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She Loves Master Chapter 19, Part 8 of 9

She Loves Master
Chapter 19, Part 8 of 9

“Well, I am fertile in two weeks. What do your women call you?” Rose asks, “They call me Master, and they are my slaves. I take care of them. All of them want nothing more than to please me,” Ben tells her. She smiles, “Well, Master, that has a particular ring to it. Come back tomorrow after you have popped my daughter's cherries and tell me how they did”.

“Rose, I will show you the movies I will record so you can see them. All you have to do is accept me as your Master, and I will take care of you and your daughters,” Ben tells her.

He leaves and goes to the monitoring room, takes out the DVD, labels it, watches the monitors, and sees Mira masturbating, as are Phillip's daughters. He sees Gina, Michaela, and Margarete sleeping peacefully. Ben thinks he is falling for those three, especially Gina. He sees Anneliese smiling and blowing him a kiss. He calls Becky and tells her he will stay in the cells tonight.

He then goes and enters Gina's cell, takes off his clothes, lays next to her, and kisses her on the cheek. Gina smiles and moves on top of Ben, “Did you come down here to take my cherries, Master?”. “No, just to sleep with you, darling,” Ben tells her. “You are going to keep me, aren't you?” Gina asks him. “Would you like that, be a part of my family?” Ben asks.

“Master, I want to be with you and be your slave and have sex with you. It might be a couple of years before I am fully developed to take all of BIG FELLA, but I am willing to take all I can. I want to stay with you,” Gina says as she kisses him. “Baby, I will pop your cherry first when Phillip arrives in two weeks,” Ben tells her.

“Master, after we do it, can I suck you off in front of my father. I could suck on BIG FELLA in front of him and tell him how much more of a man you are than he is,” Gina says.

“Do you hate your father?” Ben asks. “No, he is just never around. I know my mom loves me, and I think my father thinks of me as a possession. I want to show him I am not his possession and am my person,” Gina says.

“OK, Gina. I will take you upstairs and introduce you to your new family in the morning. I will then have my tattoo artist give you your “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on the small of your back, just like the rest of my women. You are now my woman,” Ben tells her.

“I like the sound of that,” Gina says as he moves up and kisses him on his lips. She snuggles on his chest as he puts the blanket over them. They sleep for a long time, and when they wake, Ben picks her up and takes her out of the cell and upstairs. “Baby, I love you. I will take care of you,” Ben says as he carries her up the steps. “Master, I love you too,” she responds.

He takes her up the steps, finds Becky and his girls, and introduces his newest slave, Gina. Becky kisses Gina, as does Brooklyn, who is just two years older, Laurie, and Peggy. Tiffani picks her up and tells Ben she is so beautiful and precious. “Gina, baby, you will love being a part of our family. I am Becky's mother and one of Ben's slaves. Know that all the women here are your sisters; we all love and will support you. The men in this house may ask you to have sex with them, but you do not have to have sex with anyone you do not want to,” Tiffani tells her.

“Well, Tiffani, Master hasn't taken my cherries yet. I don't want any other man. I only want to be Ben's woman. He told me he was going to take my cherry when my father was captured. I belong to Master,” Gina says. Tiffani kisses her on her complete lips. Ben tells them he is taking her to see Sheila to get her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on her lower back.

Ben then picks up his little 4'5 kitten. She hugs him and hangs on; she is straddling his hips. She is rubbing her tiny pussy on his skin. When they walk to Sheila's room, she tells Ben, “I am rubbing my clit on your skin; it feels wonderful, Master.”

Ben tells Sheila what he wants her to do on her back. “Master, can I have a little kitten on my back that has “Ben's little kitten” underneath it on my back?” Gina asks. “Yes, sweetheart.

Sheila, when you are done, make sure she gets cleaned up and has a proper meal. I will return here in three hours to get her,” Ben instructs. “Master, can I get another blanket for my cell?” Gina asks. He tells her yes and heads back to the cells to fuck Beverly first.

