The Tragic Tale of a Young Girl's Body

She was young, just a tender age
Filled with innocence and wonder
Her body, firm and full of life's stage
But little did she know, she'd soon be torn asunder

She walked with grace and confidence
Unaware of the danger that lurked
Her beauty, an ever-present presence
But to the predator, she was just a piece of meat to be shirked

She knew not of the evil that lay in wait
As she strolled through the streets
Her mind filled with dreams and fate
But all those hopes would soon meet their defeat

He watched her from a distance
Lust in his eyes, his heart full of greed
To him, she was just another instance
Of a conquest to fulfill his need

He followed her home in the dark of night
Silent like a predator on the hunt
She never saw him, try as she might
For she was his prey and he was ready to confront

With a sudden attack, he forced her down
Her cries of protest falling on deaf ears
He silenced her with a hand, making her drown
In her own fear and tears

Tears that streamed down her young, firm body
As he ripped her clothes and tore her soul
She fought and struggled, her voice hoarse and throat bloody
But he was stronger, in full control

He took what he wanted, with no remorse
Her body, a mere object of his desire
But to her, it was a lifetime of unending course
Of pain, trauma, and a soul set on fire

Her firm body now bruised and battered
Her dreams shattered and spirit broken
She lay there, defeated and shattered
Her young life forever stolen

We hear these stories time and again
Of innocent lives destroyed in a single act
But when will we put an end
To this heinous crime and its impact

Her young, firm body will never be the same
For the scars of that night will forever remain
But let us not forget and let us not shame
For her strength and resilience will forever reign.
Written by Dre_k47 (AnDre James)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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