Menopausal Madness

You have no idea how chaotic and stressful my life has been in the last several weeks
Im living with a passive aggressive nutjob
no more smiles or laughter
those days are over
one second shes quiet, the next shes crying
a minute later were having a normal conversation, the next she begins an argument
not just any argument,
screaming at the top of her lungs
something as petty as why the garbage wasnt thrown out,
or why is there 20 dollars missing out of her wallet
clearly she forgets that she has numerous wallets throughout many different pocketbooks
she was never this forgetful
scary at times
brain fog and being tired are other symptoms shes having
shell wake up each night around 3am,
wake me up and just complain about being hot and irritable
there was one time she pulled a knife on me because I made the assumption to seek help
if thats going to upset someone, goddamn your hormones are really fucked up!
Id like to have her committed
just until this passes through
maybe a few months, maybe a few years
I wish she was similar to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
that way I can see the transformation taking effect, so I can run!
no man should have to go through this ordeal
I heard or read somewhere that sympathy & understanding will make your marriage or relationship stronger when a woman is going through her changes


I tried that
what did I get,
I was told that what Im doing is phony and that everything I do is a lie
she then proceeds to back away
so I gave her the finger and told her to fuck off!
she gets up, storms into the bedroom and slams and locks the door
then I hear her bawling her eyes out
as if someone gave her some tragic news
I see why men in their late 40s early 50s look for a younger woman
makes sense
whoever reads this, preferably woman, you may say Im cruel or inconsiderate
well guess what, I am!
I was driven and trapped into a corner for me to now fight back
so yes, being cruel & inconsiderate is the only way to survive
I have my pride
Im not going to take this laying down
men, if you havent gone through this yet with your loved one, take cover!
guys who already have lived through it, congratulations!
you deserve a medal of courage, honor & strength

I myself couldn't handle it anymore
The constant bickering and embarrassments
she put me through in front of family & friends
one Saturday night we were out with friends at a restaurant,
i glanced over to look at this other couple sitting down
she looked at me with possessed eyes raising her voice saying,
you like the way she looks?
you want to fuck her?
want me to ask her for you?
our friends were truly embarrassed
and so was i
i left the restaurant for about 10 minutes
when i returned, she didn't say a word but we didn't talk the rest of the evening
a few days later, i went to the store and picked up a few boxes of chocolate
she has increased her consumption of chocolate and other junk foods
i wanted her to be happy during her final moments here on earth
she was content pigging out but still was complaining about something
she went to bed around 11pm
when she did and i heard her snoring,
i took my pillow and smothered her to death
it took a while but i managed to make it happen
i woke up refreshed & revived
i turned to my right and saw her lying there motionless


time to call the paramedics
hopefully they buy my story that she died in her sleep
if not,
oh well
it's just a fictional story anyway.
Written by Vision_of_insanity
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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