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The Little Guy And His Jinnie Chapter 51

The Little Guy And His Jinnie
Chapter 51

Jake, Gen, and Tommy drove from the hospital with Jake leaning back the whole time. Jake could only shake his head. He hadn't felt this bad in a long time. Hell, he thought it felt almost like most of his life was being sucked from his body.

Gen watched Jake the whole time that they were driving. She genuinely felt slightly better, but she knew it wouldn't last. If she and Master Jake couldn't break the bubble around the Jinn dimension, all the Jinns would be doomed. She'd been trying to contact anyone from the Jinn dimension.

Jake was seeing flashes of memory; the hard part was that he only had clear memories up to a few days after he met Gen. No matter how hard he tried, nothing seemed to break through to him. Then there was the shooting pain he'd had when he was in the hospital. There was no damn way he was going back to that place!

At Jake's urging, Tommy raced as fast as he dared to get to his house. Screeching to a stop in front, Jake thanked Tommy as the three of them got out and headed in. "Look, Jake, I know you don't have much memory. Are you sure you don't want me to tell your boss? I mean, both of you seemed to be good." Tommy snapped his mouth shut as Jake started to rub the side of his head. Then he started on his forehead; crap, I hope I didn't bring the pain back, Tommy thought.

After a few moments, Jake took a deep breath, looking at Tommy. "No, please don't tell anyone. I am so unsure of a great many things. I'll let you know, but I need rest now."

"Sure thing, pal, the place is yours. I got to go back to work. Can't pay bills sitting on my ass." Tommy laughed

"I know. I am so sorry that you've had to put up with a disabled person. I will make it up to you as soon as I can." Jake replied.

"It's ok, Jake, I owe you a lot; you're about the only decent one there. You remember all the assholes we worked with." Tommy said, hoping it didn't trigger another pain episode.

Tommy let out the breath he'd been holding when Jake smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I do, Tom; it will get better, as I am sure I will also."

Jake and Gen watched as Tommy left, both going in a moment later. "I am sorry, Master Jake, that I cannot heal your mind pain."

"I was going to ask you, though I am somewhat afraid. Do you know what happened to me?" Jake asked, then his eyes widened as Gen nodded but didn't speak. "Can you enlighten me?"

Gen got a fearful look on her face. She'd just found her Master and didn't want to cause him pain or have him disappear again. "Master Jake, I am afraid. Afraid that if I start to tell you, you will be in more pain than I think I can see you go through."

"I'll tell you what, you start from the point of my last memory. I was in your dimension; I had broken out of the sealed council chamber to find you. I found you with your mother; it had taken a lot out of me. I remember the council saying I had to be tested, then nothing after that."

Gen's eyes got wide; he didn't remember anything after that?! Her lips quivering, she asked, "Master Jake, I do not want to hurt you, cause you pain. Please, I don't think I could stand it."

"Gen, you are the key to my memory. I don't think anyone can if you can't help me recover it." Jake told her with all honesty.

Sighing, Gen nodded as she slowly started Jake through all that had happened to him. "After you had freed the council, you slept for two days. I was just so glad that you were safe and alive." Jake nodded as the new memories slowly inundated the hole in his memories.

Stopping for a moment, Jake's eyes got wide. "My god, no wonder I feel so weak! Gen, where is Rosalinda?"

A smile slowly crept on Gen's face. "She is trapped in the Jinn dimension. Many Jinn used their power to send me here. The council said, since I was your first Jinn, you had more and deeper memories of me. They were hoping I could help you remember."

"Trapped? Damn, it! I wish she were here! Then we'd have more--" Jake got out, and then there was an ear-splitting crack of lighting. Suddenly, a light appeared in front of Jake, a light that started to take form. Shielding his eyes, Jake saw that the form was that of a female.

There was a gasp, and then the light went out, with Rosalinda looking around in confusion. "What is--?" Suddenly, Rosalinda stared at Gen, then the older man with her. "Gen, I thought you were searching-- Master Jake?!" Launching herself at Jake, Rosalinda was desperately kissing Jake all over his face, moaning when she found his lips. "Oh, Master, I have missed you so badly!"

