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The Age Of Aquarian Angels

Archangel Gabriel, I just surveyed our earthly work, we will have to be strategic, its far worse down on that planet than Sodom and Gomorrah † †
Lucifer got them eyes mesmerized, hearts all dark, and bodies failing by the way of gluttony † †
We defeated the Reptilian and Nephilim under my spiritual warfare † †
Civilization is fighting man and technology, here above the clouds our sacred scrolls are our divine law. † †
Those Fallen Angels have taught humanity the disavowal of not utilizing their third eye † †
† †  
It is a supreme meditative passage to the divine gateway to the sky † †
Have you consulted with Mother Earth † †  
Yes, and she reaps for what has occurred to her land, and the air quality is being contaminated with metals in the clouds † †
Archangel Gabriel before a round table discussion you must mention the congregation of your peers, the pen is mightier than the sword † †
Do not allow any harm to come to my daughter, Archangel Micheal † †
I will protect her for many lives and will continue to do so and with honor † †
† †  
Sir.. † †  
Speak † †
† †  
Your Earth Angel daughter would like to lead us into the battle † †
If I did not know you any better † †
I will say you are serious, and her request is prosperous † †
Your daughter seems to think she can be useful † †
Yes, make sure she keeps our parchments sacred and she is to stay off the battlefield † †
Archangel Michael we will finish this discussion later † †
In the time moving forward, I will prepare my soldiers as if we are entering hostile territory † †  
† †  
Do we know anyone near a throne in Hades † †
How about Goddess Persephone she is in her Winter Solstice I do believe  
She is a female, hell, and a, †no † †
I am waiting on conformation from King Solomon to benefit from his aid.
This is news to my ears. † †
It was a haste decision that had to be reached † †
† †  
Amodeues owes me a foreseeable favor † †
When did Heavenly Angels speak and listen to Demons' heresy † †
Archangel Gabriel, we are drawing into battle with Sons of Men, the remnants of Nephilim's, who King Solomon has chained their forefathers † †
Information on world affairs is exchanged throughout those portals between the realms of the life's three existences † †  
And our Earth Watchers' swords are weakening † †
I thought you knew this before, Archangel Michael you have been shadowing, my Earth Angel daughter, and I hold the highest esteem of her general welfare in regard to her mission on Earth † †
† †  
With all due respect, your Earth Angel daughter, from watching her from afar can hold her own. † †
Somehow, I knew you would say that she is of her Mother Angel Superiorí daughter. † †
Indeed, she is, sir † †
Before any invasion is to occur on Planet Earth, we need to round every King from every sector of the world and have a round table discussion † †  
We need to know who our allies stand with † †
† †  
I will get right on it from every sector of the world † †
And I know who to start with first † †
And the moment you find out which direction you want to approach mankind † †
I expect a full plan of execution and we will take it to the council
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note

Enjoy, this will be moving to Kindle then on to a mini-production narrated by me.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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