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She Loves Master Chapter 19, Part 7 of 9

She Loves Master
Chapter 19, Part 7 of 9

“Baby, it will get better, relax and breathe,” Ben says as he begins to push BIG FELLA in and out of her ass. He pounds her ass for two hours, and after finally getting thirteen inches into her, he explodes a torrent of cum in her. Ben is exhausted after fucking Rose and now Anneliese in their pussies and asses; he collapses next to her and pulls her close while still firmly engaged in her ass. Anneliese can feel his heartbeat through their coupling. “Fantastic Master. We need to do that some more.

They wake up the following day still coupled together. Anneliese's ass is squeezing and contracting around BIG FELLA. “Good morning, Master, Did you rest well?” she asks him as he tries to extricate himself from her ass.

“Yes, I did, sweetheart,” Ben says as he finally gets out of her ass with a loud pop and a sucking sound. He gets up, and Anneliese immediately takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts sucking and cleaning his cock.

Ben gets erect, takes her head in his hands, pushes BIG FELLA down her throat, and starts face-fucking her.

He explodes down her throat and then takes BIG FELLA out of her throat. She smiles and tells him, “That was a great hot meal, Master. You keep fucking me like this; I am going to fall in love with you”.

“I will bring you something to eat later; I am going to eat out Gina, Michaela, and Margarete,” Ben says.

Anneliese gets up and kisses him, “They are going to love it; I doubt they have ever had a man suck their pussies. Tell me how they reacted later, Master”.

Ben then goes to Gina's chambers and asks her how she is doing. She is scared, lonely, and cold. Ben then goes over to her and rubs her shoulder.

“Gina, baby, there is no reason to be scared. I am not going to hurt you. You are a very pretty little angel,” Ben tells her. “You think I am pretty?” Gina asks him. “Gina, you are a wonderful, desirable woman. Will you let me show you?” Ben asks.

She says yes, and Ben tells her to come to the end of the bed and spread her legs apart. Ben then drops to his knees and tells her to relax and breathe. He licks her pussy, licks her little slit, and then starts to spread it out.

She is pretty developed for an almost ten-year-old girl. Ben licks around her anus and up one side of her slit, encircling her little button and down the other side. Little Gina starts moaning and squirming while rotating her hips. Ben then pushes his tongue into her pussy, eventually stroking her little hymen. This makes her instantaneously have an orgasm that rivals that of his beloved Peggy.

Gina grabs Ben's head and pushes him deeper into her pussy and starts bucking. She has five orgasms before she lets Ben up, “Gina baby, did you enjoy that?” Ben asks as he lifts his face from Gina's pussy. “That was the best feeling I have ever had. What was that I kept having?” she asks. “Baby, that was an orgasm. You had five of them, and you squirted in my mouth. That is rare for a woman to do,” Ben tells her.

“What is your name?” Gina asks. “My name is Ben, Gina. Would you like to do that again? Most men don't do that for a woman. It is called cunnilingus or eating pussy. I love it, especially on a sweet virgin like yourself,” Ben tells her. “Ben, I would love it if you would do that to me again,” she tells him. “I will give you one more, and then I have to go,” Ben says as he lowers his head and sucks her to her sixth orgasm.

He gets up and goes and urinates into the toilet. Gina gets up and comes over and looks at BIG FELLA. “Damn, Ben, are you deformed. That is a huge pee. I saw my father’s once, and it was tiny compared to you,” Gina says as she stares at BIG FELLA. “No, sweet Gina, I am not deformed. I am well-endowed. Would you like to touch it?” Ben says. “Can I, really?” she says.

“You sure can; I just touched your pussy” Ben says as she reaches out and touches BIG FELLA. Handling becomes stroking, and then she kisses BIG FELLA on the head. BIG FELLA is getting more challenging by the minute. Gina starts to lick the head and then the shaft. “Ben, it is getting bigger and harder. Is that natural?” she inquires.

