A Loving Tragedy

Her girlfriends took her out Friday afternoon for her birthday
This was her 40th
That Sunday her & her husband were leaving for a Mediterranean Cruise
That was his gift to her
He was deeply in love with her
There was also a close bond between the two of them
About ten years ago she helped her husband overcome drugs & alcohol
He was hooked for years
Almost lost his job, family, house and his own life because of these addictions
It was tough for him
Many times he fell off but he persevered and kept on pushing forward
One day, shortly after he lost his mother to alcoholism, he quit
He was able to defeat it
His wife stuck by him through thick & thin
He never went back
Clean ever since
His wife would casually smoke & drink when with friends
After her husband quit, she also stopped smoking & drinking
When they're out with friends or family, they didn't have any urge for a drink or even a sip
Their proud of their life together and how much they accomplished
While she was out having a good time, her husband was decorating the house with balloons, a dozen roses and some other party favors scattered around the house

One of the friends has a drug problem
She's kept it under wraps but many know that she has an issue
She seemed fine
It did seem odd though that she would make her way to the bathroom quite often
More then the usual amount of times a woman visits the ladies room
One other friend asked her if she was ok, she said, yeah, all good
They left the restaurant around 9:30 pm
The woman that has this drug issue was the driver
She didn't look fucked up or drowsy to get behind the wheel
None of the other girls even thought twice to remove her from behind the wheel
Two other girls were a bit tipsy, so they weren't driving
The birthday girl was sober but didn't think anything of it
She made a phone call to her husband telling him that she was leaving the restaurant
He said ok, babe, great! I love you
I love you too, said the wife
That was the last time they ever spoke
About 12 minutes later...
The woman driving was getting very drowsy
The girl in the passenger seat was not with it to see that she was falling asleep at the wheel
Everyone else was in the back seat
She was driving at about 50-60 mph
The car was coming to a major intersection
There weren't to many cars on the road
As the light went from green, to yellow, to red
She kept driving
Until a truck, who had the green light
T-Boned the left side of their car
The birthday girl who was only another 5 minutes away from her home,
sustained the most injuries from this collision
She died on impact
All of her friends survived
Her friend driving was tested for drugs & alcohol and arrested for manslaughter
Her husband was distraught
He never was the same again
On his birthday three months later, he took his own life by overdosing on alcohol & prescriptions

Written by Vision_of_insanity
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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