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The Thrill Of The View Part 2

Part 2

He checks his watch.  “The first should be here any moment.”  
“How many did you contact?”  
“Just two for now” he says.  
“I get the impression you’re already planning on doing this again, Blake.”  
“I think it’s him,” he says, pointing towards a flash of movement at the edge of the woods.  
They both felt it was best they start on neutral ground for the first outing.  Interacting with strangers in this manner certainly comes with risk, and given their inexperience and need to protect their anonymity, they agreed to not involve their residence in these initial forays.    
Blake had gotten the idea from the internet, primarily the British.  Not as common in the US or Canada, his cruise through the endless road of pornography led him to “dogging” - still somewhat of a niche play in the expanding world of kinks and fetishes.  In his research and the resulting secretive strokes, it was an activity practiced under the cover of night.    
Although the West Beach had a certain allure to it, they both figured it would be more populated given its proximity to the town and so they settled on the Conservation Area on the outskirts.  It would draw more traffic in daylight hours with its appeal of hiking trails and nature observation, but would be quiet in the evenings, they assumed.  And with the parking lot discretely tucked among the bordering forest, it would provide a decent cover to evade any detection.  
He backs the car into the farthest parking spot from the roadway, which also conveniently puts the passenger side closest to the tree line.  He can keep a lookout, should there be unexpected visitors and provide the participants an easy way to scatter should the need arise.  
 A few patches of light fade in the overhead sky, but night quickly overtakes what is left.  Her hand finds him already stiff in his pants.  “You are looking forward to this, aren’t you?”  She rubs the bulge already taking shape above his pants, only encouraging that already solid state.    
“I still can’t believe we are doing this.”  He leans across to kiss her mouth, nicely amplified in a bright shade of red.  “I see you reapplied to leave your mark,” he says with a wink.  
She has worn a short dress and pulls it down from the shoulders, exposing her generous breasts.  He reaches over and twists a nipple, but sees already that they too, are already flared in anticipation  
He hits a button and the passenger side window lowers to let in the warmth of the balmy night air.  
They both hear the quiet crunch of leaves and twigs and he spots the outline of the man approaching.  He stops right outside the window, only his mid-section, visible to them.    
“I’m Mike,” he says, nervously. “It’s real nice to be a part of this.”    
“Hi, Mike, I’m Anna.  That’s my husband, Blake,” she says.  Anna reaches outside and yanks the leather of his belt forward, to allow that metal clip to dislodge from the hole.  “Is it alright if I pull that zipper down?”  
Blake leans in towards them to see Mike’s bare cock jut out towards his wife.  He is already hard.  “Please do what you want with it,” Mike responds, anxiously.  
Anna smooths her hand over his erection a few times, adding to the already impressive hardness of the stranger. “Would I be wrong to guess, you want me to put that in my mouth?”  
“Yes, please,” he mutters, his anxious breaths, more telling than his words. “But only if your husband says it’s alright. Or you can just stroke it like that, too. ”  
She kisses the tip and delivers a few lollipop licks around the head of it before pausing to turn to Blake to ask, “Honey?  Would you mind if I took all of Mike into my mouth?”  
Blake’s own cock, free from his pants, is equally stirred by what is happening in front of his very eyes.  Events he had a hand in making a reality.    
Not wanting him to feel neglected in any way, or perhaps to add to the persuasion of her request, one hand drifts over to take him in her grip, with still a firm hold on Mike.  
He has felt her lips on him many times, but he has grown so fascinated to witness it in this way, “Yes, baby...I really think Mike needs you to put that big dick of his in your mouth.”  
And on cue, Anna puts her lips to the head and pushes forward on Mike’s length, keeping her other hand clamped on her husband.  
“Take him all the way into you mouth, if you can, honey,” he says, leaning forward to nibble on her neck, while she hauls Mike’s hardness deeper into the warmth of her hot wife mouth.    
Mike has reached in, his hands pawing at the underside of her breasts, but still firmly held by her cheeks, and that motion of her skilled back and forth.  “You do that so well,” he says, “oh, fuck.”  
 “You’re doing such a good job, Anna,” her husband praises.  
“Fuck, you really are,” Mike says, as the low moans intensify.    
Blake leans into Anna’s ear.  “Maybe you should let him unload on those gorgeous tits.”    
“You’d let him?” she answers, pausing a moment, but continuing to use the wetness from her mouth to slide her hand up and down on Mike’s dick.    
Blake pushes two fingers inside Anna.  “You’ve made me wife really wet, Mike.”  He works them deeper into her, while she slurps Mike greedily into her mouth.  “Tell him what you want, baby.”  
“I hope I’m not too late,” another voice cuts in.  
Written by Tenderloin
Author's Note
Another instalment in their naughty night of exploration.  
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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