Mourning's Embrace

In the realm of Mourning's embrace,
Where sorrow sings and tears abound,
I wander through this mournful space,
Forlorn, lost, a mother unbound.

In the cradle of hope, he once dwelt,
My valiant son, brave and true,
With laughter and love, his heart did melt,
Held tight by my arms, a bond so few.

But Fate did weave a darker thread,
And whispered secrets in his ear,
A weight too heavy for him to tread,
A burden he couldn't help but bear.

Oh, how my heart yearns for that day,
When joy danced upon his gentle face,
His laughter chasing shadows away,
In a world where darkness had no place.

But alas, my son, he could not see,
The love that wrapped around his soul,
He wept in silence, longing to be free,
Yet fell deeper into that sorrowful hole.

And so, he embarked on his final quest,
To chase away his pain and fear,
In the realm of silence, he sought to rest,
Leaving his broken hearted mother here.

But in this poem, a tale shall unfold,
Of a mystical journey beyond our grasp,
Where whimsical creatures and magic unfold,
In a quest to bring solace at last.

There lies a place, a secret realm,
Where lost souls find solace and light,
A refuge where sadness and love overwhelm,
Guided by the stars, shining so bright.

A silver swan shall lead the way,
Through meadows of forget-me-nots,
An elven child with golden hair shall say,
"We'll heal your heart from these painful thoughts."

Enchanted forests will whisper their song,
As we enter the heart of the great unknown,
Where faeries and pixies dance along,
Sprinkling hope and love they have sown.

In this mystical land, where dreams take flight,
There's a hidden path to redemption's gate,
Through a labyrinth of stars, shining so bright,
We'll find solace and peace, it's never too late.

So, dear mothers, let us embark together,
On this journey of healing and grace,
In this poem, our love shall tether,
As we find solace in this magical place.

Through sorrow's veil, we'll find release,
As mythical creatures lend their hand,
With every verse, our hearts find peace,
United in grief, we shall forever stand.
Written by nmbdedwards (JustcallmeDee)
Author's Note
I lost my son to suicide, this is how I grieve
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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