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8th Dimension Laws Of Attraction

To the East, may my words bring comfort to a lonely heart
To the South, to give comfort to the cries of a Southern mind
To the North, the guidance of the Moonís illumination to the weary body
To the West, casted pearls to the manifested to up rise the core of my soul

As I sit and inhale, exhaling as my Dragon Blood and Frankincense incense drift upon ether.
Bringing peace and affirmations to heart, mind, body and to elevate the embodiment of my soul.
The reactive illusion of misplaced emotions can be acceptable to society when it is normal, heathy, and conducive to propel spiritual elevation, or spiritual evolution when it is supported in a low vibration of evil and wickedness in the form of my realm of my world, and negativity that does penetrated reality, then this is where the intellect must be asunder with grievous intentions to always subconscious give rise to the potency.
I come from valued women ranges in generations of Herbalists, Nurses, and Organists.  
Where the power of words spoken into existence must and be manifested with purpose. Knowledge for me is to speak of person, places, or things I have yet to discover.

Those who talk, donít know, and those who know donít talk

(The Emerald Tables).
I am a Board Certified professional female and I have never quite understood how the Western Philosophy became ordained under the Roman ideology BC.
However, we must all learn from the past to understand the events that have a direct bearing on our sanity, our livelihood, and at times it does pertain to the basic needs of our survival.

The denial of the truth only hinders the potential of mental growth.
So, shall a mindset think so shall they are? That is a powerful chain of words if you understand the proverb in general and yes, in this day and age, everyone can learn new tricks says the cat.
When the wisdom of energy is tossed into the comfort of the universal it goes through a preverbal metamorphic of investing that data to brain hemispheres.
In order to understand the basic philosophy of action and reaction you have to understand the components of those beautiful brain waves, In my field of study I deal with the factual accounts of science and Mental Health.

The Brain Hemispheres

The left hemisphere of the brain is associated with logical thinking, language processing, and analytical tasks.
It controls the right side of the body.
The right hemisphere is responsible for creative thinking, wat is termed spatial awareness, and visual processing. Be advised it controls the left side of the body.
Therefore, the next time when you appreciate art, recognize faces, or imagine scenarios, your right hemisphere is very much active.
Then you have the right side of the brain, and you must take into consideration this dual dynamic equation does balances the natural of our existence.
It propels our thought pattern, to incorporate new ideas that move us to debate or research.
With that being said and any words stated after is of non-binary but stated by my creed and with merit. Wisdom is the birth where knowledge has not been discovered or still remains uncharted.
In my culture, we never forsake the confidence of incorporating new ideas it keeps the mind grounded. That is stated in humbleness and my due in part my grann will turning 101 years old, she is in the sensory stages of life, her mentally is up to par, it's unbelievable, however, the movement over her cognitive awareness is somewhat, however in the midst of that transformation is of a spiritual awakening, universal spiritual lessons taught from the tongue of her old West Africa dialect.
The mind is an massive diversion waiting to be stroked with insightfulness infused by what we see in the world through our eyes, what we read, information that holds true value we listen to with our ears, and hearts need to bear.
It is unconstitutional and rather barbaric to me when like-minded citizens of society refuse to recognize enlightment or the truth and cannot articulate when truth of old have been tainted, altered, or sadly misplaced in time, then yes, it transforms faith, it offset times.
If you are a spiritual seer, such as I and yes, I boldly will claim that by the first principle laws of gravity.
Every particle of this universal is woven by thought and by perception, itís garnished by our thought process, our ideals, our inspirations. Our hopes and our dreams. It shapes who we are today, and every fiber of our being is linked to our DNA catered by our birth Natal Chart.
Your Natal Chart, is like a blueprints of your life, ordained by the alignment of the stars, the planets, when properly aligned, tell your life history, your trials and tribulations, your love life, your financial well-being, your health, your characters all ruled when the planets were aligned, and in close proximity to your zodiac companions, your life numbers, with that being said ,it must be accurate down to the last second of time, then you must correlate with longitude, latitude with precision.