Gen started to smile broadly. Master Jake was looking a little better, but not much. She had to finish if they had any hope. Rosalinda saw that Gen was waiting. Sitting back, she nodded as Gen asked, "Shall I continue, Master Jake?"

Jake shook his head as a few memories were tugging at the edge of his mind. It was infuriating that he couldn't bring them out. "Yes, please. I can feel the memories; I can't open them."

Gen took a deep breath as she started with the night of the private party at Mary's. She was stealing and looked at Jake. She breathed a sigh of relief as he only slightly rubbed his forehead. Gen had gotten to the end of the night when Jake's eyes widened. "I remember her; as I recall, you called her a very sexual creature!"

Gen nodded with a giggle, then continued. She told of the next day that the council had helped him. Then there was Rosalinda's transformation. Shaking the whole time, Gen was glad that he wasn't hurting. She hoped it would stay that way. Then she started talking about the attack after the party. She saw that Jake was taking the memories far better than she thought he would.

"Yes, I remember that was when my truck was destroyed," Jake said.

Gen nodded, then she slowed as she started with the discovery of Rashala, then Jake taking her as a Jinn. Going on, she continued with the vanquishing of a Jinn called Sheeka. Again, Jake's eyes went wide as the memories flooded his mind unmercifully. Grabbing his head, Jake looked up at Gen as tears started to flow. "She does care for me to risk her life. I wish they were both here with me, not trapped!"

Again, there was an ear-splitting crack, then several more as another light appeared in front of Jake. This time, the light was genuinely blinding as Jake, Gen, and Rosalinda had to cover their eyes. It was only a few minutes when the three heard a gasp, then another.

"We have been waiting for word; then we appeared here." They all heard Rashala say. Uncovering their eyes, Jake saw that Rashala was staring at him, though Sheeka had a massive smile on her face. "Mas-- Master Jake?" Rashala whispered, then launched herself at Jake, as did Sheeka, both fighting to kiss as much of his face as they could.

Even as she watched, Gen could see that Master Jake had recovered more than half his strength. She was feeling a hell of a lot better. The thing was, the weakness was still there.

After they calmed down, Gen continued the story, with the others sitting back with huge smiles. She then went on about Mary, his boss's daughter. "Mary?" Jake whispered. Then he looked at Sheeka. "Your sister is Akeesha? She is in love with Mary's Jinn?" When Sheeka nodded with a smile, Jake suddenly had more clarity.

Suddenly, Jake heard a voice. Strange, the voice was familiar. Who? Rasmir? "Yes, I hear you, Rasmir."

"Good, you have weakened the bubble considerably, though it is still strong enough to kill all here. Please continue, Gen; he has to be whole again, as he is only the hope of both dimensions." Rasmir told all of them.

Jake looked around at the four females that were there with him. Mary! He'd forgotten about Mary! "Gen! I can't remember where Mary is! I know we put her in a safe place for some reason, but I can't remember!"

Gen sadly nodded as she tried to continue with the story. "I am not allowed to tell you, dear Master. If I tell you, it might destroy all you have regained, you have to remember. Please, Master, try to remember!" Gen cried as she hugged Jake tightly.

Jake's forehead furrowed as he tried to bring up where Mary was. Still, nothing came to him. Nodding to Gen, she continued with her story. She then told Jake of his boss, Juno, at which point Jake's eyes opened wide. "Nyrae," He whispered. "she is pregnant with my baby. My baby! Oh my god! Nyrae? Where are you?"

There was another clap of thunder, and then Nyrae appeared before Jake. "Master Jake?" She whispered as she hugged and kissed him fiercely. Then she looked at Gen, nodded, and sat with the others.

"I can almost see her, Gen. Please keep going," Jake told her as she went on about the newly released Jinns. Again, his eyes wide, Jake grabbed his head as he screamed, "NO! Amira!"

