Only in America!

By Stanley Collymore

Stewart Lucas Murrey obviously
speciously lauded as a simply
highly intelligent and equally
unquestionably a competent and clearly
confident man yet at his quite relatively
young age of 49 years basically simply
needs to go on a dating site to literally
hopefully acquire a suitable partner, a
state of affairs which actually seems
evidently odd and absolutely strange
to me, if Stewart is comprehensively
such an unquestionably, specifically
accomplished individual, yet clearly
undoubtedly appears to be actually
significantly devoid of, the relevant
requisite skills that simply millions
of people globally rather obviously
generally undeniably and evidently
significantly, distinctively naturally
have, and that they frequently and
literally successfully also utilize in
aptly formulating and pleasurably
engineering clearly quite crucially
one to one personal relationships
with members distinctively of the
opposite sex and never once feel
the need, any overwhelming urge
or an indomitable compulsion to
essentially utilize the services of
one, or multiple dating agencies!

And isn't there simply a common
denominator here Stewart? If
actually, whatever number
of women, who have clearly never met
each other, effectively don't know one
another; or weren't even cognizant of
the crucial fact that you were simply
seeing, or dating any of them; come
up individually, and distinctively too
unquestionably independently with
the same negative analysis of you,
Stewart; it's discernibly, not rocket
science, to decipher, that there's a
common denominator which truly
is you! And significantly therefore
those individual and independent
analyses of you, are obviously far
more accurate, quite distinctively
honest, and rather objective than
your biased, surely distorted and
dare I say irrefutably narcissistic,
egotistical and distinctly twisted
exaggerated ones specifically of
yourself by yours truly! Basically,
therefore, if you actually, literally
can't rationally, logically, or quite
intelligently simply contemplate
let alone discernibly specifically
and rather realistically take that
analogy on board, then crucially
you're essentially, one hell of an
insane sociopathic psychopath!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
15 April 2024.

Author's Remarks:
So if a woman takes steps to choose the right man she's wrong and will effectively distinctly run the risk of being sued. If, however, she fails to do so and simply evidently ultimately ends up crucially being beaten, assaulted, raped or even murdered, it's thus undoubtedly all her fault!  

You need to get a real life Stewart Lucas Murrey as you're evidently desperately in need of one!

And having obviously previously in my life undoubtedly trained and worked as a psychiatric Nurse in the British NHS I do know what I'm talking about!
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