Azazel_ One Love

I'm not of anything flesh
Yet I am flesh
There are those that arrived so far after me
Yet they claim to know my origin, why can't they let it be

I was manifested of dark matter and transported to Pangea
My arrival caused tectonic collisions that you wouldn't believe
Water levels risen, continents suddenly created as they divided
I caught a wave on a land mass and decided to ride it

Crashed into North America creating the Appalachian Chain
Populated both land masses through parthenogenesis before taking off again
Took my time across the Atlantic at one time there was water on all sides
Finally made it across when Africa and Asia collide

Created Seekers Of The Way and taught them the ways of a Mystic
Raising universities as far as Europe and Asia teaching natures mysteries
There are those that claim credit for creating knowledge that I taught
Some had so much nerve, they fought what I brought

How did man make such a great leap in knowledge
He went from a mound to a pyramid, from a cave to the projects
Those that claim to had created such sciences and math
Your inability to now feed yourselves makes me laugh

I taught terra farming, instructed on bathing and health
Medicines, where roots and herbs were given and told how to take care of yourselves
I taught the sky's patterns, yes I taught you to measure time
I watched as they left Asia for North America finding something they never expected to find

Finding themselves and not remembering that they were one and the same
When they weren't warring, cross-breeding was the name of the game
Everybody wanted to be labeled by their own clan, tribe, or group
Some used religion to prove that the need for all separation was at existence very roots

I left evidence of myself around the world if they needed any proof
But they continue looking for the Ark Of The Covenant, aliens, and dinosaurs for truth
Should I summon a ride, that will lift me out to the darkest reaches of space
Maybe from there it will appear as though you're all working as one race  
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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