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The Little Guy And His Jinnie Chapter 52

The Little Guy And His Jinnie
Chapter 52

Ake tried to tuck and roll as he flew out of the portal. Landing far harder than he thought he would, Jake slowly arose, checking to ensure nothing was broken. A half smile came to his face as he checked between his legs last. Then he gave a sigh of relief as he felt that not only was IT still there, but it was whole, plus it was hard as hell! Now, how in the hell had it survived hitting the ground like a ton of bricks?
Gen appeared next to giving a little giggle. "Master Jake? Have you forgotten that not one but five Jinns protect you? Did you think that we would allow you to come to any harm?" Reaching between his legs, she lovingly rubbed her hand up and down his hardened length. "The others and I desire this muscle many more times; IT would never be allowed to come to harm!"
Jake shook his head; he was living most men's fantasy: six magical women throwing themselves at him, plus the other humans. 'My god,' Jake thought as it suddenly hit him. 'He might have to stay here for a bit, with him being an absolute sex magnet to all females! Magic and human alike! Thank god they helped me there, or I'd be dead!'
Again, Gen started to giggle at the thoughts that he was having. "Come, Master Jake; we must speak to Father and Mother. They seem to be the only ones who know all this."
Jake nodded his agreement as Gen took his hand, and they appeared at the door of her parent's place. Gen knocked, though after a minute with no answer, Gen started wrapping her brain where they were. A sudden thought came to her as she grabbed Jake again, and they appeared in the council chambers.
Rasmir was about to call out to Jake and his daughter when they both appeared! "Ah! Thank the great Jinn! As soon as you both came through, the sickness started to weaken. Trully has been working herself nearly to death. As so many have fallen sick, including the Doctor." This last part was whispered.
Rasmir waved his hand as Jake saw thousands of the Jinn people lying on pallets in almost every place. Truly
It was appearing all over the place almost faster than Jake could follow. Even as he watched, he could feel a significant sickness in several of those in the council. Trusting his instincts, he reached out toward Rasmir as Gen's father started to fall. Like he thought, Truly appeared momentarily as he grabbed her arm.
"Let me go! I have to help them! LET ME GO! They will die, NO!" Trully was screaming at Jake hardly recognizing him.
Reaching back Jake slapped Trully, this only increased her screaming. Grimacing, Jake hit her again even harder. This time, it got the required effect. "I am here to help; I can't if you are hysterical."
A look of anger and hatred quickly evaporated in her eyes; she threw herself at Jake as she sobbed, "Thank the great Jinn! Please, like before, I can't tell what's wrong."
Nodding, Jake touched Trully and then looked at Rasmir. It was almost like a dark cloud was covering the older Jinn, choking the life from him. Truly hissed when she saw it, "Dark magic! A truly evil mix!"
Jake held his hand over Rasmir as Trully poured blue energy into the older Jinn for a minute. Suddenly breathing better, Rasmir sat up, looking startled. "I was overcome?" With a sigh, he nodded, "Help the Doctor. He and you are the only ones that can heal everyone."
Trully nodded as she grabbed Jake's hand. A second later, they appeared in what appeared to be a mad scientist's laboratory. Rushing to the Doctor, Trully saw that he'd awoken trying to sit up then falling on his face!
"Please help me with him, Master Jake!" Trully cried almost in a panic. Jake helped her get the male Jinn on the bed, a challenging task considering the Jinn was well over six feet tall. "Is it the same thing, Master Jake?"
Jake turned his attention to the tall male on the bed. Nodding, he could see that the cloud around the male was tighter to his face, choking him more. Tears were falling from her eyes. Trully nodded as she started to pour the blue energy into the Doctor. Jake guessed it took two minutes because the cloud had been there longer.
Jake stopped and let go as the Doctor's eyes flickered open. "My sweet Trully, I was afraid I'd never see you again. You found an ancient cure?"