“Yes, when a man is excited or aroused, his cock gets hard. That is what we call a penis, a cock” Ben says. “Am I making you excited?” Gina says as she looks up at him. “Gina, you are so beautiful and perfect. I am very aroused by you. Keep stroking my cock, lick around the bottom of the head, and I will tell you when you will get a special treat,” Ben says, and she does. It takes him about fifteen minutes before he is ready to climax.

“Gina, put your mouth around the tip where the slit is now,” Ben says, and she complies. He shoots a massive load into her mouth and tells her to swallow and keep swallowing. She gets most of it down her throat. Some leaks out onto her budding chest. He takes it away from her mouth and shoots four ropes on her chest. She rubs it in and takes the clumps, and sucks them down.

“Baby, my semen is very good for you. It will help you grow your boobies,” Ben says, knowing she will be growing boobies because of the hormones he has been giving them. “Can we do this every day? I liked the taste of your sperm; what is the slang for your “cum” Gina says. “Yes, if you like it, we can,” Ben says as he zips up. He leaves and brings back a bucket of hot water, a washcloth, and soap. He washes little Gina from head to toe. He dries her with a towel and then brings in a fluffy blanket in pink for her. “Hope this will keep you warmer,” Ben says.

She lays down in the bed, and he covers her up. Gina held out her hands, and Ben kneeled beside her. She kissed him on the lips. “Thanks, Ben, for saying I am pretty,” Gina says. “Baby, I meant every word of what I told you,” Ben tells her, kisses her on her lips, and then pushes his tongue into her mouth. French kisses her for a few minutes, and Gina blushes when he is done. “That was my first tongue kiss, Ben. I liked it. Are you going to keep us?” Gina asks.

“We can discuss that later; why?” Ben says. “I don't know if there are other men outside, but I only want to do these things with you,” Gina says.

Ben smiles and then leaves. He then goes to Michaela's cell after dropping off the bucket and supplies.

“Michaela, are you all right? Are you comfortable?” Ben asks her. “Sir, it is a little cold in here. I am nude and only have this thin sheet to keep me warm. Why are you keeping me here? Are my sisters and mother here also?” Michaela asks. “I will get you a blanket; your father threatened my family and my way of life. I am not breaking any laws, and he will not back off. I will not hurt you or your sisters or aunts. Are you getting enough to eat?” Ben asks.

“Yes, I am,” Michaela says as Ben comes over and picks her up. “Obey me, and everything will be fine. Ben looks her over. It seems that the hormones are working on her eleven-year-old body. Her boobs have grown a cup size since she has been with him. He tells her to stand there until he gets back. He gets a hot water plate, soap, a washcloth, and a towel. Ben washes her and then dries her off. “Michaela, you are a wonderful woman,” Ben tells her.

“I am not. I am just a plain-looking girl,” Michaela says. “No, you are not. You are a wonderful, desirable woman.

Come sit on the edge of the bed,” Ben tells her as he kneels before her and spreads her legs; he smiles at her and starts to lick her pussy. She tells him no, but Ben continues his licking, nibbling, and sucking on her pussy and clit. Ben spreads her pussy lips and starts stroking her hymen with his long tongue and makes her climax hard.

“Do you want me to stop Michaela?” Ben says as he looks up. She grabs the back of his head and tells him, “HELL NO KEEP SUCKING ON MY PUSSY”. Ben then sucks her off to seven orgasms; she just pours out her girl cum into his sucking mouth. When he is done, he looks up at her and asks, "Did you like that?”. Out of breath, she says yes.

“I told you I would never hurt you. I plan to give you that kind of pleasure every chance I get. Would you like that, Michaela?” Ben asks, knowing the answer. “Yes, that was very enjoyable. What was that I kept having? It felt like my head was going to explode. My pussy is still tingling,” Michaela says.

“That was called an orgasm. Did you like it? I see that you did. I hope to keep giving you those,” Ben says as he gets up and gets her a cup of water; it is laced with hormones, female Viagra, and fertility drugs. She drinks it and asks for another. Ben then goes and urinates; he hopes she notices BIG FELLA like Gina. Michaela hears what sounds like a fire hose pouring water into the toilet and looks over and sucks in air, and gasps, “Damn, that is huge.” Ben smiles and finishes and taps his cock.

