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An Angel In My Garden🤎

Wait a minute am I being punked out here      
You want me to what, write about you      
An Angel, and in this day and time      
Fate, why couldn’t you send me Denzel Washington      
No, you send me a talking silhouette most likely by my atheist neighbor        
To shock me      
He knows I am into Hattian Spirituality      
And I am versed on the supernatural and pagan occults of various religions      
But even this is low vibration for him to go through the length      
And here you are, startling me from kneeling in prayer        
For the universe to listen to my spiritual ascending incantations        
Wait… as an Angel can you even speak      
Being under the command of God and all    
Woo.. Shh… you will awaken my neighbors, no speech        
You will have civilization covering their ears with that deafening horn      
Well, you see I had me to cover my ear, and what dialect is that      
Let me see here, I am fluent in French, Haitian Creole, and broken Italian      
What is that language, and please use English, only if you can      
No.. no.. shh... okay.. okay, let me see here      
I believe Angels speak Enochian      
And it’s powerful and so Heavenly enounced      
And it goes back to Abrahamic religions.      
If no one ever told you, it’s very heart palpating      
Like Thunder      
I swear no more mushrooms out of my garden I planted myself      
And why am I talking to..        
My Hebrew name is Raphael      
So, you can speak my Earth lingo      
I am not speaking, the thoughts of an Angel are more marooned in your subconscious      
Are you saying Telepathic      
That divine reasoning you do not trust, buts hold its apathy with much regret      
When mankind afterthought states to the Heavens, I should have listened to my conscious      
It is in that denial when you denounce your instilled gifts from your Creator blessed to be bestowed since the creation of mankind        
And you do know it’s unlawful to be hiding in people’s private backyard      
Okay, I get it, you’re a hologram copy      
And I must say, technology did your silhouette some justice        
And you request does not take me by surprise      
Yes, everyone knows I am Ghost writer      
Why, would you like a consult to discuss my services      
And I charge five cents on the each word      
How did you even get here, what, or whoever you are      
So, you are the faceless person who been escaping into my dreams      
Whispering such divine lullabies in my ear      
Wait come back…. I’m sorry      
What just happened here      
Okay..I hope no one heard me talking      
And no more glass of wine after nine o'clock in the evening      
After all that I will just pray in my solarium      
The New Age Of Aquarius        
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Archangel Raphael is known as the angel of healing. He’s full of compassion on people who are struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Raphael works to bring people closer to God so they can experience the peace God wants to give them. He is often associated with joy and laughter. Raphael also works to heal animals and the Earth, so people connect him to animal care and environmental efforts.

People sometimes ask for Raphael’s help to: heal them (of illnesses or injuries that are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature), help them overcome addictions, lead them to love, and keep them safe while traveling.

Raphael means “God heals.” Other spellings of Archangel Raphael's name include Rafael, Repha'el, Israfel, Israfil, and Sarafiel.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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