He goes and starts the recording in Beverly's room and sees her clicking her clit and playing with her pussy. He enters the room and gets undressed. “Beverly, I am going to make love to you now. This will hurt the first time because you are a virgin, and I am huge,” Ben tells her with his back to her. “Yeah, every guy says he is huge,” she says as Ben turns around. “Fuck you are deformed; that thing is huge,” Beverly says as she drops to her knees in front of him and grabs BIG FELLA.

“How do you ever get this thing in a woman's pussy?” Beverly says as she kisses and licks on BIG FELLA. “Beverly, a woman's pussy stretches to give birth right; it will stretch to accommodate my cock” Ben tells her as she licks and strokes him until he is challenging. “I have already made love to your mother, Rose, a couple of times, in her ass too. She loved it, as did your sister Lauren. You will love it also,” Ben says as he lines up BIG FELLA to her pussy and starts pushing it into her wet pussy. She screams out loud that it hurts and that he is too BIG. “What is your name?” she asks, and he tells her, “Well, Ben, your cock is way too big for me. It hurts; it is tearing me apart,” she says as Ben pushes deep inside of her.

He gets about four inches into her, pulls out, and then goes back into her. He does this until he hits her cervix at about ten inches in. He pounds her cervix for about fifteen minutes and then rests.

“Beverly, your pussy is starting to adjust to my enormous length and girth. Baby, by the time I am done, I hope to have all sixteen inches in yours.

I am going to pass your cervix and pump a womb full of my sperm. We are going to do this every day for three weeks,” Ben tells her as he begins to pound her. Beverly starts having one orgasm after another. Ben fucks her cervix for a good 90 minutes before he breaks through her cervix and starts pumping her womb for another 90 minutes before pouring his seed into her womb.

“How did you like that, Beverly? By the sounds you were making, you loved it,” Ben asks as he exits her womb and then her pussy with a pop. “It hurt like hell at first, Ben. But it got better; I have masturbated to orgasm for three years and never came that hard or that many times before,” Beverly tells him. “So you would like to do that again tomorrow?” Ben asks. She says yes and kisses him. Ben gets up and goes and gets her a cup of cold water. She drinks it and asks for another. Ben thinks, "Drink up, baby, drink up.” Ben then goes and gets his little Gina. She is sitting in the living room with his wife.

“Master, you have a beautiful house,” Gina says. “Baby, it is our house. When I pop your cherry, and you suck my cock in front of your father and have completed everything you want with Phillip, I am going to move you up here. You will have your room.

She runs up to him, “Master, I want to stay with you. I want to be what Becky called a “Bed Slave.” I want to sleep with you like we did last night. That was very special”. Ben can never deny his slaves anything that they want and tells her that is OK.

He takes her back downstairs and to her cell. She kisses him before he leaves, “Master, are you taking Rose and her daughters?” she asks. “Yes, I am, also your aunts. Anneliese wants to be my slave, just like Margarete and Michaela. You are my first slave from your family. You are special. Very, very special,” Ben tells her as he kisses her. She squeezes BIG FELLA as he pulls away from their kiss. “I can't wait until he is inside of me, stretching me out.”

Ben then leaves her, goes to the monitoring room, and turns on the recording in Troi's room. He sees her sitting on her bed, caressing her lovely large breasts. He goes to her room and enters. “Troi, we are going to have sex now,” Ben tells her as he starts to undress. “Please, no, I am a virgin,” she says as he drops his pants and then his boxers. “I am also way too small to take that huge fucking cock into my pussy” Troi says.

“Baby, your sisters and mother have already experienced my cock and have enjoyed every minute of it. So will you,” Ben says as he gets in between her legs and starts to suck on her pussy. He spreads her lips and licks her inner lips and then her hymen. Ben makes her climax three times before he pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy.

It takes him 45 minutes before he hits her cervix and another 90 minutes before he presses through it. He then leans down and tells her, “I always cum in my woman's womb. You are going to give me babies. I am going to breed you”. Troi has had one orgasm after another for the last two hours. Troi asks him what his name is.

“OH, Ben, you can do this to me anytime you want,” Troi says. “I thought you said it wouldn't fit and that it would rip you apart,” Ben says in jest.

