Living in the Night

When a light flickers out all of it's warmth and comfort goes with it
The darkness that replaces it brings fear, cold, and suffering
Surrounded by this darkness all I can do is wander aimlessly, meaninglessly
Living in the black night, I can no longer stand the blindness and pain
For too long I've cried in the corners of the never-ending pits
Filled with demons hell-bent on prolonging life yet filling it with agony
As year after year the torment grows stronger to the heart and mind
Until it makes me even destroy my own body at their very will
With a fire burning black with ice searing my flesh, leaving their scars
In the shape of the chain used to imprint their marks eternally
Never drawing blood but drawing tears and false hope from nothing
Only to cause me more suffering later, the demons laughing at me
They tried to tell me that I wasn't alone, that there was another
Lost in this realm looking for salvation like myself, I was too gullible
Like a fool I trusted them and they formed this illusion in front of me
Made of an imperfect light and this image stole my very heart
For what seemed like an eternity it was mostly nothing but bliss
Like a fool I suffered through all the tricks they had that light do
Making me suffer here and there but I persevered through it
Only to have it return the the night from which it came to start with
And all of the warmth, love, and stability I had put into it was forever lost
This eternal pain that I bore since then has been unlike any other
I can still feel the scars I've given myself for my foolishness since then
My very heart, mind, and body have been destroying themselves
Paranoia driving me to irrationality and my heart has devoid me of emotion
While my body can barely strive on anymore until today I've had enough
I finally give myself up to this omnipotent blackness that surrounds me
It penetrates me and takes the warmth of my body, fading to nothing
The light in my eyes slowly die away as the hope is leaving me
All of this occurs until I'm left as the corpse that I should have been
Ever since the very day that the first lights died away from me

Owned by Dustin Smith: Bastardofbodom666
Written by bastardofbodom666 (Helvete Blod)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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