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The Eye in the Sky

In the endless sky above, where silent watchers play,
A thousand eyes, they never blink, just keep the dreamers at bay.
They’re tracing freedom’s footsteps, in the stars, they sway,
But under all this watchful eye, what dreams may come our way?

By night they march, the mighty, cloaked in shadows deep,
With gadgets in their grip, they blur the lines we try to keep.
In the name of peace, our secrets, into the darkness, they seep,
Under the gaze that holds us tight, where does the light sleep?

In the dance of shadows, where the whispered voices creep,
We carve out spaces for our hearts, against the light too steep.
The ties that bind, unseen, in the silence, they leap,
A testament to the brave, through the night, their watch they keep.

Now, the guardians blend with dusk, their lines begin to weep,
Protectors turn to watchers, in the twilight’s keep.
Is this the cost of safety, where our freedoms seep,
Under the constant watch, does the night end our sleep?

Yet, from surveillance’s grasp, in the shadows, we seek,
Finding spaces in the gloom, where the light is weak.
Against the sky’s prying eyes, our silent stories speak,
In the resistance quiet, our spirits, they peek.

This art of hiding, under the watchful sky so bleak,
Gives breath to freedom, in the silence, we shriek.
Our silent battle against the glare, the future we seek,
Proclaiming our spirit’s might, in liberty, we speak.

Through the streets, the echoes of a watchful call,
Where secrets and whispers, to the past, they fall.
Yet, in this silence, a resilient song, to all,
Sings of liberty, where our hearts stand tall.
Written by Heisenberg68
Author's Note
I was recently reading about technological progress in our ability to spy from space. Satellites are cheaper and now easier to monitor with AI. What are the implications for society and our personal freedoms when everything can be watched all the time?
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