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The Portals Of Contentment

Within the cathedral of remembrance my dewy Creole skin I softly titillate      
My passion, my desires, will be the rewards to thwart a downwards fate        
I embrace as I whisper within the melodies to entice, allure the virility of muscular spines        
Within the pages of my existence, once sought, caught, ruin, mischief, delusion folly, rash action, suffering eludes the destiny of my time      
Darkness I blanket the weakness of thy mind        
Scented flesh, potency as a spell, when devoid of sips of sweeten wine
The intoxication of a drunk mind speaks a sober tongue
In its incoherence, we discern the meaning why their eyes have come undone
In the need of the light, but still cannot feel the warmth of the Sun
One by one        
My siren calls to uprise mankind from self harboring doom and gloom
Suffrage under the forsaken, when the truth gets scorned by the of intellect who have sealed their own tomb        
Nakedness in the lust of mortal men minds, I love when they eagerly come        
The stairs of divinity, the justice in my renunciation to peruse        
The power of my enticing cradlesongs, high vibrational, the Mothership guides my joinery, the direction I shall never with awoken eyes refuse      
Upholding my throng of devotion, your pilgrimage you must bear to be taken across vast ocean
I light the path for you to see the world as is, allow your eyes to perceive        
Makeshift love for the eyes to believe
The emotions of hunger you have my oath of satisfying the spirit of your soul I shall appease    
Take it around the world to see the madness, the chaos, then enlightened it by ninety degrees
That far up, why would a soul want to fall down
Upon a land where sins make not sound    
My dialect, my touches, my rose covered bed, you sink deeper, I prevail        
Spinning entwined Hebrew to the 33rd power lucidness tales
No time to be exhausted, get up and move, find that unique groove
There will be a days when limbs refuse to adhere, an aged fragile mind on borrowed time, labored breaths begging the almighty for eternal rest
Upon your Grand Rising bless the universe, do something wonderful, caring, whereas, when you look back upon this domain you have no regrets

Why must we fear only when we get older, the rite of passage given through impending death
Those who have humbly lived in the eyes of others, have already lived for self
Bring no tears they shall always remain upon Earth
It pleases me to honor any mortal who speaks of cosmic rebirth
My passion, my glory, this vessel has passed through many storms
To reach your hand, teach you to understand, or preach the depopulation threatening vast lands

A man shall leave his mother and father to find his own footing in life
The human spirit can be such a beautiful presence to be within, once you silence the mouths of discord, step around the company of strife                
Lineage was the cornerstone devoured by royal bloodlines
Spitting out the marrow as hearts now bleed in the devilish burning wishing well, I speak my reality in the gray areas of the divine
No one is perfect, you astral project through those portals there is no one of your own kind
Sometimes you must feel around in the dark to appreciate the direction of the light        
Is there anyone out there still here today, refusing the temptation of deprivation that wreaks havoc on the soul
No faith heard in the chants ushered beyond the clouds, descending into the afterlife, now wondering why their mortality to horns must now pay the toll                
Eyes closed, surrendering in the abyss of the release, sacrificed hearts, emptiness is owning the pulsating chamber’s lease        
Life forces drained in the sensual rewards of destruction        
Woven and spineless, voices in union, cries, uprise in corruption        
The corridor of my soft awareness, yearns, from the alluring of my cajoling voice        
The road paved to Hell without directions, having no conscious or obsolete to think with a sound choice
Infatuation my mystical infinity’s kiss        
Submitting one’s will to pleasure the sacredness of self as a consecrated gift

 “AsSalamu Alaikum”
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Isaiah 54:17
King James Version

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

If daily occurrences are transpiring in your life right now, and that rainbow seems to be on lay-a-way, close your eyes and recite this from your heart, and always have faith to believe it in your mind.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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