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The Devilís Spawn Has Risen

Death of a spirit as you earthly roam †
Looking for comfort, oh thy wicked heart of stone † †
Risen of thy soft touch conformed from the hands of Satan † †
From the stench of hell its bomb unto earth awaiting † †
Forsaken upon the green of earth in the cradle of a little girl † †
Until horns as growth manifested to be denied by fate † † †
A guardianís love, forsaken to demonically unfurl † †
Condemned in the bedlam of thy own befuddled mind † †
Child of woman from the womb of a Jezabel and of a Jackel entwined †
Asunder, confused by the secret codes of the divine † †
 † †
Silhouette damnation sentenced from a birthright bankrupt † †
Consequences you have suffered from the revolt of being the Morning starís eternal slut † †
His following Angelís intentions, to grasp fame, and the abomination of lust † †
Archangel Michael and his league of Angels fought with such passion under Godís ordinance, the war in Heaven was a must † †
No more bowing to the Heavens, as youíve stated, for a mistaken Succubus, no more, In God for you I trust † †
Condemned blue in carnage of sorrow upon the majestic skies, wallowing in the tabernacle by the way of the beast † †
Unto open thighs the foul odorous engulfed by the nostrils as two souls comeÖ upon the meet † †
In the five rings of the circle unto the winds anointed never will foresee as incantations cross † † †
Sordid winds unpure to cast † †
Mother Natureís elements revengeful in the unethical punishment of its enchanting loss † †
The weakened gathering link by the sign of the stench, only Hellís deserving wrench † †
 † †
Yes, you have forfeited your place in Heaven under the four elements beautiful written laws † †
Memorized by Satanís eyes, hidden desires to be like the highest, is all blind intellect has ever saw
Fangs sinking deeper, and deeper, clawing from the soil
Hiding from the Sunshine where the labored blinded from the toil †
A shattered mirror of a childís reflection castrating in that cradle in this realm of life † †
A wife, no longer made unto to cleave from the feeding the dogma of mentalist's unbalancing of self strife † †
Worshipping the wrong Archangel, you submitted to the hard bait and took the Heavenly fall † †
Yes, that tattoo you proudly adorn on your forehead
The engraved mark of the Beast with wicked words spewed, for an empty crusade you have venomously led † †
The desire of being Lilith in slaughter, seducing the wiles of men within the night, scented rose petals decorating an empty bed † †
Such foolishness spoken after slithering up from the abyss of hell † †
Foolish wicked pride you have labeled yourself with a trained Demon tongue as you convince to tell, lies you sell † † †
Before chaos visits the peaceful domain where my Heavenly wings reside † †
With words of enlightenment as you would read, as I would say, no lie † †
I will bring the oil, the priest, oh, I have the Bible and the cross since you donít pray † †
Because Godís Angels are up here doing his godly work, and we are ordained to slay in any way † †
I rebuke you evil entities, in name of thy Holy Spirit † †
Here is little souvenir from me to you, Holy Oil I cast onto thee and its endearment † †
That ought to keep you in Hell for a while until your army of wickedness is once again sent † †
Mirror mirror on the wall let thy will of thy face of evil remain in Hell abyss wishing well †
A demoness has crossed my path with a two headed tail †
Sword raised in truth, and justice, have bowed in merit
My journey, mine alone to bear it

Assalamu Alaikum


Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Full Moon: The entire Moon is visible.

Baded On The Parables, The Lost Book Enki

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