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Image for the poem Thrill Of The View Part 3

Thrill Of The View Part 3

Part 3

“Just in time,” Anna answers.  

She returns to working Mike back and forth in her skilled mouth and she feels the stranger slide his hand behind her neck to steady it, her slurping noises growing more frantic, the deeper Mike is lodged into her mouth

.  “I’m really looking forward to my turn,” the man admits, watching her with his own spiking need to feel his cock between those talented lips.  He notes another man in the driver’s seat (her husband, he assumes), pumping his cock in appreciation of the moment unfolding.

“Where are my manners,” he adds coyly.  “I’m Malcolm.”

She releases Mike’s cock from her mouth and his extended moan precedes a healthy blast that covers her tits in his excitement.  “Oh fuck,” he says, catching his breath.

“That is truly a beautiful thing to see,” Malcolm says.

“Her mouth really did the trick, didn’t it Mike?” Blake adds.

“And look at you,” she says, seeing that Malcolm has already unzipped his pants, his length pointing straight at her, already begging for her attention.

She goes right to work, collecting a bit of Mike’s spray from her chest and running her hand along Malcolm’s shaft to ready him for her focus.  Mike shifts out of the way, still blissed out from the sensation of her expert cocksucking.  He zips himself up.  “I think you’re going to enjoy this, my friend.  And thank you, Anna ...for a feeling I will certainly remember.”  He retreats out of view while Anna continues to sleeve Malcolm in the grip of her hand.

“You are certainly endowed,” she teases, “now to get all of you in might be a challenge.”  Her thumb circles the tip of him before she presses her lips to it and the comforting plush of them push forward.

Blake slips two fingers inside her and she shifts in her seat.  His thumb lightly teases her clit, while the heft of Malcolm inches forward into her latch.

“You do have skill, ma’am,” he says.  “That guy wasn’t wrong.”

Blake’s eyes follow the action, edging his cock in rhythm with them, while continuing to finger fuck her pussy.  “Can you feel him getting bigger?” he taunts her.  “Go ahead and swallow him if you want.”  

Malcolm reaches in, pushing and pressing her big tits together, her own body starting to respond to their combined efforts, relishing in the power she has over the both of them.

Suddenly, an approaching car illuminates a path into the parking lot.  “Damn,” Blake says.  “Hop in, Malcolm.  It may not look as suspicious.”  He fumbles to pull his pants over his jutting cock.  Anna follows suit, guiding the dress back up to its proper place.  

“Thanks, folks,” Malcolm says, “But I don’t want to take my chances.  Sorry, maybe, another time.”  He quickly races off into the darkness of the woods, as the car pulls in a few spots away from them.  

Blake keeps an eye on the other car.  The lights go out, and the lot is under the cover of night again.  “You had me so charged, Anna,” he confesses.  “I was almost about to fuck you while you did that.”

“You’d better get me home, then.”

He turns the car on, waiting a little to let the windows clear.  “It really got you hot, didn’t it?”  His erection is still rock hard from the excitement of what they’ve done so far.  “Better keep it like that, so I can get some benefit from your twisted little fantasy,” she smirks.

The car lights next to them go on, and before he can get his own car into gear, it is backing out of the spot and travelling away from them.  “Maybe we don’t need to wait after all.  I’ll come to your side.”

He slips out of the car and walks over to where she’s waiting for him, mouth open.  “Only fair, you get a turn, honey.”  And she latches that active mouth onto his hard dick, slurping and moving it deeper into that pucker.

“Get out of the car,” he instructs.  She takes one more lick along the base of him and opens the door and gets out.  He turns her around so that she is facing away from him, hiking up the little length of dress that is there to rest on her back.  He takes his cock head and glides it along her pussy lips, drawing some of the wetness from her, all the way up to her tighter hole.  

“Maybe you should?” she suggests, feeling how hard he is, as he drags it back down, slipping the cock head into her just enough, to capture more wetness.  “It has been awhile.”  He pushes into her pussy a bit further, gathering more of her excitement on himself, before bringing it back up to rest at the gate of her asshole.  She slowly pushes back, and just a bit slips into her.  His hands fold across her belly, and he inches a little more in, carefully.  “I’m going to bury this in your ass,” he warns, as she pushes back, accommodating just a bit more of that sturdy hard on.  “I’m halfway there,” he says, applying just a bit more pressure into the tightness.

As his eyes adjust to the dark around them, he spots a figure at the edge of the woods.  He can’t make out, which one it is.  There is motion, and he is pretty certain, from the angle of the arm, that the watcher is stroking his cock to them.

With one more push back, his entire erection slides inside the heat of her ass.  The sensation makes him delirious, not to mention the interested party spying on him ass fucking his wife in an open parking lot.  The intensity of that friction is captured in her moans, bucking against him, as she demands, “fill my tight hole with that big dick.  Oh Yes, honey! Fuck this ass, nice and slow.”

The clamp of her keeps him snug to the fit, as each thrust forward warrants a delighted response from his naughty cock fiend.  She begins to shudder under the mercy of his frenzied rampage, and that climb begins with a faint tingle in his balls and his throat, readying to fill her bottom with the shooting thrill of his hot cum.  He hears the other man, groan, before his own overtakes it, and three quick blasts empty into Anna’s responsive bottom.  

His head falls upon her shoulder, his kiss meeting her bare skin.  He holds her tight to him, not wanting to leave that glorious state. That tight clench holds him momentarily until his erection subsides, and her rapid breaths slow from her own soaking.

“You are a wonder, my dear,” he tells her, turning her head to meet another kiss.  

“You should know we had an audience for that.”

“We did?” she says with excitement. “I got a bit lost in the moment.”

“I’m sure it was one of the others.  He was having a good time himself.”  

“Well, we gave him quite a show, didn’t we?”

“We certainly did.”  

They can hear the crickets now and she tucks herself in his arms as the stars randomly begin to pepper the night sky in their usual formation.   There is no need to rush, the urgency of other matters now laid to rest for the time being.  ‘Damn, I love you,” he says, and they just exist in the aftermath of a heightened experience that by all indications given the current contentment, might be the first of many more to come.
Written by Tenderloin
Author's Note
The concluding installment of a couple's adventure to satisfy their carnal appetites in the kinky world of "dogging".
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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