(28) Always Connected 12.16.23 @ 5:51pm

Freshman year, decades ago.
I remember staring off in the distance.
A queen entered my sight, Andrea was her name.
A beautiful soul to remember, acquainted during French.

Lost in thought, gorgeous forever she will be.
Exchanging looks during class lectures.
Overpowered by your beauty.
Still connected many years later.

Weíre only getting closer.
Everything bad has vanished, having met you.
I got love for my nena, donít you every worry!
Weíre always connected.

Smart, dedicated & adventurous.
A well defined female.
Never a problem for me to be there when she needs me.
Afraid of nothing, sheís my definition of courage in this day of age.

She came a long way and I accept that.
No need to be insecure, I got your back.
Dealing with life's obstacles, she kept me elevated.
Clicking up made life better.

Made quite a bit of memories with laughter and smiles.
Two years later reminiscing about those priceless days.
Grins and smirks at captured memories.
I still remember your letter.

Priceless moment weíve had.
Conversations, listening and envying everything all the while.
Nothing can take away those priceless times.
She stood by my side like no other.

When she feels alone, Iíll be there.
Nothing we do, will you comprehend.
Thereís a God, may the blessing go her.
Always connected,

Goofy smiles, sixteen years old with innocent grins.
Solid connection to the end of days.
Hatred slowly dying within.
Endearments blooming through her words of wisdom.

The fantasy still sounds pretty nice.
Iím on board, you know where Iíll always be.
Iíd be a lost if your existence vanished through these clouds.
Hoping to still be around to prove myself good.

Recalling their past put downs, ďYou heartless fuck!Ē
I got a reason to perceive idolization.
Always connected to the end of civilization.
You could say weíre close, like two peas in the pot.

A day without her is like a bad dose of cheap dope.
Cherishable moments Iíd never trade or sell for anything material.
She gave my life meaning, hope and dreams.
The charismatic female defines her.

From the start to the end, Iíll be there.
Iíll push my limits till intensity strikes.
Real people don't come around often;
So Iíll always cherish your company.

Picturing old age.
Abuelita chocolate sipping on the porch.
Rocking chairs in a routine, back and forth.
Lacing up edibles is a dream we created together.

Call us weird, call us dorks.
Whatever you want, it wonít matter in the end.
When youíre around, nothingís the same.
Itís only getting richer like gold day by day.

On a positive note, your warmth cures the loneliness in oneís soul.
Close your eyes & picture the world worshiping your presence.
A goddess amongst them all, yes you are.
Looking into your eyes, youíll forever be happy with your husband.

Up there in the stars and the moon, is a face of hope.
Iíll never regret our friendship.
The best canít be defined by words.
Cherishing these memories.

Thank you for being there.
Thank you homegirl, sister, best friend.
In memory lane, youíll always be part of it.
Always connected.

Iím a proud nobody to have this young lady in my life.
From the beginning to the end.
Lifeís a journey.
Always connected.
Written by Darkness_Fiend (Highest Dope Fiend)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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