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Forty Days Of Nineveh (COTS)

Unto the doors to walk through, to give your mind its inner peace            
Repentance bestowed only from the Creator, within the hieroglyphics, the matrix of a woman’s womb never sleeps      
Life and the agony of pain it seeps      
Yet, you must discern if you are ready to separate those symbolism of false idols you worship that bring no comfort when it reaps                
Mystique of the past, present, yet eyes have not seen      
We are the subconscious where your mind roams when you dream    
Consecrated scrolls is anointed as it has been blessed by ancient winds if there ever was                        
However, when a mortal's intellect reaches the plateau of awareness and spiritual enlightenment of their Crown Chakra, encased in the spiritually of love      
The world becomes sublime, and the fate of humanity, you realize is on borrowed time                        
Ordained by the Creator’s designs                                  
Heaven retains hope for mankind, in all its wanderlust, greed upon wicked hands      
Sin was never the plan to destroy, to take, or to judge by the voice of man      
When great minds cannot think to uplift or hear the silence of Mother Nature’s songs                                
To give lesser strife a chance is like becoming a pillar of a preservative stone        
The shroud veiled from the beginning knowing life can never rewind        
God and Goddesses walked in the absence before the humanity of mankind      
Ripen fruit succulent to the lips      
Man bowed to unto the grandeur of his perfected mission in the mantra of his midst      
His challenges, his possibilities sealed by faith      
The empowerment of my inner light, let thy will always shine in the synagogue of chaos found in its wake        
In the days of the Garden of Eden            
The answers are from the origin never disbelieving      
It is the spiritual of its crestfallen of your foundation to what your intellect is breeding            
My righteous path is encased in Holy Oil, from the grand offerings as my gratitude reaps from blessed soil            
No bias intent when softly whispering to humans who sweats by the brows when he or she tolls            
My hands offer quiet refuge for you to choose incantations to reach the divine overspill        
A clean and fasting Temple who do not honor the entrapment of bedlam to do as thy will            
The chosen ones, within the doors of society feels as if King Solomon throwing the keys at the most powerful chained demonic beasts            
Psalms rings in the core of earth, when blind entities come from below to feast greet            
The ancestral rings of this life span bows to your realm, as we witness the world and the state of its condition                    
The insignia of the Motherland we are the Mesopotamians of Queens, Kings, a superior civilization                    
Armistice is always a Queen’s wish, the zest to heal, hunt without hesitation                    
Twisted minds, a dark vessel encased in death                    
A King’s and Queen’s, wisdom is to give safe passage, unto Earth, below the fertile soil is our wealth                    
Darken realms to prison the cognitive awareness when the aura of the soul is suffering and on the run                    
We seek higher intelligent earthlings who knows their dimension, strength in their journey              
Found by the parallels of the Sun  
What good is a human if he does not believe in a higher power other than himself or herself to prepare the generational seeds of his flock  
To not advise their offsprings life is not promised and death is a thin line and not measured by the sound of Master's clock tick tocks  
When doom and destruction has come to the door with loud knocks        

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
In the biblical account, the forty days of Nineveh hold significant meaning. Let’s explore this story from the Book of Jonah:

Jonah’s Mission:
God instructed the prophet Jonah to preach to the people of Nineveh, a great city known for its wickedness.
Initially, Jonah resisted this divine command due to his personal biases and fear. He attempted to flee from God by boarding a ship sailing away from Nineveh.
However, God intervened by sending a storm and having Jonah swallowed by a fish. After three days, the fish spat Jonah onto the shore, refocused on his mission.
The Warning to Nineveh:
Jonah entered Nineveh and proclaimed: “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown” (Jonah 3:4, KJV).
The Ninevites, despite their sinful ways, heeded Jonah’s warning.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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