“That penis is enormous. It is a hell of a lot bigger than any I have ever seen. On the internet with my sisters. I thought my sister Marsha's boyfriend had a big cock. I saw it once when he was walking to the bathroom. I think it was about 8 inches,” Michaela says as she grabs BIG FELLA. “This thing is twice the size and three or four inches thicker.” Michaela kisses the head and starts licking and sucking on BIG FELLA.

She opens her mouth and works the head into her mouth. She twirls her tongue around the underneath shaft and head.

Ben starts to push her head down on BIG FELLA, and he pops it down her throat a bit and then backs off and does it again. Ben does this for about five minutes and then blows his load in her mouth, and she starts swallowing his hot seed.

He takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth, and she grabs him and licks him clean. “You don't have any hair on around your groin,” Michaela says. “Yes, my women don't like to have hair in their mouths, and I had it permanently removed. I take care of my women, and they take care of me. That is why I am so upset at your father,” Ben tells her.

“Fuck him; he is just my stepfather; if my mother stays with you, then I will,” Michaela says. “No, it is your choice. You are a woman; you make your own choices with me from now on,” Ben tells her. “Can we do this again?” she asks. Ben tells her yes. She smiles and tells him that she wants him to take her virginity when he is ready.

“I want your stepfather to be witness to it. If that is okay with you,” Ben says. Michaela laughs and says she would like that, having him watch her lose her virginity. “What is your name?” she asks him, and Ben tells her.

“Well, Ben, are you going to break Layla, Haley, and Joanie's cherries while he watches?” she asks.

“Yes, I am going to pop their cherries in their pussies and their asses. Does that excite you?” Ben asks. “Yes, it does; those whores always like to tease me and my sister Margarete and Gina. They always thought they were superior to us. Ben, you get that huge cock in a woman's ass? It is hard to imagine it would fit in a vagina,” Michaela says. “You are going to put that in my ass, too, aren't you.”

“That is what I have planned. I will make it easy on you. I will bring you a butt plug that will get your ass used to having something in there. I will gradually increase the width. I will never intentionally do anything to hurt you,” Ben tells her.

“You are planning on keeping us, me and my sisters?” Michaela asks. “Only if you want to stay with me. I have many women, I have girls your age that will treat you like the princesses that you are, but that booked them then called her back and told her to get to the airport in two hours and that they would chela tells him okay and lays down in the bed, Ben kisses her and takes the washing stuff with him as he leaves. “Make sure you come back for some more pussy, Ben,” Michaela says with a giggle.

Ben then goes and gets his pills, washes out the pale, fills its backup, and takes it to Margarete's cell. Ben walks in and sees her clicking her mouse. Ben asks her, “Do you need help with that?” The water has taken effect on her, as she is horny as hell. Margarete is ashamed of being caught and being caught by a stranger who has kidnapped her. She tells him she wasn't doing anything.

“Margarete, we all masturbate. It is a very natural act. It is better if you have a partner,” Ben tells her as he drops to his knees and pulls her to the end of the bed and spreads her legs and sucks her pussy. He is amazed at how similar her pussy is to Michaela's. Ben separates her pussy lips and begins sucking and nibbling on her inner lips and then sucks on her button, making her cum hard. Ben then starts to suck on her tunnel and pushes his tongue deep in, stroking her hymn. He sucks her to ten orgasms; she is very orgasmic. More so than her twin. She also squirts like Gina.

“How was that better with a partner?” Ben asks. “That was passionately kissing each other's life. Tell me your name, sir?” Margarete asks, and Ben tells her. He gets up, and she reaches for his zipper and pulls it out BIG FELLA as she does. Ben says to her, “You are bold, Margarete” Ben says. “Well, Ben, you gave me an orgasm.

