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Mmm.. Sincerely Me

Let me unblindfold you, sit down † †
ShhÖ just relax and enjoy my peripheral mood, twirling the fog of my presence all around, without making a sound † †
Allow me to do a mentally strip tease for your mind, let me whisper some of my sultry Ebonics to you † †
Placing my stiletto on your upper robust thigh, yes, by all means, pull my garter down my thigh, as a gentleman should do † †
His vision is locked all in the direction of my eyes † †
† † †
Can I write you a love song today † †
Turning around, bending over, a jiggle, wiggle, I know you like it that way † †
In the progression, mm.. oh yes † †  
Fill the pathway to my mind with those mental stimulations † †  
The purpose tasted to your tongue through portals of my incantations † †
Let mankind drift in my care † †  
Allow me to tell you about the lives you have lived by the strands of your hair † †
† † †
My mango scented Nubian lexicons highlighted from the islands of the Dominican Republic † †
Mesmerizing with therapeutic linguistic purrfications, wet kisses behind my holistic temptations † †
A home cumming between the chasm of my mystique, tell me now, are you liking my gift † †
Kissing upon your heart infringed upon with my enticing affirmations † †  
In the height of our intellectual pleasure, our energies, fusing stimulations † †
Reaching for the climatic grand conclusion while escalating those heart palpitations † †
† †  
Bated hot breaths to the back of my neck, feeling the need in the need of our primitive heat † †  
Panting the symphonic music of, getting aroused in reminisce from the alluring scent of our sheets † †
Vowels muttered as we lose our souls in the entanglement † †
Synonymous of his groans, my haloed Antonyms moans † †  
The moment when the truth feels sooo good, and the both of us coming in the unified narrative we atone † †
† † †
Wisdomís tree of life, when the Sun uplifts, I sit to ponder † †
A dip into the knowledge about your existence, my insignia to myself, I honor † †
Each moment serenaded and making love to the depth of a mind † †
For me, I am the universe, on the clouds, my morality to love ordained from the skies † †
Iím the Water Bearer, come closer, purifying you as my hydrational streams pamper your dreams † †  
No reasons, no whys † †  
That's a lie, the third eye of enlightment speaks when the crown is perfectly aligned † †
† †  
Blending fate, a faraway destiny flowing as the sands of times † †  
Stirring as an ancient gust heard upon windchimes. † †
The illumination when my subconscious, roam † †
Within the galactic astral plane of my many stratospheric homes † †
Open your eye, no, not the two you perceive with, blinded to the possibility to believe † †
The universal is the gray matter of a soulís existence † †  
The sphere where divinity cradles the descending of downfalls or an uprising to manifest wishes † †
† †  
The flow of my esoteric water, may it echo from the third Heaven to the land and sandy seashores † †
My element of air, breezing around you to inhale, spiritual vibrations, whatever could I ask for more † †
Pollinating my petals once they open, mmm... to his tongue, that sticky icky taste, now thatís a honey pour † †  
Itís a part of my scent, a cosmic blessing when reaching for the stars † †
† †  
Aquarians we push the phases of our cognitive awareness full throttle no matter the distance no matter how far † †
A rose pearl, infused with that orgasmic butta love flavor † †  
Upon his lips allow my poetic intellect to melt as it savor † †
The soft addiction for a mental rush of my dreamy gush † †  
A psyche stimulant, a midnight craver † †
† † †
If I sit back and glimpse into the window of the world † †
The many citizens inhabiting, I am here to watch love and peace, unfurl † †  
Whisper your love upon my skin, by the epiphany of your heart † †
Mm... those Moorish brushstrokes, with your tongue, inscribed with your desires, becomes an awakened work of art † †
Itís scandalous what we do to each other upon the veil of dark † †
† †  
Mm.. hum... follow the scent of my sweeten pastures † †
For the sake of ecstasy, desire, falling into my raptures † †
Shrouding your mind in the anatomy of my sublime † †
Our sacred place where do not rush the lust of time † †
† †  
Disrobe me, my love, my sights appreciating the man standing in full view of me † †
Owning his lineage, the strands upon of his crown, his stance, uplifting beyond the divine equation of 33rd degrees † †
In the creation from the Supreme, molded by stardust in the by the laws of Thoth † †
Without the necessities, of companionship, the nature of the womanís touch, what else does man got † †  
† †  
So Above As Is Below † †
† †  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 28th Jan 2024
Author's Note
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and those born under this horoscope sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium. They are humanitarian, philanthropic, and keenly interested in making the world a better place (cited online (01-27-24).

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