OF DUSTED DREAMS UNDONE          (4-24-2022, 21:30am, Palm Springs, California)

on waking every morning  
i like to pause  
and linger  
to softly listen  
and sense  
to inwardly reflect upon  
whatever dreams  
may have come along  
from dusk to dawn  
in the night  
as well as other  
that may have slipped  
in sleep s now lapsed  
long gone  
vacuous void s  
deep subconscious mystery  
unseen  unknown to me  
oft hid between  behind  
each fallen  floating mote  
of dusted dreams undone  
forgotten  lost beyond  
the slippery  conscious grasp  
of each newly awakened  
wherein at times  
to my surprise  
i often find  
their faintly shimmering  
diaphanous  ghostly crumbs  
still echoing through  
that receding vacuous void  
then scoop them up  
like rough  uncut  
semi precious stones  
loosely mined up  
from that mysterious  
nether realm s  
vague  vanishing echoes  
quickly fading ethers  
to be cut  
and polished  
further rebalanced  and finessed  
whenever i can  
at times  
hopefully into more  
reflectively shinning  
semi precious  
gem stone jewels  
made of lettered words  
like these  
to be brought back out  
into the more radiant  
illumined light  
of this truly  
still wondrous world  
where they can share  
the filtered essence  
of their salvaged tales  
dusted dreams undone  
freely with the world  
with anyone and all  
who have  
enough relative  ripened sense  
and the capacity  
or open minded curiosity  
to resonantly see  
to sense  or feel  
anything within  
their surfaced  captured forms  
which might speak  
or shine  
some kindred light  
of inner truth  
to them  
at all  
Written by OyateInyanNajin
Published | Edited 19th Mar 2024
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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