as her hips bucked beneath him and didn’t stop until she begged him to.

“Please, Johnny, no more. It's like torture; I can’t take it anymore.”

Reluctantly he pulled his face from her pussy, though not before licking its full length one more time. He then repositioned his body so he faced her while now straddling her chest. His hand brought his hard cock to her lips, and when Julie opened them, he thrust forward. Half his length slid into her warm mouth, and he felt her tongue lick the sensitive underside as he did so. Slowly he started to rock his body back and forth, causing his cock to go in and out between her lips.

Julie caught on quickly and began to suck hard on him as he moved, and remembering how he liked her playing with his balls, she again took them in her hand. He felt the pressure grow and increased his tempo until he reached the point of no return.

“Julie, I’m gonna cum” he told her, intending to pull free, but she had other plans.

Her head moved forward until his swollen head hit the entrance to her throat while her hand continued to massage his testicles. He cried out as he felt the sperm flow through his shaft and into her eager mouth. Spurt after spurt hit the back of her mouth before she swallowed each down. When no more came, Julie pulled her head back, releasing him with a soft plopping sound, but she now licked the head like an ice cream cone, making him gasp from the feeling. Finally, she released it and smiled up at him like an angel.

“Did you like that, Johnny? Did I do good?”

“You did great, baby,” he told her before leaning down and kissing her tenderly.

John continued the renovation work during the week while she went to school, and once she arrived home, he would check on her and visit with his father before returning to spend the night. When he had the opportunity, John went on the internet and researched, but unfortunately, the news was grim. It seemed Julie’s father had passed away four years ago, and there would be no reunion, but he had also discovered that she had some half-siblings that she never knew about. She was undecided on whether to contact them yet, but at least Julie knew she had some relatives.

On Friday morning, she hadn’t driven to work, instead catching a ride with Lauren, who was almost as happy as Julie about how things had turned out for her friend. The two of them talked as they left school that afternoon, discussing what had transpired recently, including the new hairstyle that Julie had just gotten during lunchtime that day.

“Are you sure Johnny will be here to meet you? I have no problem taking you home, Jules.”

“No, he told me he’d be here, Lauren, and so far, everything he’s said he’s done. Are you sure my hair is looking good, though? Is it too young for me?” Julie said as her fingers ran through her new, shorter, sleeker hairstyle.

“Stop worrying; it looks awesome. I told you Stefanie was the best. Now, it's still long, but it's layered with real style. Come on, Julie, have I ever steered you wrong?”

“No, not that I know of Lauren; you’re the best.”

They had arrived at the lot, and Julie saw his black truck in the distance.

“I see him parked at the far end,” she told Lauren. Do you want to come say hello?”

“No, you let him see the new you without me getting in the way. See you tomorrow, Jules, and kisses.”

“Bye,” Julie said as she headed in his direction. She felt giddy, like a schoolgirl; she never remembered feeling this happy when she was young. As she approached the truck, she saw he wasn’t inside the cab but standing outside on the far side from where she was coming. She heard him talking to someone, and it sounded like a female. Suddenly, her fragile self-confidence plummeted, and she wondered if it was too late to catch up with Lauren. Maybe the old Julie would have slunk away with her tail between her legs, but she had toughened up a lot lately.

‘Don’t even think of turning around,’ she told herself. ‘Whatever you are, you’re not a coward. You march right over there and see what’s going on.’

While she didn’t precisely march, she continued heading in the proper direction, though she tried to be as quiet as possible and took advantage of a minivan parked next to the truck to get closer while remaining unseen. She could now hear the voices clearly, and not only did she hear Johnny, but she recognized the other voice as belonging to Rachel Hughes.

“C’mon Johnny, why not? If you’re worried about my brother, don’t be. He’s been deployed overseas on his second tour, so he’ll never know.”

“That has nothing to do with it, Rach. But tell him hello from me if you talk to him and if you happen to have his e-mail…”

“I do, but it's home, so that gives you a perfect reason to come over, and the best thing is my parents are both working now.”

