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36-28-36, vivacious, dark chocolate, and DAMN!!!, Destiny had a way of captivating attention. Her presence alone almost always demanded it, and when she walked into a crowded grown and sexy filled atmosphere, it was evident that this something about her made motherfuckers take notice. Successful, confident, and extremely attractive to say the least, the sway of this bitch's thick curvy hips mesmerized and  hypnotized both men and women alike.  Where the hell did she come from? And how can I get to know her better - danced through the mind of Asha, a sexy soft stud who watched her from the other end of the bar. She had come that night hoping to see her there...remembering the very first time she laid eyes on her...tonight, she thought, I any means necessary...find these things out.  Little did she know, Destiny had come there for the same purpose. IJS, If she wanted, she could have her pick, I mean,  bitches were salivating.........shit, a few even bold enough to drop some lame ass line, and offers  to buy her drinks in exchange for a lil dialect....she declined nicely and commenced to ignore them as to remain focused on this stud she longed to seduce into her bed. Focused she remained...
Slow and sensual she sashayed over and pulled up a seat next to Asha and Asha froze up like an ice sculpture in the blazing sun...frozen with shock that  this woman she'd desired from afar was just that close, yet, melting because of it.
Hi, I'm Destiny.....
And you are??? Destiny asked,  after moments passed with Asha looking as if a cat had her tongue, she managed to get out.......n n nice to meet you...
I'm Asha.
Relax, Destiny suggested as she gently placed her hand on Asha's thigh....what you drinking?
Asha was nervous and excited all at the same time that as feminine and sexy as this woman was, she was also aggressive and bold as fuck. OMG she thought, she could put her fucking name on it. No woman has ever made me feel this way and what's crazy about this whole scenario is, I don't even really know who she is...but damn...I could get use to some shit like this.
Grey Goose and cranberry ma, but I got it, Asha belted out, thinking...... got my stud ass weak.
Trying to regain her composure and take control of the situation before her, Asha had no idea who she was fucking with...However, in the words of Kevin Hart.......Destiny thought, "You gone learn tonight!!!" Look, I got that shit at my house...let's get outta here and I'll make you a drink and we can get to know each other a lil better in a more comfortable environment. Asha, thinking out loud said, oh, hell yea...causing a wicked ass grin to form on Destiny's face  sending chills through her entire being. Asha was shook, and under her breath as they proceeded to leave she mumbled, DAMN, this bitch got my motherfucking boxers moist as shatttttttttt.  
The ride to Destiny's condo was intense. While neither of them spoke a word, the chemistry was likened as to a fire uncontained and burning out of complete control and they both felt it. Asha was feeling a lil intimidated because she had never felt this vulnerable her entire stud life. While she was not use to allowing a woman to just have her way with her, tonight,  a nervousness took over  from an overwhelming desire, for the first time, to just let this woman do whatever the fuck she wanted to her. She had never been submissive when it came to sex. And a fucked up experience with an unskilled partner attempting to give her head years ago caused her to shut down when it came to women wanting to kiss her there........shit, tonight........she thought...Destiny can have it!!!! She was open and willing to give her whatever she desired, and if she wanted, she could suck her like a motherfucking neck bone.  
Destiny broke the silence asking, you 4/20 friendly? Hell yea Asha responded. Good, I got some shit that goes straight to the nipples and clit when you smoke it. Look like you need something to relax that ass anyways. Asha laughed and said, naw ma, I just aint never had nobody come at me like this before. This shit  got me open and shaken at the same time. But it's cool. I dig ya style.
I hope so, Destiny responded, cause I'm feeling you too;) Just so you know, I aint never come at a women like this before either, but since I know what the fuck I want, aint really nothing to be nervous feel me?
Relax...We're here.
Damn ma, you live up in all this alone? Asha asked...(nods), umhm - and I love it, love my space, the liberty to do whatever the fuck I please up in here. Make ya self at, light this, I'm gonna slip into something a lil more comfortable and get that drink.  
Asha did what she was told....
Destiny went and freshened up then changed into a PINK lace & silk chemise that fell just beneath  her hips...gracing thick thighs...hugging mounds of hershey....she slipped on silk thongs  that impaled her thick, round chocolate ass...and as she gazed upon herself in the mirror...just before returning , she felt empowered; hell, she felt sexy den a motherfucker . Her mission tonight? Turn this stud out!!! Her agenda? Take this bitch places she aint neva been before!!! They say, the eyes are the windows to ones, for the past couple of that same place they met tonight...when Destiny visited the place Asha was...she studied and she did her homework. Week after week, as they silently caught each other's a Zane novel...she read her. She read her desires...her longings...her frustrations...shit, she even read her regrets. Tonight, for her......finals began. Wicked grin as she pondered all of this in her mind. This bitch aint ready!!!
Hope I wasn't too you go. Grey Goose and Cranberry right? Yep, she said......if she was standing when she looked up and saw what this woman before her was wearing she would have fell straight the fuck out.  
Damnnnnnnnnn ma!!!