Shaking her head, she pulled Jake into the Doctor's field of vision. "Master Jake helped me discover that it was the doomsday death cloud. But, so many have fallen sick." Her tears started to fall faster and heavier. "I can't --- I can't heal them all. My Hakiem, I have failed the Jinn people! I can no longer help!"
Jake and the Doctor looked at each other; she couldn't help. "My dear sweet Trully what is this nonsense you are talking of? Your healing power is the only one that is greater than mine."
"No, my Hakiem, you don't understand. I cannot use the healing energy anymore. It is gone. You were the last." This time, Trully dropped to the bed, the tears coming faster and faster.
A shocked Doctor put his hand out passing it over Trully. Then, just as suddenly, his mouth dropped open, and a stunned look appeared on his face. "By the great Jinn, she tells the truth she won't be able to use her healing power for a time."
A now confused Jake was looking back and forth between them. What in the hell were they both talking about? "OK, call the only one in the room with no power at all stupid. What in the hell are you two on about?"
The Doctor stood, laying a now less sobbing Trully upon the bed. "As a healer, the rules for our powers follow different rules. There are only a few things that can cause us to lose them. Like with most Jinns, an illness can. Also, the council can suspend or withdraw them. This hasn't happened in a very, very long time. Also, the Ever Last Master, you can wish them away."
"Yes," Jake said as he hung his head, remembering the one female he'd removed the complete powers from. As he recalled, she died within an hour of him doing that. "I remember that I won't do that again." Jake shook a bit, remembering the screams of the female.
"That is the extent of a regular Jinn losing their powers. A healer like Trully and myself has one other instance, though." The Doctor said with a wide smile across his face. "It has to do with pregnancy."
Jake was nodding as the Doctor ticked off each thing he'd mentioned. It took Jake a moment to have it register in his mind. "PREGANCY," Jake shouted out in surprise. "I-- but---"
Trully looked up from the bed. "Oh no, Master Jake, it isn't yours; it is my Hakiem's!"
Jake's mouth, hanging open, snapped shut as he looked back and forth between them. Then again, it suddenly registered in his head. Grabbing the Doctor's hand, he shook it, "Congratulations! I hope the baby brings both of you great joy!"
The Doctor smiled a huge smile as he looked at Trully. "Oh, Master Jake, it most certainly will!"
"Oh, my Hakiem! I was afraid that you would be outraged, especially now! I can no longer help you." Trully cried as it looked like she was about to start up again.
"Hush, my little one," The Doctor said as he tenderly kissed her face and lips. "I am honored that you wish to have a child with me. Stay here and rest; you are protected from the doomsday death cloud. It will not attack more than one life at once. I must go and help all I can somehow." Turning to Jake, the Doctor said, "Where first?"
"We need to start with the council, then the palace. They are the strongest; I hope all can hold out 'til they are healed." A now more worried Jake told the Doctor.
"I'm not sure what you're on about, but it makes sense." The Doctor said as they both appeared back in the council chambers.
Looking around, Jake saw that almost all the council members were down. "They all started to fall a few minutes ago. I'm afraid my powers are having barely any effect on them."
Jake looked at all the council members, thinking there had to be something better that they could do. Suddenly, an idea hit him. Leaning over, he whispered in the Doctor's ear. The Doctor's eyes got large, and then he smiled.
Jake and the Doctor began to line the members up side by side. Then, they both stood in front of the line of them. Touching the Doctor, Jake smiled. "OK now, like I told you, I want to see if this works."
Nodding, the Doctor began to pour the blue energy out, though as it left him, it spread like a wave or breeze washing over all the members. Even as they watched, the energy worked quickly, almost seeming to blow the smoke away from them in no time.
"I was hoping that it would work. When you mentioned that it was a cloud, I thought about a breeze blowing it away. It appears I was right. This should help heal a lot more, a hell of a lot faster." Jake told the Doctor as the eleven other council members shook their heads. At the palace, it went the same way, telling the king and the princes of the plan, and they all appeared back in the council chambers.
Jake reviewed the plan he hoped would get to everyone in time. "It's going to take all the power you have, I am afraid. Plus, we may have to move to different areas."