There was an even louder clap of thunder, then several more as Amira was wide-eyed as she also appeared. "My Jake!" She shouted as she hugged Jake tightly, kissing his face.

Jake suddenly looked up, another moment of clarity in his eyes. Looking at Gen, he said, "I wish Mary was here and not here." Jake said as he pointed at his head.

Gen got a massive smile as she nodded and started to chant. The others nodded as they joined Gen. A few moments later, a startled Mary blinked, appearing before Jake.

"I know you said it was to keep me safe, Jake, but I never want to do that again! Your mind might be more innocent, but the things I saw there make what I think of all the time pale in comparison! So yeah, never again! Think of something else, please!" Mary said as she shook her head.

A moment later, Inger appeared, kissing her Mistress with no shame. "Mistress! Thank the great Jinn, you are safe! Please hold me, Mistress!" Mary smiled as she took Inger's face in her hands and kissed her Jinn with a vengeance! Mary blushed slightly. Inger looked around; both were coming up for air. "Mistress? Where is Akeesha?"

There was a gasp across the room from Sheeka. "Master Jake, I had forgotten my sister!"

Jake nodded, thinking, and his eyes widened as he remembered she was also with his child! Looking around the room, Jake stated. "Akeesha is not my Jinn. She has no connection to me like all of you do. We will all have to concentrate to get her here." Jake closed his eyes, trying to see Akeesha and imagine the feel of her skin.

Gen and the others again started a chant for a few moments. Jake was afraid that it wasn't going to work. Suddenly, there was another ear-splitting boom of lighting and thunder. As before, a glowing light appeared before Jake. This time, though, it took a painfully long time to solidify. Finally, a few minutes later, Akeesha's form started to be able to be made out.

With a gasp, Akeesha collapsed at Jake's feet. "I thought I would be caught in that forever by the great Jinn. Finally able to rise, Akeesha hugged Jake, surprising him. Then, to him and everyone in the room, Inger hugged Jake. Whispering, she thanked him for saving her lover. Then Inger shocked them and herself more as she planted a deep kiss on his lips.

"I do not like males as I find them always out for only one thing. I find, though, you are a rare male Master, Jake. You care for all of us whether we care for you or not." Bowing before him, she continued. "I will do all I can to help you from now on. Thank you so much, Master Jake." Then, with a squeal, she launched herself at Akeesha, kissing her fiercely.

"Yes, I can hear you, Rasmir," Jake said a moment later.

"Thank the great Jinn; you are safe, Master Jake, though I am afraid your work isn't through. With all of your Jinns there, the darkness is almost gone, though I am afraid you must return to the Jinn dimension. Plus, it has to be you, not the Jinns, that bring you back." Rasmir told him and the others.

"Rasmir, I have no power I never have. Just how in the hell will I come back there if the barrier is still in place?" Jake replied as he was wracking his brains for an answer. "Wait, are you thinking that the portal that opened and brought me here is still here?"

"I assume it is. It is the only explanation for what was written about you, Master Jake. One with no power, the hope and salvation of the Jinn and the human race, will know how and where to go to reopen the dimensions again. That's how I remember this part of it." Rasmir told Jake.

Jake was nodding as he tried to remember exactly where the portal was when he was spit out. He knew it was in Tommy's front yard, but where? Looking at his Jinns and Mary, he knew they would be no help. Plus, there was the fact that if he went back, could he get them through also? Shrugging, he felt that it was the only thing he could see to do. After all, if bringing them all here weakened it that much, then going back should obliterate it.

Walking out into the yard, Jake thought he could feel a weak pulsing from somewhere out front. Walking around for almost half an hour, he finally found what he thought was the portal. Now he thought Rasmir said he would know how to reopen it. Laughing, Jake shook his head, and to his astonishment, a hole opened in the air in front of him. Feeling it pull him in, he grasped a nearby shrub. Shocked, Jake looked back, seeing Gen's arm in his as the portal took the both of them. Amid a bunch of screaming, Jake watched as the portal closed behind them, and then they spit out onto the sand.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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