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Unlucky Gold (Cauldron Kill Series)

      “Wings still burning, flesh torn the defeated fairy knight knew she was done
As the final penetration of her raped vagina felt the flow of green cum,
      “The evil seed twisted and spiked swelling into a life of its own
Until fully developed, that’s when Ungol clawed through ruptured organs and bone,

      “Plant life in the war-torn area died under a polka-dot eclipsed moon
The gates of heaven and hell buckled from the birth of the evil doom,
      “The first deed Ungol enacted was the mutilation of giving life
Castrating his father, drinking his blood and eliminating his sight,

      “Ungol then vomited on his dead mother’s flesh, covering her in sparkled blood
Creating his first batch of gold coins from the violation of unwanted love,
      “For the last fifteen hundred years Ungol has mastermind his evil to spread
His deeds became so vile that the Almighty and Satan made an alliance to kill him dead,

      “A fierce battle with an archangel is how he lost his right hand
But victory still he claimed cursing the holy warrior to be eternally damned,
      “Liquefied burning gold he poured down the archangel’s broken nose
Transforming him into a corrupted pot to forever hold his sinister gold,

      “The multicolor of a rainbow refuses to shine upon it
Because the evil artifact will cause it to fade away until its colors are spent,
      “A four-leaf clover is Ungol’s deadly weakness
Any land the plant grows upon Ungol puts the inhabitants on his kill list,

      “In the skin of murdered Leprechauns is how Ungol love to dress
That is why his kind forever hunt him without mercy and without rest,
      “Santa Claus is borderline insane and now lives in constant grief
Because Ungol eviscerated his reindeer and now wear them as gold teeth,

      “Ungol’s most disgraceful act is when he defecated in heaven’s vault
The foul deed made Jesus so mad he vowed ‘thy motherfucka willith be caught’,
      “With each failed attempt in the vault Ungol leaves a bag of gold shit
And a note in blasphemous dialect saying ‘next time you hole in the hand bitch’,

      “Attempting to steal his gold is a near impossible quest
In which he clothes the thief in a personalized Viking blood eagle vest,
      “But if successful Ungol will gift the individual never to get old
And tell them four magical secrets that were forbidden to be told”.  
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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