Julie felt her eyes well with tears as Rachel tried to lure Johnny into her web. How could she compete with this young cheerleader, Julie thought when the sound of Johnny’s laughter came to her ears?

“You’re hilarious, Rachel, let me tell you. When Brian and I were in school, and you were still a kid, he worried about you. He told me he’d caught older guys getting friendly with you and had to straighten them out. It seems it should have been you he was straightening out.”

“I don’t deny I’m a bad girl, Johnny, but I’ve heard stories about you. They called you Johnny Forty-five, and you got pretty wild yourself.”

“Yeah, I had some fun, but if you listen to what happened, it was always me and my girlfriend at the time, not just some random girl.”

“I’ll be your girlfriend, Johnny if that’s what it takes,” Rachel said seductively.

“I’m flattered, but I’m taken, Rach; you’re too late.”

“ I’ll do things, Johnny, anything you want me to. I’d have no limits when it comes to pleasing you.”

“Stop, Rachel, you’re embarrassing yourself. This is the shit your brother should have nipped in the bud. I’m not interested, all right. Nice seeing you.”

“Yeah, well fuck you, Johnny!”

Julie heard the teen’s high heels click on the concrete as she stalked away angrily. Rachel passed within four feet of her teacher but was so incensed that she didn’t even see her. While almost feeling bad for Rachel’s humiliation, Julie was overjoyed at John’s utter rejection of her.

She hurried toward the truck as fast as her legs could. John had just walked to the front of the car when he saw her approaching rapidly. He stretched his arms wide, and Julie launched herself into them before kissing his face. One of his strong hands cradled her chin as he kissed her hello. It lasted for a long time, and his free hand had palmed her butt before it was over.

After storming off, Rachel thought of an even harsher rejoinder for Johnny and retraced her steps to deliver it to him. She was certainly not prepared for the sight that awaited her instead. Her jaw dropped when she saw Miss fucking Jones kissing and being mauled by Johnny Forty-five, the lucky bitch!

When they finally broke their embrace, John walked Julie to the passenger door and closed it behind her before climbing on his side. As they drove past, Julie couldn’t resist waving goodbye to a stunned Rachel, though she did feel bad about it later.

“Hey Julie baby, you looked great before, but I like the new one. How did you arrange that during school?” he asked cheerfully.

“During lunch, Lauren set up the appointment with her regular girl. Do you like it? You can tell me if you don’t; I won’t mind.”

“No, it suits you. I don’t think you’d look bad no matter what haircut you get, but I admit I’m biased.”

Julie snuggled up to him as he drove and rested her head on his shoulder.

A lot happened in the following months. Julie enjoyed her long summer vacation by redecorating the house now that the significant work was completed. John had gotten a job with a home improvement firm in Andersonville, though he spent much of his free time still fixing the old place. That is when he and Julie weren’t making love in every room in the house.

Julie reluctantly moved to her mother’s old room, but only due to another development - Johnny moved in with her. He convinced her that it was the only room large enough for the bed they needed, and they rearranged the new furniture layout, giving the room a new look. With the new windows and the soft blue walls, it was virtually unrecognizable to how it had looked before. John further exorcised her mother’s memory by making love to Julie there so many times that it became synonymous with pleasure for them.

When she met John’s father, she was nervous about his reaction to her being older and his former teacher, but the older man took her instantly and said she was the best thing that had ever happened to his son. Julie offered to let him move in with them as they had plenty of room with just the two of them (and Emily), but he scoffed at that suggestion.

“I’m cranky and set in my ways, and that’s how I’ll stay, thank you very much. You kids are only a few minutes away if I need you, and as long as I’m on two feet, I’m staying put, but thanks for asking. Besides, I’m hoping you can better use those rooms.”

She blushed at his last line, but she understood his decision. Only one thing troubled her lately. There were occasions when John seemed to be distracted by something. She’d been talking to him more than once, and he was oblivious to what she’d said. He’d always apologize and say he was thinking about something and didn’t hear her. There was even one time when he received a call on his cell and left the room for a conversation. He seemed to still be in love with her, and there had been no decrease in the attention he gave her, but still, she worried a little.

To be continued
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