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The Act Of Engaging Elphaba (West) Nessarose (East)  

You may need encouragement when the garment of your vile is lifted            
That hate from you on display, not found in me, my persona will never be shifted              
My blood festering in you, will take you out of your cordial groove              
That is the divine law of nature when life does not pity the fool              
When coveting animosity, the acidy rains that fall has no rules              
The heart and mind in contention of being the student in someone else’s hard Knox school              
Such a dim-witted fool              
After your medications has been swallowed, echoed union of universal songs              
For how long, do you assume a weak mind and heart can remain strong              
When the pouring of its blood slowly seeps              
Claws and teeth gnashed to bruise thy heart and the heel of thy feet              
Deafness is way past the moon              
You would never escape the long cold winds of an ordained monsoon              
The trash has already been placed out              
Who cares now of echoing shouts              
One notation about the laws of conviction as my father told me              
Before you even get down on your knees              
Is always best to separate the demons and a witch in heat            
To know the mark of the headless demoness, look upon they embedded of thy kissed face              
Weaken mentally to deal with the channeling of self, yet a two legged entity walking among thy human race                  
Royalty has pressed upon the lips felt in my honeyed taste    
As I stated in a realm of obscurity what the dark one offer than old woman lust    
It becomes, whining, tired to the world, wisdom and knowledge needed, it is a must            
Rage festering from the fountains of a forgotten livid youth                
Denounced the light living in the darkness of a recluse                
Reliving moments of stolen time from an unhappy birth                
Until the womb only generation floats in its myth                
The root of all evil is mockery, disdain, from a entity rising from soiled dirt                
Discern eyes in reality for what you truly are                
Elphaba in carnage merged with Nessarose two entwined demonic witches stood under the alignment of stars                
We see what others dare see not                
A bitter and foul tasting entity escaped from the Garden of Eden begot                
Wailing for acceptance just to be true      
Unsure of fate’s presence therefore, banners of neurotic intentions, narcissistic in its grandeur to deceive the eyes of gullible fools                  
We hear your silent unacceptable cries    
From the heighten spiritual abandonment from the skies    
Old yeller, upon the stench of hell, dragging its tails in denied divinity it seeks              
No spiritual element in the valley of the dry bones from the blood of a sacrificed generation sheep                
To sacrifice of an offspring from the placenta from which scratched from the womb as he sprung      
The cries resonated the globe as Lucifer’s remnant was reborn, the parent now speaks of vileness, childish with a two-fork tongue      
Cursed before birth      
What are your words of comfort to earth now, what is the worth      
When it slithers with the thunder of malice      
Evilness sadistic the stench of lost souls piled up in your bloody palace    
Enticement of sick and twisted      
From which my wild child you now run      
Trying to find the light of our divine Sun      
Locating your soul in the dark is never fun      
My child your older by many moons      
And attempt to curse the light from which you seek, where your mind remains locked in Hades’ sealed tomb      
The fertility of well-wished seeds of any man’s loins and any woman’s womb shall always reflect by their generation after generation      
Healing hands by the rite where this French Créole Haitian stands with love and preservation      
Go through life, smile, and laugh through your tears      
A fragile mind would have been prepared and not internally festering with such wicked, babbling, in coherent fears      
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Third Quarter Moon: Half of the moon is visible from Earth.

Poem Based off the musical Wicked

Elphaba, or the Wicked Witch of the West, is NOT related to Glinda. She does have a sister named Nessarose, the Wicked Witch of the East (she's the one who gets the house dropped on her in The Wizard of Oz). Elphaba does have a sister, but it's not Glinda

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