How can you falsely claim that something doesn't exist, when it really doesn't exist, Daily Mail?

By Stanley Collymore  
Only when you're of the purblind  
and thoroughly, intellectually  
challenged mindset truly  
of actually, absolute morons like hack  
Lettice Bromovsky clown at the Daily  
Mail and the very toxically ingrained  
pillocks who really infest, and sadly  
obviously control Hill View Primary  
School that is distinctively located  
in Bournemouth, Dorset! Basically,  
in England and Wales, and Dorset  
is in England, the Age of Criminal  
Responsibility is evidently clearly  
and likewise irrefutably 10 years;  
and it crucially accounts for why  
Jon Venables: naturally aged 10  
at the time, and literally the joint  
killer very obviously with Robert  
Thompson, of really 2 years old  
James Bulger, rather irrefutably  
so in Bootle, distinctly a district  
of Merseyside, in 1993; actually  
attendant with the literal arrest,  
charge, criminal trial, justifiably  
a guilty verdict as regards both  
of these killers and rather aptly  
their warranted, imprisonment!    
And while Robert Thompson  
was released from prison  
after serving 8 years in  
jail, Jon Venables, who quite recently  
lost a parole appeal, is still in prison;  
because it's unquestionably actually  
objectively, considered too much of  
a societal risk; and also undeniably  
far too dangerous to effectively let  
this sociopathic psychopath really  
literally out again, on to the actual  
streets of Britain. Discernibly only  
10 years old let's not significantly  
or essentially conveniently forget  
when Jon Venables, undoubtedly  
a murderer and self-evidently too  
simply did pay the actual penalty  
for his crime although according  
to the aforementioned, distinctly  
toxically and evilly sick assholes,  
at Hill View Primary School, plus  
of course actually the Daily Mail;  
10 and even 11 year olds, on the  
verge of moving, to a secondary  
school are rather too vulnerable  
and also innocent to be told the  
obvious truth that Santa Clause  
and Father Christmas are fakes.  
However these same prized cunts  
have no problem whatsoever in  
actually disregarding the two  
actual genders that actually and rather  
properly biologically, crucially do exist,  
not by any means, actually exclusively  
between Homo sapiens, but distinctly  
likewise, every other living species on  
Planet Earth; and consequently, while  
happily supporting the parole board's  
stance on Jon Venables who actually  
became, let's not conveniently forget,  
a murderer at the age of 10, cynically  
cannot see the irony, acrid hypocrisy,  
and the sick egregious contradiction  
on their part, in not only being totally  
and clearly rather virulently opposed  
to10 and 11years old being naturally  
told the truth about Santa Claus and  
Father Christmas, obviously that the  
latter is very evidently a commercial  
creation of the Coca Cola company!  
But quite idiotically as well rather  
supportive of kids as young as  
5 years old risibly but clearly  
rather sickeningly on the part of these  
so-called teachers and fundamentally  
braindead educationalists essentially  
determining unilaterally, what gender  
these said kids should really actually  
on a whim, quite undeniably allocate  
to themselves in simply comparable  
addition obviously, to what personal  
pronoun: he, she, him or her - that in  
their fantasy world, they say they do  
wish to be annotated to themselves.  
No wonder really that the British so-  
called educational system is simply  
in the quite fucking mess it's in and  
unquestionably effectively crucially,  
really getting very noticeably worse  
with manifestly, patently demented  
sociopaths clearly like those at Hill  
View Primary School within Dorset  
quite obviously anywhere near it in  
any imaginable capacity whatever!  
Pillocks quite consistently against  
and simply, diametrically opposed  
to abled children, very sensibly for  
them and clearly too their rational  
development very honestly simply  
told the truth; but crucially having  
no qualms whatsoever in nakedly  
and superciliously, lying to them!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
19 December 2023.  
Author's Remarks:  
Having decided before I entered grammar school at the age of 10 that I wanted to be an academic this ambition of mine was encouraged massively by family members, friends and my English Master; a truly iconic figure, still Is to this day by the myriads of students he taught and those who knew and deeply respected him although he has now passed away. Mr Kenneth G. Doughlin, that's his name, told me and assiduously taught me that to become a first rate teacher and educationalist one need to get the requisite and significant experience required of actual working situations and dealing with real people and different aspects of life, rather than on leaving grammar school going directly into university and then thereafter back into an educational environment without any experience of the real world and the people who diversely inhabit and work in it.  
Without belabouring the point I did do a number of significant jobs prior to my actually embarking on my university training to become an Academic, and even then I didn't stop studying, learning and working additionally, as I still do, with people and related projects, while simply ascertaining how best and most effectively they can develop themselves while getting the best possible out of their life's opportunities; something that from my own perspective will be ongoing until the day I die!  