“This pussy is yours,” Troi says in response. “Well, Troi, if I take your pussy, I will want to fuck your ass,” Ben says. “Well, Master, as long as you loosen me up and use lube, you can fuck my ass also whenever you want,” Troi tells him.

“I am going to get you pregnant,” Ben says. “Well, with the load you just put inside of me,” she says while rubbing her bloated belly, “My eggs will never be given a chance to pass without getting fertilized.”

“Well, it looks like you and your sisters and mother are mine,” Ben says as he gets up. She cleans BIG FELLA and tells him, “Come back tomorrow for some more pussy, Master,” Troi says. Ben smiles, gets dressed, and exits her cell. He edits both session recordings, puts them on a DVD, and loads them onto his laptop. He then goes to Rose's room and shows her the movies of her two daughters succumbing to his charms.

Rose, after watching her daughter's experience with BIG FELLA, takes BIG FELLA out of Ben's pants and starts sucking on him until he gets hard. She puts the laptop on the floor and then straddles him. She pushes BIG FELLA deep into her pussy and tells him, “Well, it seems that you have four new slaves to take care of and get pregnant. I will say this: be careful what you wish for. If my daughters are anything like their mother, they are going to fuck you every chance they will get,” Rose says.

Rose fucks Ben for two hours before he flips her over and pushes deep inside her womb. He fills her womb up after Cuming for thirty minutes.

“Get me and my daughters pregnant, Master. When you capture Phillip, I want to see him. I want to thank him for harassing you,” Rose says, recovering from over twenty orgasms. “Master, you know how to fuck a girl and make her satisfied.”

Ben pulls out of her well-used pussy and lays down next to her, “I do my best. I am going to spend one night with each one of your daughters. I am going to train their pussies. I hope I can cum ten times in one night. It usually takes me at least sixteen hours”.

“Master, my girls and I are not going anywhere. You planned all this, having Mira and her daughter fall in love with you,” Rose says as she gets up and drinks water. She notices her belly is swollen, and no cum is leaking out of her pussy. She drinks three cups. Ben smiles, kisses her, and gets dressed. He takes his laptop with him and heads to the monitoring room.

He notices that Layla and Haley are masturbating. He starts the recording in Layla's room and takes his pills. He then goes to her room and asks her how she is doing. Layla tells him she is a little hungry; Ben smiles and pulls out BIG FELLA. “Try sucking on this,” Ben says, and she opens her mouth; drool is coming out her mouth as she says, “That thing is freaking huge. Did you have that surgically enhanced?”. “No, Layla, this is all me and all-natural. Come over here and get acquainted with BIG FELLA,” Ben says as she drops to her knees and takes BIG FELLA. It was too big to wrap one of her hands around; two barely made it. “If this is BIG FELLA, and I am going to suck on it, then what is your name?”

“I am Ben,” he says as he pulls her head closer to BIG FELLA. She opens up and works at getting the head in her mouth. As she does, she licks all around the head. When she finally gets the big bulbous head into her mouth, Ben pushes on her head to get it to the back of her throat. “Breathe through your nose and keep swallowing. You can get this down your throat,” Ben says, and Layla blinks twice. Ben pushes for fifteen minutes before popping BIG FELLA down her swan-like neck. Once he has passed her gullet, he forcefully forces all sixteen inches down her throat and then pulls almost all the back out of her throat. He does this for thirty minutes before pulling out of her throat, and she takes a deep breath through her nose. Ben then makes her take it in and out of her throat fast and hard for thirty minutes and then pushes deep down her throat and blows his load.

Ben then slowly pulls BIG FELLA out of her throat and then her mouth with a loud pop. She coughs, and Ben gets her some water. “Damn, that cock is huge. I didn't think I could get in my mouth, much less my throat. How in the hell do you ever have sex with a woman?” She says as she tries to catch her breath.

