The dragon

Behold i march through the masses like a dragon,
Im feared and hunted, the tools of men are made sharper to ensure my demise and the fall of a dragon
I yearn to befriend these humans yet they yearn for war with the dragon
When i breath fire, they think i thirst for war with their kind, the breath of a dragon, the breath of a human
Are they not most deadliest, they that kill their own kind for greed and other six deadly sins and less
When they now unite in a form of war against a common foe
When was i declared the foe
When i spread my wings and sored the sky did i declare war on the birds?
But when i hid in the caves of the earth short falling on beauty they gathered and saw it as a declaration of war
I am the dragon not of this world but i march through the masses like a leviathan raging through the seas
I am the king and it is lonely at the top put poison in my teas
The masses rage and rise like priests on viagra on good Friday upon the unsuspecting nuns no Ts and Cs
I wage no war with any kind, but trust me im not kind
I am the dragon my skin is only penetrated by my tooth
I am strong and mighty i can see you fear me by the way yiu gather your earthly tools and metals in quests to destroy me
Am i not like that eagle that sors the sky too
Am i not like the bear that might and fierce but only lives on leaves of the forest
I am not like the eagle i will not fly away when you reach for my eggs
I will breath fire upon you it will make hell feel like london in Christmas
I am not like the bear when hunted for its skin
My skin is stronger than your metals and when you march against me i will rain hell upon you, your kin and descendents will think the wrath of God has been judged upon you
I seek no war but when its waged against me i will make it your execution
I am the dragon fear me as i sore the skies and breathe fire upon your earths
Look into my fiery eyes, the beauty of thunder engorged in lighting strikes and when i blush its like 50 strikes on one site
Send upon me your bravest number so i can introduce them to their maker
I am the dragon.
Written by Nodrax_tepes (nodrax)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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