My earliest thorough work experience was training and working as a Psychiatric Nurse in the NHS at Clifton Hospital on the outskirts of the City of Yorkshire. Then subsequently embarking on my SRN training. Clifton Hospital, one of Britain's oldest and most established was like the overwhelming majority of such institutions decommissioned, discarded or callously and profiteeringly, self-servingly sold off by Maggie Thatcher, her Tories and likewise succeeding British regimes on the lying pretext that the inmates and patients in them could and would be better served if they were let loose - my interpretation not these political morons' - into the general community.  
I mean people who ranged from the very mentally and recurrently depressed to those who were sent to Clifton Hospital as a consequence of being sectioned by the courts and medical authorities as a grave menace to society and who I personally closely worked with as part of their treatment. But what does it matter when vast amounts of money are to be made by advantageously disposing of what's quite literally state assets. I was long gone by the time this happened but it doesn't take one with a Mensa IQ to have worked out what the dire consequences associated with the egregious actions of these UK regimes would entail. A state of affairs where an adult male caught on CCTV by the farm owner who had set up the system after a number of his calves had rather mysteriously died, catching in the act the actual sexual abuser of these calves and their mothers, convicted for his crime but spared jail because his girlfriend forgave him. A lunatic who should be a secure mental institution but they're all virtually gone. Likewise the lunatics who work at and apparently control Hill View Primary School in Bournemouth Dorset, who very recently vilified and pilloried a female supply teacher for telling 10 and 11 year olds on the verge of attending secondary school, when asked, that Santa Clause isn't real. I suggest that you research this story on the internet and the asinine reaction of these demented morons at Hill View Primary towards this female teacher. A situation unsurprisingly exacerbated by the Daily Mail's hack, Lettice Bromowsky who claimed in her headline requisite to this article that this teacher "falsely claimed" that Santa Claus does not exist. You're obviously Polish and of Yid extraction, Lettice Bromowsky, so what if taking your asinine approach significant numbers of people claimed it's a false presumption that Germany never invaded Poland in 1939 and the so-called European holocaust which your sort very exclusively profit from to the tune of billions annually in Germany's Wiedergutmachen Compensation Scheme, is a financial travesty as the European holocaust is a fantasy that never happened?  
As I always do with every aspect of my work I do my research very meticulously and this Hill View Primary School situation was no different. In the process of my research I pulled up a plethora of mug shots of those connected with the school and although amongst the plethora of them they were mainly female - real or assumed gender - there were equally a few who looked like "men". Nevertheless as far as this cringe lot were concerned I found myself instinctively catapulted back to those days at Clifton Hospital and the wards housing the patients compulsorily sent by the courts to be incarcerated there, and to be perfectly honest with you I must admit I burst out laughing, as I recalled seeing hugely much saner looks on the faces of the patients in those wards then, despite them being certifiable lunatics, than I was observing looking at the mugs of those associated with Hill View Primary School in, Bournemouth Dorset in 2023. With the additional thought in my head that these are the ingrained pillocks with so-called responsibility for the developing minds of Britain's children. Worst luck!  
Little wonder then that the headmistress of Hill View Primary School and her motley crew not only avidly believe in Santa Claus and are immensely averse to a sensible and logical supply teacher telling these kids the truth; but furthermore actually want this lady out of the teaching profession, when most astoundingly these very same demented morons do actively promote the absurd notion that 5 year olds can and should exclusively have the quite inalienable right to determine their own biological gender, whether they're sexually Male, female or whatever else they rather stupidly and infantilely choose to be, as well as what pronoun is quite applicable to themselves. Truly lunatic by any objective analysis! Thankfully, I astutely perceived such asinine developments occurring before they actually did, quit the British system and moved to Germany; a decision I've never for a solitary moment regretted!  
For how the hell can Britain, seriously lacking them by all accounts, develop or have proper scientists when it has such morons in its educational system not only telling but actually reinforcing in the minds of secondary entrance school kids that an obese white man dressed in fancy gear, sitting in a standard sleigh pulled by reindeer with an amazing ability to fly, can considerably faster than Concorde would ever have been able to complete such a task; dart around the entire globe in a single night delivering presents rather altruistically to every presumably well behaved child in all the world's diverse geographical zones!  
Makes no sense logically and moreover effectively blunts all genuine scientific interests. Fables and make up stories are one thing and precisely what they actually are; tell them by all means if you want to, but similarly explain that that’s exactly what they are, nowt but fanciful concoctions.  And if your response to that is, that it spoils the magic and fun – significantly based on lies, let’s not forget – then you too need to bloody well grow up!
Written by Academic
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