“Very easy, well, not easy to start with. You will find out soon, Layla, very soon. I am going to fuck you and pop your cherries in your pussy and your ass. You just gave me your throat cherry, I do believe. You have never had a cock in your throat, right?” Ben asks. “No, I have a boyfriend, and I jack him off from time to time. I even sucked on his cock once, but he is tiny compared to you. Only about six inches. You are going to put that in me?” Layla says.

“Yes, it will fit, and you will grow to love it just like Rose and her daughters and your aunts Anneliese and Michaela have. I am going to get all of you pregnant with my babies. Your sister Gina is already my slave and has gotten her slave tattoo. It is on her back above her crack,” Ben says as he gets up and puts on his pants. He exits her room, gets Gina, and takes her to Layla's room.

Layla notices Gina's tattoo on her lower back and the one of a little kitten with Ben's Little Kitty under it. “Layla, I am Master's. Ben is my Master, and I am his slave as you will be. You all will be Ben's slaves. How did you enjoy sucking on BIG FELLA? Master said you did well and got it down your throat,” Gina says. “It was OK; I guess I can get used to that. Is the whole family here, Gina? Why are we here other than to have sex with Ben?”.

“We are here because our father harassed Ben and his family. His family is wonderful; he has many women—a whole lot of women and more children. I am thankful Dad harassed Ben and will tell him so. I am going to have my Master's babies, as are you and all of us,” Gina tells her.

They leave, and Ben takes Gina back to her cell. Ben plugs in a little television so she can watch and be entertained. He brings her some food and prenatal vitamins. Ben then tells her he is going to Haley's room and have her deep throat BIG FELLA.

“Master, I can't wait till I can do that,” Gina tells him as she comes up and kisses him. After Haley, I will have your mother, Mira, throat BIG FELLA. I was thinking you might want to suck on her pussy while I train her throat. Would you like that?" Ben asks. Gina laughs and puts, “I would love to try that; I have never eaten pussy before.”

“Get on the bed, and let me show you how. First, you lick the outside of the pussy …. and then the slit. Pull the lips apart and lick the inside lips for awhile …. and nibble on the lips …. and suck on the clit.... Then, when the woman has climaxed as you did, you go for the hole itself.” Ben instructs while he makes his little lover climax three times. “If the woman is a virgin like you, then when you lick her hymen, she will go nuts like this...” Ben says as he strokes her hymen while she comes over and over again.

“You think you can do that to your mother after I return from training, Haley?” Ben asks. Gina smiles, says yes, and then lays her head back down. Ben then goes to Haley's cell, asks her how she is doing and goes through the same discussion as her twin Layla. When Ben produces BIG FELLA, its size and girth take her aback.

“I am going to teach you how to suck a cock. Have you ever sucked a cock before Haley?” Ben asks. She shakes her head no, “Well, get on your knees in front of me and take BIG FELLA into your mouth and start sucking on him,” Ben instructs, and she complies and starts to work the head into her mouth. Once it is in her mouth, Ben pushes her head further onto his cock and tells her the same thing as her sister. She throats BIG FELLA for two hours before he bursts his load down her throat.

He takes BIG FELLA out of her throat, and she asks him in a raspy voice, “What is your name, Mister?”. He tells her why her family is where they are and what he has planned for them. He gives her a cup of water and tells her t he is going to pop her pussy and ass cherries when her father arrives and get them all pregnant. He leaves her, stops the recordings, edits them, and puts them on a DVD. He loads his laptop with the movies and gets Gina about these descriptions. I want to introduce my slave, Gina. We have a movie to show you,” Ben tells her. Mira opens her arms, and Gina goes over to her. “Did you hurt me before Ben is my Master and my lover? He would never do anything to hurt me. Check out my new tattoos?” Gina says as she turns around and shows her mother her tattoos.

“Mira, if you decide to become my slave to get him, he will be tattooed also. You will get that very same “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo along with a “Queen of Spades” tattoo on your mound above your pussy and the back of your neck after you have completed your pussy training and training, which I will go over after you decide, to become my slave. You will also get an “Excellent Cocksucker” tattoo on your hip after you finish your oral training. I have already gotten Layla and Haley to deep throat my cock along with Michaela and Margarete,” Ben tells her as he shows her the video of Hale disease-free throating BIG undernourished, turns it off he, puts the laptop by the door and pulls down his pants and turns to Mira and tells her “It is your turn to learn how to suck on BIG FELLA.”

