Blatantly and self-evidently human trash very distinctly infesting, what is a modern 21st Century!

By Stanley Collymore  

Abolish the British monarchy? Have  
you taken leave of your senses  
those of you who're saying  
and fittingly very obviously advocating  
such a treasonous, and blasphemous
thing? Aren't you naturally aware that  
our truly supreme Kings and Queens  
are specifically, obviously appointed  
discernibly through the divine grace  
and undeniably too, the authority of  
God Almighty, crucially even before  
they're conceived, and undoubtedly  
subsequently born to rightly be the  
fittingly undisputed monarch really  
of this, our great realm, discernibly  
well known across the universe as  
Great Britain, and quite likewise of  
which the suitably incumbent king  
or queen is similarly also the aptly  
entrusted very obviously by Divine  
ordinance to quite unquestionably  
be Head of the Church of England.

So I caution you all to really watch  
your manners and to similarly  
too, say that you're joking;  
you and all those other rather obviously
likeminded people out there, relative to
what God has clearly very beneficently
given us in terms of a naturally Divine
monarchy! However in case, and very  
speculatively mind, there was simply  
such a thing, as a natural alternative,  
to our evidently cherished monarchy  
what would your really disrespectful  
sort literally have us really replace it  
with? Allegedly, genuine democracy,  
equality of opportunity and similarly  
also, this thing, you call Meritocracy,  
where patently obviously our actual  
divine rulers and equally the lowest  
commoner in our kingdom become  
societally, very distinctly the same?

Such an infernal travesty and one  
clearly against the wishes and  
edict of the Almighty would  
surely never work! But rather evidently  
you, and those who're quite obviously  
of the exact same disposition simply  
think differently, don't you? Honestly,    
I do! For the actual, and significantly  
unbridled truth is, that continuously,  
on an unquestionably and distinctly  
markedly, undoubtedly increasingly  
time frame; crucially very pertinent  
numbers of distinctly unequivocally  
rapid and decreasing numbers too  
of those living in Britain along with  
their overseas, odiously genocidal  
kin sheep effectively still infesting  
those countries that they've really,  
naturally barbarously acquired for  
themselves, actually like Australia,  
New Zealand, Canada and simply  
even the USA, which ironically for  
its part, rather effectively rid itself  
of your British Monarchy in 1776,  
are truly having second thoughts.

Nevertheless, significant numbers  
of them are so intrinsically and  
evidently rather abominably  
infected with this absolutely abhorrent,  
very feudal and distinctly Middle Ages  
approach to life which is so obviously  
rather deeply entrenched, in their vile  
and sick psyche that literally, like the  
typical, Stockholm Syndrome victim  
which they themselves quite clearly  
and irrefutably, surely self-evidently  
are; plainly very discernibly hooked  
by their manifestly, devotional love,  
of what is undeniably, a thoroughly  
naked fallacy odiously perpetrated  
by a simply expensive and actually  
immoral bunch of toffs which they  
rather idiotically hero worship and  
truth be told obviously realistically  
wouldn't have them any other way  
than what they've always crucially  
and cunningly, simply customarily  
and literally portrayed themselves  
to be. One now evidently gets the  
unmistakeably quite encouraging  
impression that simply, and really  
undeniably too, even such clearly  
and psychologically, quite deeply  
embedded, monarchical fawning  
morons as this lot are effectively,
distinctly susceptible, to change!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
6 January 2024.

Author's Remarks:  
Obviously there's no human cure for the kind of distinctly, rather evilly enhanced stupidity, that's evidently really gleefully exhibited by these thoroughly noxiously and discernibly, undeniably egregiously and similarly too malevolently disposed feudal mind-set in the 21st Century, of a surfeit of sycophants, unequivocally so, brownnosing to an equally distinctively out of touch, so Middle Ages in outlook, unelected, and a wholly unaccountable, incestuously inbred, disgustingly rather wealthy, through no industrious efforts of their own, discernibly privileged and similarly self-entitled with that obvious recognition of their own, who obviously deem themselves to be so undoubtedly superior to everyone else, and crucially as well as most ironically those that so asininely, unthinkingly and instinctively essentially automatically, and similarly quite gullibly, hero worship them!

But while humans might be unwilling to or even incapable of effectively dealing with this essentially toxically verminous problem; Nature as it as most obviously has done in the past, with even thornier problems, certainly has the answer for this one; and I've no doubt will act in its own good time!  
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