The sun is so immense
You can feel its greeting  
As you look up to the warmth sense
That you feel on your face, so pretty...
The world is grateful for its presence
The sun also known as a star
Imagine it, as what shape or color?
The way it solely sits on the sky
It's amazing its existence, more during summer
Looking down on you to just say hi.
"That's right", just wave at it and smile like never.
Many shapes happening up there
Do you feel that breeze?
"Ah"... So heavenly, sniff its clean air...
Clouds move as you breathe.  
I see a heart forming it wants to share
Feeling that vibe energy deep underneath  
"Let's show our hearts with our fingers!"
"Yes, there you go"...
It still embraces us, how it just lingers
Let it show, let it know!!!
"Friendship and love, that forever delivers"
Now say, I love you so.....
Birds fly gracefully  
Not thinking of anything  
But to be almost as if swimming
 like fish beautifully
Except for, no water but gravity and their wings
"Yea, yea"... flap those arms...
"Let's fly to the horizon"
Where destiny never harms...
"Let's fly with species in a dozen"
For we never have to stop until we see a farm
"If only you knew"...
-How it's so beautiful-  
Same shade as a sea's hue
If you imagine what color, that is to you...
You'd dance in delight to see its truth  
Now understand that the sun  
Following times law, that will soon be gone  
So bright that eyes can't see  
Hot like nothing else that could ever be  
The temperature is ineffable to it's degree  
The time is 6 pm as the sun sets to a low lamp  
Giving the horizon a new cram  
A skysill to fill the space from day to night  
Getting darker by the minute to soon be AM  
No more sun, no more light ...
Now my dear amazing best friend  
It's over our time and has become late  
"Yes that's right yawn", me too, let's go to bed...
Let the stars and moon give a new translate  
To transcribe its subliminal poetic stanza before dawn transcends.
Author's Note
Wrote this for competition Somewhere ELO Laugh. It's all my own work.
Hope all like.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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