Holy shit, this thing is freaking huge. I guess I don't have to worry about you; rap in; the oldest and closest to her mother tells Ben that the girls have never owned had their room and t cock” Margarete says. “Not tonight, just suck on him and make him cum” Ben says. “Why not? I am not going anywhere, king-size; I am not going anywhere until you fuck me. I am not leaving here until you pop my cherry,” Margarete says.

“I want your stepfather to see me popping your cherry. I have not captured him yet. I will shortly when I get your sisters and mother all worked up.

I did not expect you to be this excited. I thought you would be a little scared once you saw BIG FELLA,” Ben says.

“Ben, you have many women. You know how to suck pussy and how to make love to a woman. I have no love loss for Phillip. He is a fucking loser. I want to stay with you and your family. You are rich and very powerful. Phillip is an FBI agent, and you are not afraid of him or his powers.

I ask only one thing. When you pop my cherry, you consider keeping me,” Margarete tells him.

“Okay, when I pop your cherry, I will also pop your anal cherry. It will hurt, and I will not intentionally hurt you. I will help you get used to having something in your ass until I cava while Phillip. What can you tell me about your mother, Mira?” Ben asks.

“I can tell you she is not happy with the shithead Phillip. She is horny as hell and afraid to have an affair because she is scared of Phillip. I have no love for that man. He treats me and Michaela like trash,” Margarete says as shedding to cry. Ben picks her up and holds her tight.

They are precious, beautiful, and brilliant. You have put many things together while you were down,” Gretchen asks as they come up to the security gate of asks. She tells him to fucking kill him. Ben smiles and says, “I plan to torture. The sight of BIG FELLA does not even mean they'll kill him.”

“You know what would be funny and appropriate? If, after you finish torturing him, you start administering female hormones to him. Then cut his penis off and give him a sex change. Do you think you could get his fingerprints removed? You could send him overseas to be a female hooker.
That would be funny,” Margarete says, laughing.

She drops to her knees and begins to suck on BIG FELLA. She gets him hard in her mouth, puts Ben's hands on the back of her head, and motions for him to push her head down on BIG FELLA. He does, and she gets accustomed to having BIG FELLA down her throat. Ben She can feel his fat bulbous head stretching her neck as it works its way down her throat. Margarete sucks on BIG FELLA for thirty minutes before Ben finally blows his load into her stomach.

She takes Simala off her throat and out of her mouth with a pop. “I could get used to that, Ben. What do your women call you? “Margarete asks.

“They call me Master. I am their Master, and they are my slaves”. “Well, Master. You have one more slave. I hope you let me witness, Phill; Becky mise and I hope you capture him soon because I want this beautiful cock in my eighteen-year-old pussy” Margarete tells him. She gets in her bed, and Ben covers her up and tells her it might be a few weeks. “That will give me time to get accustomed to having BIG FELLA down my throat.

Yes, I noticed that tattoo on your cock. It is very appropriate,” she says, pulling him close and kissing him. “I will help you take Phillip down. You show my mother the passion you showed me, and she will be putty in your hands.”

Ben then leaves her cell. He takes the pale and washing supplies, goes to the monitoring room, turns on the monitors in Gina's room, and sees her sleeping with a smile. Michaela is also sleeping with a smile on her face. Ben then turns on the monitor in Margarete's room, and she smiles and kisses him. Ben thinks, “That little minx knows I am watching her.”

Ben then checks on Haley and Layla and sees them playing with themselves. Ben laughs as his plan is going better than he thought. They must be drinking much water, he thought to himself. Ben then goes to Anneliese's room and tells her about Margarete, Michaela, and Gina's progress. She drops to her knees and takes BIG FELLA out of his confines. “You show any woman, no matter how old they are, this cock, and they will become yours,” she tells him.

“I know my wife keeps telling me that,” Ben says. She asks which one. “Becky is the only woman I am legally married to. She is the one that had my cock tattooed with BIG FELLA on it. She is all for this as a way of getting back at Phillip. I asked her about all this. She will welcome you if you become a slave.”

She looks at him and says, “Please. I want to stay”. “Let me go. I am pretty tired; I am going to go and fuck Lauren quickly and then go home,” Ben says. “I doubt you ever have sex quickly. You take your time and enjoy every minute of it. Although she is a virgin, and her tight pussy might make you cum quickly,” Anneliese says as she kisses him.

