Duprass -- in perpetuity

for MrD
here in eternity
the is, the am, the are
are always happening

e x h a l e

(catís eye in a nebula)  
and thereís a second-hand-hollow  
in the outset of my neon aura  
that somehow reflects pure to  
yours without any sense of self  
a coronal mass ejaculation  
in this single unit of  
and Iíve known you  
for all these lives  
probably loved you  
before love loved loss  
i n h a l e
(pupils pinpoint)  
and Iím back in a beat where  
we somehow reach the sheol  
at the same time and  
there was but a shining soul  
to burn in a body so we split  
it sideways so that mine would  
be a black night to cloak your  
brightest fears  
and yours would be a halo  
for me to find when my  
knees were skinned an  
my jaw locked  
in failure  
h o l d
(eyelids shutter)  
Knowledge that we  
are more.  
But no, fuck this  
fuck the goddamn patriarchy
and the shitbag plumbers with  
their snakes in our asses that led  
to this condescending state of being  
fuck the rage and the phobes and  
the need to be so goddamn relevant all the time  
and I lived in that era naked in face  
wearing you in my closeted peacetime  
commensurating as the whole world burned and we  
because no!  
There is no howl, no scream, no fucking Tygers in the night itís a blip of ever-never-now and we get one chance to breathe and I have sipped shallow air until the day you reminded me that I was born on the primordial singularity and you were there and we were there and it never existed anywhere but etched in the gum on the bottom of some haymakerís shoe while we  
at the same  

and we existed.

The rage and the pleasantries are good theater.  
But itís black paint on cardboard.  
The only shining reality remains:  
In all of time.  
We were here, darling,  
we were here.  
e x h a l e.  
(eyes open)  
We were here.
Written by Betty
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