Rasmir, the council leader, and the king said, "We will give it all we have, Master Jake." Rasmir said.
"For the many miraculous things you have done. For the thousands of lives that you have saved. The council is prepared to sacrifice our lives to help the others." The leader of the council said as he bowed.
"You only have to ask Ever Last Master. The Jinn dimension owes you a debt that can never be repaid. My sons and I are also prepared to give you all our power." The Jinn king said as he and the princes bowed to Jake. However, there were a few gasps when Jake turned to all of them.
"I thank all of you. I hope that this plan works. It was all I could think of in so short a time. As I said, I hope that it works, especially after freeing so many. I am not about to watch as they all die a horrible death." Jake straightened up as he looked around the room. Gen was sitting with her mother, tears falling from her eyes.
"You are proud of your master, aren't you?" Yasmen asked Gen as she dried her daughter's eyes.
"Yes, mother, I am, though I am worried about us. Won't we both contract this?" Gen asked.
"No, my little one. The doomsday death cloud does not affect women when they are with child." Gen's mother told her.
Gen was nodding, not paying attention as she watched her master. Then suddenly, something her mother had said made her head snap around to stare at her mother. She looked at her mother, her mouth dropping open as she touched her mother's stomach. "Mother? You are-- you will?" Was all she could get out.
Smiling a vast, almost glowing smile at her daughter, she nodded as she patted her stomach. "Yes, my little one, soon you will have another brother or sister!"
Gen's mouth still agape, she threw her arms around her mother, hugging her fiercely. "Oh, mother! This is wonderful!"
"Yes, I think so also, shh! Your father is still unaware!" They giggled at this as Rasmir felt a chill go down his backbone. Looking at his wife and daughter laughing and talking, he knew something was happening. He'd have to get to the bottom of it when all this was over.
Jake stood before the Doctor, the council, and the Jinn royals as the Doctor powered up, then the council, and finally the royals. Jake looked back as they all nodded, then gritted his teeth as the extra powerful blue energy washed through him. Even as he watched, the dark cloud was quickly lifted, floating away.
Jake held up a hand, and then all appeared at the edge of the cloud, powering up again. Again, Jake gritted his teeth as the power washed over and then through him. Though nowhere as bad as before, it was bad enough after a few times. They had finished with the second city and were finally out in the desert.
By now, Jake's skin felt like it was crawling with ants. Several of the council were about to balk, stopping short of the camp of the exiled ones. "No! I told them they would be treated fairly, and I meant it! We have to help them, or all of this was for nothing. They were bad, yes, they are being punished."
"Why help those that will only destroy you later?" A young council member asked.
Jake gritted his teeth as he told everyone there. "If I help one, I have to help all. Refusing to help them is the same as helping you. Now, help me or go away and never ask me for help again. They are all your people. Remember this: NONE of you are my people. Most would have let you die and have been happy about it. I am not that way; now help!"
Most of the council was shocked at Jake's words, though they all rang true. Jake continued to stare at them, then turned, touching the Doctor. At first, there wasn't much power, but then it started to increase steadily. Ah, hell, Jake thought, I'm not sure I will make it! NO! I have to; I owe it to all of them, even these out here!
There were suddenly happy shouts as several people stared with wide-opened eyes at Jake as vast amounts of power poured through him. As more arose, almost all were staring at Jake and the others. Even those who hadn't believed that Jake was sincere stared in astonishment.
Jake looked at the Doctor and then smiled. They were almost done! Almost, only a few more, especially a young boy, Jake thought. "Master Jake, let go," the Doctor yelled to him.
"No! There is one more, just that one more!" The Doctor shook his head as he now felt the one Jake was speaking of. Finally, the Doctor felt the youth stir and then stand. "Good! We did it, Doctor, we did it." Falling against the Doctor, Jake smiled as several people screamed. "Crap Doc, I--" Then Jake fell to the sand on his face even as he heard people running from both directions toward him!

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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