M has to be told twice that she dives onto BIG FELLA sucking, licking, and stroking BIG FELLA. Ben picks up Mira, puts her on the table on her back, and puts her head over the side.

He then spreads her legs and then pushes BIG FELLA down her throat as Gina gets in between her legs and starts sucking pussy like her Master taught her to. Gina gets her mother to cum hard and does not stop until Ben blows his load down her mother's throat. Three family members? how did you like eating your first pussy?” Ben asks. “It was great; I would like to do that more,” Gina says. “I can't take anymore, Gina,” Mira says. “Did Phillip ever do that to you? Eat your pussy like that?” Ben asks. “Fuck no. kisses her Master; asshole was never into that; he always wanted me to suck him off but would not return the favor. I can't wait for you to put that huge, beautiful New York and Paris designers that we can review your husband, Phillip?” Ben asks her. “Fuck him, that little limp dick bastard was always away and never fucked me with any passion. Just. They put in their prescriptions. A says. Ben then blindfolds Mira, leads her to the showers, and has her shower while he watches with Gina. Once she is done set up, she comes over and kisses Ben and Gina.

“I want you to fuck me. I am horny,” Mira says in front of her daughter. “Mom, he will when Dad gets here. He wants to fuck you in while he watches live. Ben will take all of us when he gets here,” Gina says. “You haven't fuck Gina yet?” Mira asks. Ben shakes his head no and tells her he will wait until he captures Phillip. He tells her he has slept with Gina several times but has not popped her cherries yet. He tells you and her he has fucked Rose and her daughters into submission with her sisters., Margarete and Michael, his slaves, also.

She dries off, and Ben and Gina take her seat. She says it is cold In her cell. Ben says he will turn up the heat, kisses her goodnight, and leaves her in her locked compartment. Ben then takes Gina to her cell and tells her that, after her father arrives, and he takes her he will take her upstairs to the main house. Gina tells him she knows and starts watching television for a while, and then she goes to sleep. She hears a humping and thumping around and knows it is her Master and that he must be pounding some girl's pussy. And she starts masturbating.

Ben is in the next room with Lauren; he tells her he will spend the night with her. He tells her he is going to fuck her ten times in a row. That constitutes her pussy training. Ben pounds away at thirteen years old, Lauren all night long, and has only climaxed six times. He continues until one In the afternoon before he is finished training her pussy.  Her stomach is very bloated with ten loads in it. Ben then takes her to the shower to wash up.

“That was some fantastic fucking, Master. So I assume my pussy has been trained; next up is my ass”, Lauren says. Ben says, yes and puts her on her knees. “and she sucks him hard. Ben then. He Lauren over at the waist and spreads her legs. He then puts BIG FELLA at her anal ring and grabs her arms, and pulls her back. BIG FELLA, and she starts to scream and cry, “Lauren, it is going to hurt for a while until you get used to it,” Ben tells her.

It takes Ben twenty minutes before he gets BIG FELLA's head to pop through her anal ring and another hour before he is even eight inches into her. Ben uses lube to loosen her up and then starts to wail on her ass. Eventually, Lauren begins to cum and cum hard. Ben fucks her for four hours before he comes in her ass. “Lauren baby, I am going to have to work on your ass to loosen it up,” Ben tells her; go to the living room; Tor says, “Yes, Master. Next time, please use more lube”. Ben then showers, and Skylee runs into the living room and jumps on Ben, saying her cell.

He then goes and gets food for everybody and delivers it to their rooms; Gina is last and has a special treat on her tray. He lies on her bed and falls asleep when he gives her tells. Gina shuts the door after she finishes her food and her favorite dessert, chocolate pudding; she goes over and lays down with her Master. She strokes on her favorite toy. That being BIG FELLA, he wakes up eight hours later and sees his little lover snuggling with him.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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