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Image for the poem The Thrill Of The View: Part 1

The Thrill Of The View: Part 1

Part 1  
“You sure you want to do this?” he asks.  
Anna turns to him, her certainty expressed in a single look.  “Are you sure?”  
Blake’s focus sticks to the road, the anticipation, almost cruel, keeps him heated and hard. They’re almost there – this nagging fantasy, about to be something much more.  “I know we’re opening a door that we might not be able to come back from,” he warns.
“Don’t you owe it to yourself to see?”  Always the voice of reason, she is.  “Remember.  I’m your willing partner in this.”  
It hadn’t been easy getting here.  The idea slipped out in short bursts over the past two years.  Shared confessions in the height of lust - certain phrases - giving clue they were headed in this direction.  Anna had sensed his inclinations, and only further spurned those on, when she had him snug inside her, whispering indiscretions from the past.  It awakened something within him, his thrust shifting from routine to primal, in an instant.  
But he waded carefully into the possibilty, managing the desire as best he could, until the excitement began to bubble over the brim.    
It really took root during a social function the previous year.  Blake observed an acquaintance getting brazenly close to Anna that night and it had incited a tangle of confusion within him.  There was jealousy...and arousal.  He watched the man lean in close to Anna’s ear, casually touching her bottom as he whispered something that prompted a telling wideness in her expressive, brown eyes.  He could only imagine what was said, and that invention had gone straight to his cock.  A part of him, wanted her to go a little further, although he may have been resentful if it did, but maybe not, either.  
On the car ride home, he quizzed her a little on the interaction. “Could you tell he wanted to fuck you?”  She had laughed it off, making sure to point out, “I didn’t do anything did I?”    
After she went to sleep, he’d grown incredibly heated by the thought that during the course of the exchange, her hand had brushed against the front of the man’s pants, and conveniently against his hard-on.  He took it further, pumping his cock – allowing his imagination to push ahead, picturing that they had snuck off from the party.  In his fantasy, the man had fingered her to such a point of excitement, that she rewarded the man by discretely taking him into her mouth, that is, until he began searching for her and discovered them by a utility shed not far from the other guests.  He came with such force – that he wasn’t able to take the idea any further - his low moan and perverted invention almost waking her in the bed beside him.  

From that moment forward, he could no longer dismiss the nagging urge to try and bring his thoughts to life.  It wasn’t purely selfish in his defense, considering that her hyper sexual nature might also crave a change in their usual routines.  And so he confessed to her one evening of his desires, and he could see her perk up to the possibility of wading into this unexplored territory.  They had both gotten so worked up by the discussion that they fucked on the kitchen table, without even getting through the entire dinner.  
Afterwards, she shared a memory from university – long before they were together, in which she detailed a drunken evening where she had encouraged two male friends to share her, and they eagerly accepted the challenge.  He excitedly demanded every detail of that night, in which she obliged instigating another round of orgasms for both.
Written by Tenderloin
Author's Note
A fictional account of a couple's shared interest in expanding their experiences outside the bedroom.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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