The reply, "glad u like", give me that shirt!!! I want to see you in that wife beater hugging you beneath that. Mad relaxed from the smoke and the drink, Asha is no longer taken by surprise when Destiny pushes her back on the couch and straddles her, slapping her breast in her face she began kissing her deeply......tongues dancing.....mmmm, Destiny sighed...I make a hell of  a drink.....she lavished  the taste of that drink Asha just consumed, and Asha melted beneath that shit.  
Damn...the tongue game this woman giving my mouth got me squirming at the thought of her doing this same shit all up in my stud box. Oh yessss,,,,, she can get it!!! I can tell her head game is something wicked and I'm open like a lipstick femme to give it a try. I aint neva felt my clit throb like this........Lemme get this off...... fighting to get outta this shit......wife unbind my breast and as they fall free she catches them...hungrily licking and sucking on erect nipples.....umph, shitttttttt...(exhale) - this bitch........ I, she stops me from taking off my socks and Timbs.....leave them on she, just like that...I stood before her and her confidence in where she was about to take me, got it sloppy wet.
Definitely feeling this woman's sexy ass frame as she led me down the hall to her bedroom.  Mmmmmmm, that ass waters the mouth the way it falls out from beneath that fire ass chemise. This bitch got me faded. Intoxicated by the scent of Jasmine and Vanilla that filled the air, when we entered her sanctuary, I take notice that she's got more exotic shit laying round here than the porn shop up on Chelsey and 4th.  I know you aint never been tied to nobody's bed before she said as she turned to me, ropes in hand.....and bad as I wanted to tell her, "Oh, hell naw"....I submitted my will to hers. OMG, wtf am I just giving in to her like this? I was as if I had to.....ijs, this was going to be "my Destiny" after tonight, at least I hoped.....hoped to be BRANDED her bitch behind closed doors and her stud in the streets.....gently, she tied me, limb by limb, to her four post bed and climbed on top of me. Her breath against my skin sent waves of pleasure between my trembling thighs...I could feel the juices flowing from me as she placed kisses and nibbles down the nape of my neck........sliding a finger in my mouth, I closed my eyes and commenced to suck it, rolling my tongue around it as her tongue traced my body....I no longer knew who the fuck I was....breast 2 breast, she started grinding me with her entire body, body fucking me in a way I'd never experienced......hell, I've  never been in this position before.......she was in complete, yet, skillful control...and I was lost in this shit -- working her way down, her kisses were so, fucking aggressive...she knew what the fuck she was doing........she knew........aaaaaaaahhhhhhh shitttt, escaped my lips as her tongue wrapped itself around my swollen clit and began to spell out her name in twist and turns, gentle suctions,  and circlesss.....she sucked that shit like it was her own and she was teaching bitches how it's done. Damn ma, you trying to get me to sign all my shit over to you fucking with me like that.....I knew this bitch's head game was the truth and I let her do shit I know I would have denied another. She slid her long ass tongue in and out of my pussy.........then slapped it back up on my clit driving me mad wild the way she looked up at me as to say, I know you aint neva had nothing up in there before, driving her tongue deep back up inside me.......had me thinking, damn.........if dick is as good as this tongue is up against these walls......smh.........bitch, snap outta it, ya gone gone gone on that one. Little did I know I would soon find out as she lifted herself  to pull something from a box on the side of the bed. Tied, I couldn't see exactly what it was, but when she began to strap that shit on, I could clearly see that she had full intentions of taking my virgin pussy and making it hers. Ma, look......I have never....she placed two fingers over my mouth to hush me and whispered in my ear........I promise, you'll thank me when it's over and gently she began to open me up with it. I loved the shit she talked as she slid that thick, black dildo in my tight wet hole. Bitch, I'm about to fuck this pussy up.....I want this motherfucker glazed when I come up outta here......I was like, oh my damnnnnnnnnnnn--the feeling of being filled with that strap while her pelvis pressed up against my hard swollen clit was something I could never have imagined. I begged her to untie me so my hands would be free to explore her....I wanted that ass in my grip as she lunged into me deeper.....grinding my clit harder....sucking on my nipplessssssss all at the same time.......I squirted for the first time........aaaaaahhhhhhhhhshitttttttt.....wtffffff?????? hell yeaaa ma...DAMNN.......the wetter that strap got, the deeper it went.......Destiny was climbing up in this pussy so good that I squirted on that bitch again.......omg, I can' t take it.....I cried out. She said, but, you fucking will. She fucked me senseless........and just when I was about to explode, she pulled it out and, not yet. I'm going to untie you, and when I do.......straddle my face. When you cummm....wanna be in a position whereby I can drink all of you.  I was done....legs weak den a motherfucker, yet, I managed climb my trembling ass up there and commenced to wash her face in this soaking wet.....I was cumming, and I was fucking cumming hard...lips latched on to my clit, that gentle suction.......omg.....she did shit with her tongue that was unheard of and I locked up uncontrollably on that tongue now lunging in nectar body shook......... she drank me allll the fucking way up......ahhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttt ma...oh my damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed, You drink me, you own me!!! Fuckkkkk!!!! She left me Delirious.....I found DESTINY -- or did DESTINY find me?  Collapsed in her arms...... she held me  and whispered in my ear, yesss, found me...and you've just been will never be the same again;-)
Written by Meeah69
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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