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Well Stinkella, I See You Are Now Begging For Soap

No Ms. Lu-Nancy, you will commence this battle in the real world  
Save the bewitch theatrical fantasy, you swine, I am your Mother of Pearls  
An insane racist who think she has touched the skies  
Put your crayons away, that energy not offered not even in your dream state, or found in your deranged mused lullabies  
Even Yahweh has deafening ears  
You are not wanted, you are chained to the destiny of your own Hades fears  

Then trying to throw that white pus on any Hebrew King  
Your temple is tainted she-beast, your mind is polluted and even us Angels know when the stench of death when it stinks  
Locate your Jackel mother, you need answers, your only way for you to atone  
Ask her why your dear filthy grandma allowed her spouse to molest you, with his hard old bone  

You are of little worth, child to me, and I say that with humbly intent  
Even sacred water boils giving rise to an excuse not to baptize you, sorry no repent  
God is universal, no light for you to follow, or to care if you even exist  
The third Heaven will never greet you in reminisce, no matter how many drug induced professed mental trips  
Ask your mother where she is burning  
Her sins in your stomach churning  

Your two headed parent, a rejected spawn has chosen your fate, for you, it's just too late  
The insane mother, the whorish lover, without mediation, from you, only lies and make believe shall hover  
No, my pale face demoness you have no family let alone a grandpa, or grandma  
A man who used your flesh and abused you, from birth, you were already flawed  
No vampires, no ghouls no even these words will save you this time  
Look around Stinkella this is going down I am your Hell my divine creed refuses to chime  

Stripping you to your bare essence, pour that tar all over then feather your skin  
Hannibal stomping Hitler a showdown of darken sins  
Basketcase, no faith †
A horrible excuse of a mother laying in heat, no Hebrew King, wishing upon sordid and grim stained sheets  
A stink bomb has been unleashed from the pit of Hell  
We are in the Book Of Revelations can you not tell  

And fuck you with your mental made up family  
Be truthful to these people, the tales of your life, is embellished in rape of such a young pedigree  
Did you drown your first set of kids, I really want to know  
Do you see their faces in the dysfunctional kids you allowed to live, molested while you watched as a prime-time show †
That is a cold wind blow  

One by one, destroyed, taken from you to hide such a family secret  
Were they used for sacrifices to receive fame, riches, done in the name of blood sacrifice, buried in discreet  
And years later, you still given homage to a man who created you, who is your kid's father and dear old grandpa, free your mind and let everyone know  
Old dirty grandpa, yes, with his sickness, and you still look up to him with innocent eyes, to bestow  
Talk about keeping it in the family, you are an inbreed  
Whatís done in the dark, came to the light when you did not get that monthly bleed  

Now, where are your kids, did they allow them to even live, such a grim family shame  
All in your father and ole dirty grandmaís name  
I would not brag about that  
Getting you pregnant invading your stinking and rotten snatch  
Oh yes, you are low, just where you belong on a sinking ship  
A castaway from Hell and still trying to stowaway on a broken broom into Heaven with mental talking bullshit  
Do you even know the ten commandments, demon, to a sound mind it is a gift  
Oh, silly me, your Book Of Demonology is cursed over by your Father Satan himself  
The depravation of your family spawns to you, this is fair seeming, the remains of your demon seeds you have sown, has already been dealt, a slothful and degrading batch when felt  

For you to have these power I do not feel any of my hair strands raise  
Yet, I suppose you still hear the voices of your kids cursing you from the darkness of their makeshift grave  
You are a shame to even call yourself a wo-man, your kids father is also their grandpa, the sins of the childís flesh shall be acknowledged and by me, made  

Wake up demoness, this is 2024 grow the fuck up old hag this ainít no make believe  
You do not even know your own mother, left on a playground, like trailer trash, in heat †
And sorry old dirty grandpa  
A man to defile his Lilly white granddaughter, his hands gripping you then to enter you raw  

Save the Book of Fantasy respite for your abandoning mama †
As a mother do you even know who you are  
A soul trapped in snow globe, allow me to shake it up for you, I have no limits when I push too far  
Yes, you are going down on your sinking ship  
Be careful now, there are unrested slaves in them water, and they would love to take a big out a racist fat ass blind pig, Iím sure they would spit you out  
No man wants to taste a woman when her crack smell and taste stinky like her rotten South  

Hail to you, dirty old pedophile father-grandpa  

Lost little sick girl
Written by SweetKittyCat5
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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