Ben then goes to Lauren's room and sees her playing with herself. Ben undresses and takes the sheet off of her. He smiles as he sees her beautiful body up close. He tells her to suck his cock, and she complies. Ben has already set up the monitoring station to record his session with Lauren.

Once he is hard, he tells her to get on her back and spread her legs.

She tells him she is a virgin, and Ben tells her not for long as he pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. Ben humps her pussy and then rubs and squeezes her large 36C breasts. “Lauren, I got to tell you that you are wonderful” Ben fucks her for two hours before he pushes past her cervix and begins to pump her womb. “I always put my seed in my women's womb. I am going to fuck you until you get pregnant and then probably continue to fuck you”. Lauren, delirious from having so many orgasms, tells him, “You can fuck me whenever you want. You are a FUCKING-GOD like your tattoo says. Laurie and Becky are fortunate women”. When he is done pouring his cum into her womb, she asks, “Have you fucked my mother yet? She needs a good fucking, and you are the man to give it to her. My sisters probably would love that huge cock of yours also.”

“I have fucked your mother and one of Mira's sisters. You enjoyed the sex?” Ben asks. Lauren holds him and says, “Fuck yes. I got to ask you a couple of questions. What is your name? How big is that cock? And Why have you kidnapped us?”.

“Well, I am Ben. My cock is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide. I did not mean to kidnap you, your mother, or your sisters. I intended only to kidnap Mira's family. Her husband is a thorn in my side,” Ben tells her. “Well, first, you have me, and I am not going anywhere. Second Phillip is an asshole. Mira deserves better than him. She deserves you. How did my mother enjoy your cock inside of her?” Lauren says.

“She was hesitant at first, especially when I fucked her in the ass. She got used to it very quickly,” Ben says. “Aren't you going to fuck me in the ass?” Lauren says. “Not today, but soon,” Ben tells her.

“You have all the time in the world because I am not going anywhere. You keep fucking me, you will get me pregnant,” Lauren says. “That is the plan,” Ben says as he gets up and leaves her room. He gives her a blanket. “Thanks, it is cold down here,” she tells him. “Come back soon for some more pussy” Lauren says. “I want to suck BIG FELLA also.”

Ben then goes to the monitoring room, edits the video, puts it on a DVD, takes it to Rose's room, and shows her the movie. She shakes her head.

“Rose, I am going to keep your daughter. She is wonderful. Lauren will never want for anything. You can stay also if you want. All you have to do is ask,” Ben says as he kisses her. “Take it easy on my girls,” Rose says. “Did it not look like Lauren loved it?” he responds. She says yes, it did.

He gets up to leave, and Rose yells at him, “You are not even going to let me suck on that big fat beautiful cock of yours.” Ben laughs. “Maybe tomorrow; I will pop Beverly and Troi's cherries tomorrow.”

Rose gets up and comes over to him, pulls his pants down, and takes BIG FELLA out of his pants. “I want this, and it looks like you want it too. If I am not mistaken, this looks like precum,” Rose says as she wipes the slit on BIG FELLA's head with her finger, and then she puts it in her mouth and sucks it off. “Yep, it was,” Rose tells him as she licks BIG FELLA and starts to put him in her mouth.

Rose is getting used to deep-throating BIG FELLA and does a good job getting the head down her throat. She sucks him for 45 minutes before he blows his load. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth with a pop, kisses the head, and then puts him away and pulls up Ben's pants.

Rose gets up and kisses Ben full on the lips, “Let me know how Beverly and Troi handle having sex with you tomorrow. Please be gentle with them,” she says. “I will; I will take them until I capture Phillip. I want to get you four pregnant,” Ben tells her. “Why would you want to do that, not that I can stop you or would even if I could?” Rose asks him. “Because I love children and want my house filled with beautiful children. You and your daughters are wonderful and will produce gorgeous babies,” Ben tells her.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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