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“As Within, So Without, As Above, So Below”

Within the firmament of my sacred mist      
So many have tied to find that spark, of a wandering free soul, upon the chants of the wind, an ordained divine gift      
Bestowed way before the beginning of time      
Held up to the sky, unto the Most High, blessed unto Heaven’s chime        
No creature of great or small      
He who stumbles, must first learn to walk again, then must learn to stand tall      
My truth lies in my heart, and offered of its reaping to the mind to decipher, as you come to understand      
Not upon land        
Soil that is plagued, by diseases, racial disparity, bigotry, murder, incest by the hands of man        
Primitive mentalities that have defiled the laws of man’s natural creed      
The ideology to self-hate, and becoming the lover of self, denial to others, will never elevate that Freemasonic 33rd degree      
My House of Cards, consist of The Book of Enoch, my intellect echoes from The Emerald Tablet, bestowed in the temple of the Halls Of Amenti      
The stars, my compass, the Moon, my shield, and the Sun the illumination of my pilgrimage when I kneel and pray      
I do not smell the stench of this world’s mental death to the mind, it does not make me swoon or sway      
It is not my enlightenment on any given day      
I hear the cries of lost souls who have journeyed long before the Caucuses Mountains, the original birth of the Neanderthal, the backwards twisted ideology of the man who could not stand tall      
Only from darkness, let there be light      
Awoken in the serenity of my own plight      
This civilization is the torment of man’s domain      
His whips and his chains        
My Creator gave you the foundation, yet now it is riddled with blood, lust, and shame      
Pronouns are now the new age of names      
No rest even in sickness there is only moanfully pain      
No matter the riches no matter the gains      
At that given moment, one must ask do you even know your deity's name      
Or do you glorify hatred instilled so far in the core of the hemisphere's brain      
You go on, not my chess board and my pieces do not move to that detrimental fame      
My divine peace within self, dwells below where healing water soothe the mind where my heart tenderly flows      
To the rebirth of life, your vessel must atone by water, it is written upon the ancient scrolls      
Rather you dip yourself, and say an incantation to give purpose to your life      
Whisper a promise to the salvation by the doctrine of your christening to always ascend above strife      
No pollutions to be found in the darkened depth as you close your eyes      
Forgive your past, unto your heart, mind, body, and the spirit of your soul as you uprise      
Once you shed your earthly vessel the rite of your soul seals into its rebirth      
A clearer picture is manifested for the path of your worth      
No wars among nations, only the funneling current when Gaia endurance speaks      
A baptizing cleaning unto Mother Nature when she feels tired in her unwavering defeat      
Her shores, her green affect, her ecosystem has been polluted from what humanity leaks      
Atlantis buried so deep, Kingdoms of ruins sunken treasures, with such heart wrenching lullabies      
So many lost souls that cries from its darken abyss, cradled until their awakening, waiting for the tribune calling from the skies      
Listen carefully, the passage is through your pineal gland, it can acknowledge with your third eye      
I do not endorse the perceptive image of God’s man, his Kinship has somehow faltered his divine concept      
And he still cannot tell me why Jesus wept      
No matter how many theologies pages given to his mind, no matter how many books placed in the palm of his hands      
Twisted to his own diabolical wishes        
To erect burning crosses, kill, steal, that is not of God’s plan      
I am who I am, and that is me      
No validation needed from the valley of dry bones to give me reprieve      
Make me see      
Or in me to even believe      
Yet, my invocations are rooted in love, healing, or just allowing you to be free      
“As within, so without, as above, so below”      
May the waters, heal the heart, and caress my mind, no matter which way the tides shift or the currents flow      
How does one get peace if they do not know the meaning of chaos      
Look beyond your own abode, I’ve seen severed limbs from the diamond greed of man it is a sadden existence, such a horrific lost cause      
I worship nothing in this world        
My respirations are a present to me, it keeps me in the now as cold winds unfurl      
It's a thin line between love and hate, and thinner between life and death        
Cherish the moment, due in part, one moment you’re here, the next, six feet under and no more leased earthly breaths        
We look to one another for some form of guide      
How can that be when you cannot navigate your own mind encased inside      
Judge you not      
I do not write your history, your parents alone get that beautiful prop      
Society with cruel hands of fate, allows destiny to break you... or not      
Always walk in peace      
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 11th May 2024
Author's Note
Enjoy your Friday, everyone and have a blessed weekend softly catcalling on the wind

Love and Hugs, always,
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