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Tituba Is Calling-Hannibal Part

In the calling of the night, where wandering souls in depravation larks  
Yes, the stench of your worthless spirit has been led to bleed you unto the dark  
The stirrings by oath by the hot winds  
Stand tall demoness, from this today forward you shall bend  
No light shall shine time is now still  
Your life, the rite of your gore shall be my feast, my kill  
Bring me this Jezebel who so readily spread such malice to the masses  
No swords, only the superiority of darkness shall clash  
Your headless soul shall be found in the rewind  
As I rape your soul as your father did unto you during the hands of time  
Can you hear the laughter from the eyes that drew you into my Salem’s Lot  
I will eat you alive, as for the ill and the begot  
What you cherish I will curse  
Far worse  
When you find me, I will be the Grim Reaper in your rebirth  
From your wirerimmed glasses, you winkled face freak, gray hairs around your head, open your mouth to receive my bloody spit  
At at ... this is no drill  
Blood curses, and the four elements of the winds upon your abode and your skin are about to overspill  
This is your, thy will  
In the core of your mind this is very much real  
Fuck the Sun, the Moon, and the Water, I am hate  
I hold nothing sacred, not even my grann, it balances the equate of my fate  
Freedom in my movement, over your stinky cunt, your destiny, you have sealed, by your own free will  
Not have time to blink, like a slave clawing the back of a racist bleeding master, much love to the memory of Emmett Till  
No methadone to take, sorry the doctor is not here, and cannot prescribe you any mood stabilizer pills  
That seems to be the ideology of a Cain like you, feening in heat and throwing that old ass out behind a screen with words to covet a man  
You see how I look, a woman, who honors cosmic plans  
Femineity through and through where I stand  
You run after the field niggers and disrespect the Queen who makes sure his pedigree divinely shines like a diamond in the rough  
No worries, that ship has sailed, and not with this sultry lover’s cup  
You are still left behind to deal with me to finish your nasty ass up  
Did you really think I would not come to stomp my energy in hell  
I am the universe no matter where I reign or dwell  
That gibberish uneducated talking, not even worth to conjure a curse  
I have my Moorish King, the castle, and control of my own purse  
You need to go back to school and find your lost worth  
Running around here like you are the stone  
Did you think that was going to last long  
It is best to give reprieve, then I choke the root as days blend to atone  
May my words be filled with scorn as lamented from the strands upon your head to the soles of your feet, as to you, and only you, shall the aroma drift  
To your pride raised first born of a son, who as a worthless mother, you already sold his sorry ass to the devil for your mentally deranged salvations  
To ask for what, which you did not get, you still as empty headed, embedded now in my shit storm to allow you to marinate in your lu-nacy deprivations    
He will not be missed, he’s already half past dead  
In this lifetime, by the act of Yahweh in the act of war  
I am on your shores, ready to devore you fourscore  
Asunder from the neck and spine with the strike of my golden-tipped sword down the middle then swiftly across, there goes his punk ass head  
Wait, drip onto his tail wagging ass demonic mother’s lips she is used to the color crimson red  
Not to worry, my warriors will Taxidermy and hang his mounted skull as a reminder above the foul stench of your bed  
His jackal of a mother still cannot promise him an eternal life  
Not good enough to make, or keep a family unit, too deranged, and have a nerve to speak  
You were cursed when your harlot mother tossed you aside, she knows you were a burning mutt from a night given by a stranger’s hellish diseased nutt, in her womb, when the ultrasound gave her a window to peak  
Birthed unto this dimension, she felt, as a mother, your sick mind would embarrass her, and will only bring you or anyone you associate that tainted snake hole you have down there hissing, bitterness and strife  
In your sickness you threw away the first incestuous batch of your spawns like garbage, you quickly left them behind  
Was your father ever brought up on charges sneaking into your bedroom at night releasing his manly liberations into his already deranged daughter, every day, time after time  
I see why you call everyone daddy… regressing back to those gripping sheet moments when your abandoning cold mental illness mom could not here your screams  
