Not All Women Are the Same

When some men have bad experiences with women, they argue that all women are the same.
This is definitely a nonsensical reasoning, and I do not support this unfounded assertion.
In fact, women have different characters, attitudes, intentions, and personalities.
Some worthless men complain that they always meet spiteful and unfaithful women,
But they fail to see that their unpleasant personalities attract these kinds of females.
Men should look in the mirror and improve their behaviours instead of degrading women.
Some men try to catch women with money because they do not know how to speak to women.
Thugs intimidate women and cause them to have sex with them because of fear.
A man without proper deportment and charm cannot attract a good woman.
Foolish men with disrespectful behaviours like to brag about having many girlfriends,
But only hungry women would have sexual relationships with the likes of them.
If some women were not careless with their bodies, such men would not know women.
To reason that all women are the same is tantamount to saying all men are the same.
And I totally disagree with this, for I would not do the heinous things that some men do.
We should not regard all men as being in the same category as wicked men;
Neither should we regard all women as being in the same category as manipulative women.
The minds of the men who feel that all women are the same are full of rubbish.
I expect to hear better arguments from the mouths of educated and intelligent people.
A mingy mawma man keeps a record of everything he conditionally gives a woman.
And if she leaves him for another man, he physically assaults her or takes her life.
Wicked, cold-hearted men who never had good upbringing beat and mistreat women.
Many parents cannot train a child properly because they also lack good upbringing.
Some women deceive men and break their hearts, but not all women are the same.
The people who like to complain about others are the biggest problems in the world.
Written by PittinixDesigns
Published | Edited 4th May 2024
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