Can you imagine sitting down with a banker applying loan and all your information, and all the false information of you is now your being that has to showed up as being a presence in society, and the misfortunate occurrence about this, the evolution of Astrologic has went through several transformations; Vedic, Western, and Georgian Astrology their acceptance †is closely related to the lunar cycles and natural occurrences.
In the world of numbers if the sequence is off by even the slightest margin of error, it will disrupt the entire equation. No one needs to be told their natal birth was aligned under a false pretense, yes, I would strongly recommend the Vedic (Sidereal Astrology).  
While Western astrology often focuses on surface-level traits, Vedic astrology delves deeper into the very consciousness of the universe. It interprets planetary motions to analyze birth charts and provides advice and solutions.
not ordained it was tainted with as well as everything else the Romans have tampered in the name of a false religion of demigod.

I prefer and any spiritual seer, tarot card reader, or palmist, should be familiar with both, but always when youíre gathering information for a Natal Chart, the Vedic Astrological(Sidereal), is more pronounced and it upholds that candle up to the sky, with honor, the gateway to unlock that Pineal Gland, it tends to delve deeper into the universe.
I find comfort when I am asked to do someoneís birth chart, and it is best to spiritual fast prior to entering the realm of the unknown and say a little ask to ask the Creator for permission to mental.
What is considered when compiling information when I am charting the course of someoneís birth chart? There are divine elements that set its course and play a significance at hand.

Planets each aligned planet faithfully will represent different aspects of your nature.
There are twelve zodiac signs, and each astrological sign is equipped with the essence that make up our exceptional characteristics.

There are what we refer to as Houses which life influenced by the planets. In Vedic Astrological I am in the 12th House, in Western Astrological I am in the 11th House.

Here Is What You Must Pay Close Attention.

The ascendant, which is considered your (Rising Sign). It is creation ascending the Eastern horizon at the conception of your birth, this usually determines how the houses are labeled. That is the most complex part, trust me.
Then you must include the position of a Sun Sign, itís your core distinctiveness and ego.
Your Moon Sign will always reflect your emotions and yes, even your universal needs.
Just some basic information that is needed to complete a Natal Chart.

I stated that due in part when you are servicing anyone that is granted a Natal Chart you must make sure your readings or anything related does not become your Bible of Occult teachable, preachable, or seekable.
Here below is the Vedic Astrological I practice religiously unapologetically it has served its purpose long before the Western Astrology was adopted. My next segment will be a in depth of Western Astrological and Chinese Zodiac and the oldest thus far the Thebes that dates back to the Egyptian which dates back to  

To me, I have always found it fascinating to gain wisdom, under my grannís stern, but loving care, those dusty Encyclopedia Books was my gateway to those stars, and I could not speak English very good, but the worth of those pictures, I can tell you the down to the minuscule of science of past events as if I tasted the wind myself.  

Vedic Astrological

Aries (Meṣa): April 13 to May 14
Taurus (Vṛṣabha): May 14 to June 14
Gemini (Mithuna): June 14 to July 16
Cancer (Karka): July 16 to August 16
Leo (Siṃha): August 16 to September 16
Virgo (Kanyā): September 16 to October 16
Libra (Tulā): October 16 to November 16
Scorpio (Vṛścika): November 16 to December 16
Sagittarius (Dhanu): December 16 to January 14
Capricorn (Makara): January 14 to February 13
Aquarius (Kumbha): February 13 to March 14
Pisces (Mīna): March 14 to April 13
Western Astrology
Aries † † †March 21 -April 19 † † †
Taurus † † †April 20 - May 20 † † †
Gemini † † †May 21 - June 21 † † †
Cancer †† † †June 22 - July 22 † † †
Leo †† † †July 23 - August 22 † † †
Virgo † † † †August 23 - September 22 † † †
Libra †† † †September 23 - October 23 † † †
Scorpio †† † †October 24 - November 22 † † †
Sagittarius †November 23 - December 21 † † †
Capricorn † †December 22 - January 19 † † †
Aquarius † † †January 20 - February 18 † † †
Pisces † † †February 19 - March 20
Until our souls meet in the illumination on that beautiful florescent light, everyone please have a beautiful evening and a promising weekend.
ďAssalamu AlaikumĒ
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 25th Feb 2024
Author's Note
Land is the secure ground of home, the sea is like life, the outside, the unknown.

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