This is not a dream  
Open your legs on your pentagram, there is order in Hell and yes, I will show you and tell  
Worthless on your ground to stand up against me  
Yes, the water is boiling and turned up for your trashy existence by one hundred degrees  
‘Bring me one of her grandchildren those hellion little bastards are half breed  
Scalp the hair first then waterboard them one by one until the clock strikes three  
Leave no crying eyes as she watches them being liquidated one by one, they are just Lilith's seeds  
When you look at them now, know I have cursed them from the rise of a ‘good mourning’ until their head cradle the sheets, I will claw, no peace will be found in their sleep  
You do not know what you are even dealing with, I am the lamb, and you are my sacrificed sheep  
No reason why they should grow up to be a racist fat disfigurement like their pitiful grandmammy, society will not miss them or ever need  
I am the one who balances hate and love  
For your unclean discontent, until the dark moon, your skin belongs in Hades, smite no honor offered from above  
My warriors, bring her lesbian daughter over here  
No remorse for fallen tears  
Lay her down, secure her legs and arms to the pentagram  
The precision of my scalpel deeply embedded in her delicate skin like the Son-Of Sam  
Bring her bitch ass whore mammy over here, and push her down to her knees  
Strap her on a dildo with some crazy glue smeared all over it..  at at… I want to see her clit skin ripped  
I am pure evil, and I do not adhere to voices of reasoning at this point, all is fair in love and war you asked, and I am here.. love of an Angel and to protect my Heaven like the prophet Joshua as a crip  
You are now in my domain, from here you need to worry what will come next  
Go on hoe, ease into the tightness of your generational bitch, as you make each other wet  
All my demon dogs one by one to slither into your old, prolapsed cunt from behind... you like that my little pet  
These acts are in your hellish family tree  
Mother made you and dear old molesting daddy fucked you, sadden to be socially marred by the acts of an incest act while being degraded as a child on your back  
Yes, I see why you cannot love, but crave intimacy, your womb has been compromised, polluted, and to climax without love you will always lack  
Well, know this demoness, a Hebrew King’s face could never be your father in the memories of those needs, you are sick  
To even try to replace a Holy man in the act of your father’s pedophile's dick  
You can take an old ass drug addict bitch out the asylum, but you cannot take the asylum out the bitch  
You brought the scratch now I will provide the bloody itch  
The is your family tree ... fuck the dot com  
And I am being sane, you are just an old piece of has been white ass, over sixty, you wish you could be me  
Caviar dreams and a Pork Chop mentality will never be  
This is your mirrored hatred you have casted unto the skies  
The reflection of your scorn now my lullabies  
Move faster mommy, such a shame to witness by words this daughter and her mommy romance, you have a such a long way to go  
I will bring the fire, toss you in the pit, then freeze your severed limbs on a bed of snow  
When I am done with you, old hag, you will not know which why is up or which way to go  
You will never look at your spawns the same way  
They will become your sexual obsession once your eyes lock, these words will penetrate deeper and deeper until you have to recoil in shame  
The whisper ‘so shall it be written, so shall it be done’ will come to your mind, whereas, in your eyes, you will know MY NAME  
The Golden Realm that’s my made-up shit, but since you have taken and mentally ran with it and then tried to flip the creative script  
I am the gift    
You are so stupid not to know love resides in self  
I will leave you in the ruins of each pillar upon your head in the blood of my sins  
The Sun has gone down  
It’s you and me and now, heifer, I do not play the clown  
You want to see what’s under my skirt  
But first  
My goons, hold her face still, allow my two Rocs into her mouth to take a long squirt  
And hurry with that, then open her daughter's mouth I am menstruating she can taste my monthly bloody worth  
For a hoe, and your marked spawns you have birthed, you bitches are now Siamese twins  
The mother harlot and her lesbian spawn, the Jinn  
Retreat bitch … or else.. !!!!!!!!!!!  
Please don’t…
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Ecclesiastes 3:8 (ESV):

“A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.”
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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