Andrew Neil - another armchair Field Marshall talking utter shit!

By Stanley Collymore  
I don't hear Andrew Neil criticising  
the events which actually led to  
Iran's response against Israel.  
The basic wipe out of Iran's consulate in  
Damascus on 1 April 2024 significantly  
and actually distinctively murdering its  
diplomats and essentially, additionally  
consulate personnel basically isn't an  
act, that had it happened to Britain or  
the USA by anyone, that Andrew Neil,  
this very purblind hypocritical asshole  
would regard as rather okay and not  
obviously, expect Britain, or the USA  
to quite essentially retaliate against  
the aggressor. So the events, which  
we're now witnessing, didn't literally  
start at the weekend, as this simply  
distinctly weird pillock Andrew Neil  
well knows; or however he and the  
other bigots like himself try to spin  
it. And truthfully, in all seriousness,  
would the USA or Britain or simply  
Andrew Neil actually either expect  
or specifically want them to, if any  
country, were to quite distinctively  
bomb their embassies and simply  
crucially kill their diplomats in the  
process? I think, that significantly  
all intelligent and very discernibly  
fair minded persons clearly know  
the answer to that question even  
if ostensively Queer bigots don't!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
15 April 2024.  
Author's Remarks:
Ever actually heard of justifiable retaliation after being clearly unwarrantedly attacked by a genocidal, psychopathic bully Andrew Neil?
"Do what Israel must, Andrew?" Effectively, another genocide enabler?
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